(Clearwisdom.net) After Falun Dafa practitioner Lu Xiufang from Huashan town, Jimo City was persecuted to death in the Jinan Women's Prison, it drew much attention from the public. In order to conceal their crimes, the Jinan Women's Prison intensified the persecution towards practitioners in the prison. Because Dafa practitioners Liang Sue and Liang Mingfeng knew about what happened there, the persecution against them was especially harsh.

The prison guards transferred 61-year-old Liang Sue and 55-year-old Liang Mingfeng from the elderly group to the youth group, and forced them to do 20 hours of high intensity labor every day. Liang Sue had many diseases before she started to practice Falun Gong and now she cannot sleep at night due to the torture. Her family members went to visit her but the prison guard refused them, claiming that the practitioners did not want to be visited. In reality, they were afraid of their crimes being exposed.

The prison guards called the practitioners' families and asked the family members to help them transfer the practitioners. Recently, the families of Liang Sue and Liang Mingfeng saw them at the prison. Liang Sue's was a total mess. Her cotton garment was torn and there was black, congealed blood under her fingernails. Her face was swollen and black around the eyes. One of her eyeballs was bloodied and there was no color in her pale face. Although her voice was very weak, her expression was resolute and steadfast. According to the prison guards, Liang Sue had been leading the other practitioners to do the exercises and has firmly refused to sign the three statements from the beginning to this day. Currently she belongs to the second level of strict monitoring and is detained separately. Liang Sue declared that she would rather die than to be a person who betrays her conscience. Liang Sue has been on hunger strike for over half a month and is currently extremely weak. The prison guards continue to force-feed her punitively.

Jinan women prison's phone #: 86-531-8928004, 86-531-8928066