(Clearwisdom.net) I am 81 years old this year. After reading the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," I completely agree with the description of the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The words about the horrendous massacre are all true. I would like to share my personal experience about how the CCP used a school janitor to make trouble for the senior principal in my hometown of Fujian Province. I also hope that all people will carefully read the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party."

After the CCP gained political power, it continued to use violence, murder and the concept of class struggle to maintain power. The goal of violence is to create fear and to force people to become slaves of fear. There was a senior principal who was well-known throughout the county for his kindness. At that time, because the village had only one impoverished private elementary school, there were very few people who could read. The principal sold his own property to manage the school. Everybody recommended him as principal. The teachers' and administrators' salary, the board, and the school expenditures were all taken care of by him. This principal also utilized personal connections to raise funds from Chinese people in Southeast Asia. It was quite a lot of work as you can imagine. After the CCP established the government and changed the school to a public elementary school, the school's funds were still insufficient. All expenses were shouldered by the senior principal, including a certain school janitor's salary and living expenses. The principal treated him like a member of the family. Under the temptation of personal gain and due to the deceit of the Party, the janitor unexpectedly and heartlessly took the lead in making trouble for the senior principal. The principal was found guilty of being against the Party after a "public trial." Other villages also had similar pitiful stories. Many very good people were declared "bad" by "public trial" and they were all imprisoned. By the Chinese New Years Eve, a total of about 500 hundred people had been shot to death in the county. It scared everybody.

From ancient times until the present day, you can't find a more brutal method of ruling than the Communist Party's "class struggle." It even encouraged children to make trouble for their parents. People were forced to violate their conscience to protect themselves. That school janitor even became Head of the village and tyrannically bullied other villagers. Some time later, he received retribution for his evil actions, and he burned to death in a fire as a result of smoking in bed.

People should not be misled by the façade of the present day temporary boom of the Chinese economy. The evil nature of the Communist Party will never change!