A joke from the 1980's describes communism as the horizon: it always looms in the distance, but you can never get close to it. Funny or not, this joke reflected the Chinese people's understanding of communism. Much has happened since then, and communism and its lies have long since fallen from where it once was.

However, we should note that for a long time communism has deceived many people. To meet its evil ends, the old forces tried to control the whole world with communism. They created a devious ideology and spread it via a strict organizational structure. To a great extent, this spiritual opium has poisoned people's minds and caused moral standards to plunge.

Communism has a tight grip over every part of China. The Communist Party instilled ideas such as "There would be no China without the Communist Party," "the Party is always right," and "meeting the Party's needs are our grandest aspirations." Communism has subjugated people's minds and effaced their rationality, and people became tools of the Party. Many have taken such spiritual poison as the meaning of their lives.

The communist opium also poisoned me. I was born after 1949, and I was taught to carry on the Party's revolution. Misled by communist propaganda during the absurd Culture Revolution, I harmed my teachers and other innocent people. I am afraid and ashamed to think about those years. During the Red Scare, I was taught that communism was the savior of the world. I was immersed in communist ideology very deeply and became its loyal follower. Deep down in my heart, I used to hold hope for the Party. I used to think that the Party was good in general, with only a few bad apples ruining its reputation for everyone.

After studying Teacher's articles and reading the Nine Commentaries, I was greatly moved. I saw the Party's essence clearly. In the past, many of us blindly followed the Party and accepted its propaganda. We unknowingly gave up our moral standards and principles, and we buried our Chinese traditions and deviated from the universe's characteristics. The current society is chaotic and wrought with wickedness.

I call on everyone to wake up from the Communist Party's lies and see it for what it really is. Let's eliminate the Communist opium from our minds and hearts.