(Clearwisdom.net) Li Zhiyong, a staff member at the canteen of the Changchun City Industry and Commerce Bank, was sentenced to four years in jail on fabricated charges after he was arrested. He was detained and persecuted for 21 months by the authorities and sent to Jilin Prison for further persecution on December 16, 2003. There, he was forced to do slave labor, making fake brand-name clothing. As a result of the abuse he suffered, he developed extreme edema. Instead of releasing him, the prison authorities deceived him and his family. Consequently, his edema spread all over, leading to difficulties in breathing and walking.

Twenty six year-old Li Zhiyong suffers heart effusion, ascites, and proteinuria. His family doesn't have the money for treatment.

Many Dafa practitioners in Jilin Prison developed pulmonary tuberculosis. Some practitioners have been crippled. However, instead of releasing them on bail for medical treatment, the prison authorities tried to force them to give up cultivation by brainwashing and torture. Practitioners Liu Chengjun, Wei Xiushan, and Zhang Jianhua were persecuted to death in Jilin Prison.

Mr. Li Zhiyong was born on June 12, 1978, and previously worked in the canteen at the Changchun City Industry and Commerce Bank. Cultivating Falun Gong since 1995, he has strictly followed the standards of a cultivator. He worked hard without complaints. His good conduct at work was praised by employees across the entire bank.

On the morning of March 11, 2002, while on duty, Li Zhiyong was arrested by police from the Liyuan District Police Department and Chengxi Township Police Station, and taken to the Chengxi Township Police Station. There he was tortured and interrogated continually for two days. Afterward, he was sent to the Changchun City No. 1 Detention Center. After being detained for 21 months, he was sentenced to four years in jail on fabricated charges and sent to Jilin Prison.

In Jilin Prison, the guards did not allow Li Zhiyong to speak with any other Dafa practitioners. He was monitored even when he used the restroom. Moreover, guard Wang Yuanchun brainwashed him daily. Since Li Zhiyong did not write the three statements required by guards, he was regarded as resisting "transformation" and deprived of the right to see his family members, as were many Dafa practitioners in Jilin Prison.

Li Zhiyong developed severe edema due to overwork. He was sent to the prison hospital on May 18, 2004. Later he was sent to Jilin City Central Hospital since his medical condition was serious. During this period of time his family members went to the hospital to visit him, but they were refused entry.

Although he suffered from severe edema, he was handcuffed to the bed. This aggravated his illness.

To reduce costs, the prison authorities transferred Li Zhiyong to the Jilin City Railway Central Hospital after he stayed in the Central Hospital for seven days. The doctor requested permission to apply hormones to alleviate his illness. Since the side effect of the hormones is serious, it was required that Li Zhiyong or his family members authorize the treatment. Since the prison authorities did not allow Li Zhiyong to see his family members, they had to ask Li Zhiyong to sign, but he refused. Under such circumstances, the prison authorities had no choice but to allow his family to visit him so that they could sign. After he stayed in the hospital for more than a month, his health did not improve. To save money, the prison authorities brought him back to the prison.

In the prison hospital, the equipment and conditions are substandard. The Railway Central Hospital told him to take the hormone on an empty stomach in the morning every day without interruption. In the prison hospital, the inmates dispense medicine and injections. They did not follow the doctor's advice and dispensed the medicine after breakfast. When the medicine ran out, they did not reorder in time, so the treatment was sometimes interrupted. Li's illness became more serious. One time when the hospital chief inspected the ward, he heard Li Zhiyong coughing repeatedly. Li Zhiyong was found to have pleurisy. However the hospital concealed the diagnoses from Li Zhiyong.

Later, the doctor informed Li Zhiyong's family that his illness was very serious and the prison hospital's facilities were limited. His life would be in danger if he did not receive treatment outside of the prison soon. Consequently the prison had to send him to the Railway Central Hospital on September 9. The prison feared that his family would appeal to higher authorities and did not want to spend more money. Therefore they had to agree to officially release him on bail for medical treatment. His registered permanent address is Changchun City, while his parents live in Yitong City. Yitong City's authorities refused to accept responsibility for Li, so his release was overturned. His family found guard Zhang Heng, who was in charge of releasing people on bail for medical treatment, and said to him: "Li Zhiyong's life is in danger. He will die if he is not released." Zhang Heng answered: "We have done what we could. His not being accepted has nothing to do with us. It is useless for you to appeal. What's more, it is easy for someone to die in the prison."

His family reported this conversation, the tactics used by guard Wang Yuanchun when trying to "transform" him, the serious illness resulting from overtime labor, his untimely treatment, and his aggravated illness in the prison hospital to the Jilin Province Judicial Department and the Prison Administration Bureau, as well as the procuratorate. Finally, Li Zhiyong was sent home on October 13.

Since Jilin Prison failed to treat or release him in a timely manner, Li Zhiyong was extremely weak and his health continually worsened. He has edema all over, trouble breathing, difficulty walking, and cannot take care of himself.

At present, 26-year-old Li Zhiyong suffers heart effusion, ascites, and proteinuria. His family cannot afford to pay for his treatment. The responsible parties for this are the leaders of Jilin Province, the prison hospital, guard Wang Yuanchun, and Li Yongsheng from the Education Section.

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Address of Jilin Prison: 100 Junmin Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province,132012, China
Mailing address of Jilin Prison: P. O. Box 315, Jilin City, Jilin Province 132012, China
Switchboards: 4.881551
Prison Political Section: 2409418
Procuratorate based in prison: 4881515
Fax: 4881559
Secretary section: 4881559

Warden of Jilin Prison: Li Qiang
Incumbent political commissar: Liu Wei
Incumbent chief of Education Section: Li Zhuang
Staff of Education Section: Li Yongsheng, Wang Yuanchun

Jilin Province Prison Administration Bureau
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Director: Li Wencai (concurrent post) 2750002, 2763556 (Home)
Deputy Director: Zhang Zhensu 2750004, 7919580 (Home)
Deputy Director: Yu Guangsheng 2750005, 8586398 (Home)
Deputy Secretary of Communist Party: 2750006, 2744928 (Home)
Deputy Director: 2750007, 2707063 (Home)

Jilin Province Judiciary Department
Direct: Zhu Guozhi 2750001, 2750020, 8969266 (Home)
Deputy Director: Feng Mingfang 2750199, 2750169, 2700185 (Home)
Deputy Director: Liu Zhenyu 2750185, 2750205, 7630589 (Home)
Deputy Director: Lu Jun 2750181, 2750208, 8588638 (Home)
Deputy Director: Ju Wanzhou 2750209, 2750189, 8977918 (Home)