(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who was recently abducted and held in the basement of the Public Security Hospital in Beijing. I would like to expose the evil that is happening there.

The way the evil persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners is that if you do not comply, they will tie you to the death bed until you yield and cooperate with them. I was tied to the death bed for over 60 hours. It was only when I almost died that they let me go. Right in front of me, a female practitioner had been tied for 25 days, with a tube inserted through her nose and another tube for her urine. It was an unbearable sight. When she was released from the death bed, one of her arms was not able to move. This cruel method is used to persecute older people as well. A white-haired lady from Beijing was tied to the death bed. A female nurse named Zhao Yan, who is extremely vicious, force-fed her. When the older lady refused to cooperate with her, the nurse slapped her on the face three times. The older lady resisted until they exhausted their methods. They had to release her in the end. It was said that four other female practitioners are still being jailed there.

The government covers all medical costs incurred at the Public Security Hospital in Beijing. The hospital uses all kinds of equipment on whoever comes through the door. Patients are given very expensive medications, and the medical staff gets commissions from using the equipment and medication. I heard that before me, three other female practitioners were sent from here to a forced labor camp for further persecution.

February 21, 2005