(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Chinese farmer. My family was very poor before I obtained Dafa. In the spring of the year that I obtained Dafa, I had no money to buy seeds and fertilizer for the planting season, so I used improper means to get some fertilizer for planting. However a creditor of mine took away all the fertilizer from my home when I was working in the field, as I had no money to repay him. Also, one of my children was not given a birth certificate because, according to the birth control policy, the child should not have been born (my wife could not risk having an abortion due to health problems). The township Family Planning Office ordered us to pay a fine for this. Because I did not have any money to pay the fine, they took away my crops. So the life of my family became even more difficult. Along with other life troubles, this crisis caused me to lose hope in life. I thought that others were not letting me have a happy life and I would get revenge against them and make their lives a disaster too.

When I was about to implement my plan of revenge, I had a medical incident. One day in 1998, I had a stomach ache for an entire day and night. My uncle accompanied me to the hospital the next day and it turned out to be pancreatitis and gall stones. The doctor prescribed some medicine and sent me back home. Before I finished the medicine, a neighbor told me about Falun Gong, and I asked him to lend the book to me. He brought me the book and I read it for three or four hours non-stop, then I joined them in the group practice that night at his home. I did not need to take the medicine after that, and the stomach ache never recurred. Through practicing and studying the Fa, my mindset has changed and my character has been upgraded. I do not view things as I did before, and have very few unkind thoughts.

I am thankful that I obtained Dafa, as it is Dafa that brought hope to my life and to my entire family. If I had obtained Dafa a few days later, I do not know what awful things I might have done. The consequences would be inconceivable and disastrous. It is Dafa that saved me and those I planned to hurt. I am grateful to Teacher and Dafa. Dafa changed my fate and theirs. I hope they are grateful to the Teacher and Dafa too, and come to learn Dafa.

March 19, 2005