(Clearwisdom.net) I have clarified the truth about Falun Gong in a military school classroom dozens of times. I systematically clarified the truth to about 1000 people by including the facts of the persecution in my lessons all last semester. For example, I did truth-clarification while talking about Kongzi and I gave more details of the truth while talking about Quyuan.

Using slides, I discussed the Chinese historian Si Maqian of the Han Dynasty, the national hero Yue Fei of the Song Dynasty, the thinker Tan Citong of the Qing Dynasty, and Zhang Zhixin, who was killed for telling the truth during the Cultural Revolution. These examples indicate that ruling authorities do not appreciate real patriots, because authorities are like "snowmen," while Si Maqian, Yue Fei, Tan Citong and Zhang Zhixin were like "suns" that can melt the snow. Therefore, the "snowmen" would likely find the "suns" to be guilty of the most heinous crimes. Then I switched to present-day reality. Now that various corrupt officials have their superiors protecting them, "snowmen" must exist at the highest levels. Therefore, it is worth considering that they make use of the media to claim someone to be guilty of the most heinous crimes. Following this, I talked about Falun Gong from a third party's point of view, mentioning the Tiananmen self-immolation, Falun Dafa spreading around the world, the persecution cases in China, etc. Every student listened with rapt attention.

Art lessons are taught in the military school. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s educational curriculum during the past several decades has not included any information on the foundation of Chinese civilization, the extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese cultures, or the ideologies of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, all of which underpin the traditional Chinese arts. I displayed the first six sections of the "Mei Hua Poem" to draw the students' attention to traditional Chinese cultures. Then I went to the lounge and talked for ten minutes with a teacher whom I never talked with before. When I came back to the classroom, the students were peeking at the "Mei Hua Poem." It turned out that they had taken the VCD out of my bag and were displaying it themselves. As soon as I came into the classroom, seventy to eighty students pleaded to keep the VCD on. I was also glad to let them know about Falun Gong.

These students watched the "Mei Hua Poem" very intently. After the class, some students asked to copy the VCD. They said that it was okay since they knew a little about it. They wanted to discover China's future from the "Mei Hua Poem." This is exactly what all college students are confused about these days.

I gave a lesson on Marxist philosophy in another class in the afternoon. I was still dressed in my military uniform. First I put forward a question, "Students, when Jiang Zemin answered a question from foreign reporter Mike Wallace, he said, 'When I was young I believed that the goal of Communism would soon be reached. But right now I don't think this way any more.' Think about it, everyone, will the goal of Communism come true or not?" One student answered, "I don't think that Communism will reach its goal." After my further questioning, he mustered his courage and said, "It's not just now that it won't reach its goal. I don't think it will ever do so." Then I asked all the students, "What do you think?"

They answered in a great chorus, "We agree!" It turned out that my students didn't intend to take the CCP lying down. At their request, I displayed the last four sections of the "Mei Hua Poem." I also displayed other truth-clarification VCD's. After the class, some students said that philosophy had turned out to be very interesting.

Once, in a seminar, the students spoke frankly, "We live with depression." I made the best use of the situation, "You are happy, but you don't know that it's happiness. One of my students is still in prison because of his belief in Falun Gong and was not allowed to sleep for five days. What really depresses you? Maybe it is because you are living in a society without freedom." Then I clarified the truth to them.

Sometimes the students came to me for heart-to-heart talks. I just accompanied them to watch "Between Heaven and Earth." After seeing it, some students also asked for other VCD' s and books. One student who believed in Buddhism sighed, "I really want to write a paper based on these facts, but it would never be published."

A friend who was in the army in Hong Kong came back to visit his family during the Spring Festival. He told us that Hu Jintao, in a lecture given at a military meeting, said that the ideological work in China had failed and was not as good as Cuba and North Korea. This led me to recall that before the Spring Festival, when one teacher was filling out an application for CCP membership in the office, another teacher beside her patted her shoulder and said, "How come you want to join the gangster CCP?" Another teacher who was transferred here from the Party School often sighed that our present society was feudal socialism. If we didn't talk about some corrupt stories in the Party class, nobody in the class would listen. This is not an issue of strengthening ideological and political control but of having the courage to face reality and get a clear understanding of the truth.