Since July 2003, in order to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their practice, Anhui Women's Forced Labor Camp authorities have escalated the pressure on its victims with prolonged torture and sleep deprivation. The following are some examples of the cruel treatment.

In December 2003, Dafa practitioner Ms. Xing Shaoqun was forced to stand on her feet for the whole day and allowed only two hours to rest every night. The inmate who supervised her slapped her every time she dozed off. After two months of continual physical and mental abuse, Ms. Xing broke down and signed a document renouncing her practice of Falun Gong. However, the camp officials did not let her get away that easily. In April 2004, using the excuse that she failed to recite the camp regulations, Officer Chen Xiaoling put her back on the torture routine for two more months.

At the annual meeting in December 2003, all prisoners were invited to comment on the year's activities. When one of the collaborators Mei Xiang, a former practitioner who had agreed to work for the camp, and camp inmate Liu Peipei were making slanderous remarks about Falun Dafa and Teacher Li, practitioners Ms. Wang Minghui and Ms. Zhang Linzhi stood up and defended Dafa by saying, "Falun Dafa is good." Four camp officers immediately jumped on the practitioners. The officers shocked them with high voltage electric batons, cuffed their hands behind their backs, sealed their mouths with tape and then humiliated them in front of everyone. After the meeting, the two were locked up in another room, where they were cruelly beaten. Ms. Zhang was mentally disorientated after the beating.

In December 2003, inmates Yang Jingjing and Zhao Yongping locked practitioner Ms. Duan Genhua in a room and beat her, fracturing one of her legs. They sealed her mouth with cellophane tape. Grabbing hold of her right hand, they tried to force her to sign a prepared document renouncing Falun Gong. The other inmates were shocked when they saw Ms. Duan's injuries from the beating.

Practitioner Feng Yan refused to submit even under intense pressure. Police officer Deng Zuxia used a high voltage electric baton to shock her on the mouth. Deng then ordered Wang Qiong, an inmate from the camp, to hold her down on the ground and step on her. For eight days and nights, she suffered from repeated torture. Wang Qiong told others afterwards, "I was instructed to hit her at the vital spots. I did not have a choice."

Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhu Weiying refused to submit. She was then locked up and forced to stand for the whole day. Under orders of the disciplinary officer Liu, prisoners Zhu Hua and Chen Xinhong were assigned to supervise her around the clock. They slapped her face if the caught her shutting her eyes. Once, after taping up her mouth, they tried to force her to sign a prepared document renouncing Falun Gong. Ms. Zhu Weiying refused to hold the pen, so they poked a hole in her palm. For five days and nights, she was tortured the same way. Later, they locked her up in a small cell. During the day she was assigned twice the amount of labor that the other prisoners did. Ms. Zhu's blood pressure soared to 180. Fearing that she might collapse at any time, the camp allowed her to rest for two hours. When prisoner Zhu Hua, one of the two accomplices that took part in the torture, was leaving the camp, she said to Ms. Zhu Weiying, "Please don't blame me for being cruel to you. I did not have a choice." Ms. Zhu was totally worn out and exhausted from the abuse. Unable even to hold a thermos in her hand, she burned herself badly while pouring water one day.

Practitioner Ms. Li Guozhen from Hefei City refused to submit. Camp officer Zhou Mingfeng ordered Ding Qizhi, a former practitioner who had agreed to work for the camp, to intimidate Li with threats and twisted logic. Seeing that Ms.Li Guozhen still refused to comply, Officer Zhou signaled Ding to start using physical torture. Ms. Li, who is over fifty, could hardly move after the beating. Although they took hold of her hand and physically forced her to sign the document renouncing Falun Gong, Ms. Li managed to rip the paper to pieces.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Cao Zhiying was locked up in a room and forced to stand with her face to the wall. Inmate Wang Qiong kicked her back so hard that her spine was injured. For a long time afterwards Ms. Cao could not bend forward.