(Clearwisdom Net) Ms. Song Guifeng is from Huadian City, Jilin Province. The city police abducted her on the street on January 30, 2001. At the police department, policeman Bai Shijie and others handcuffed her arms to the wall. The following pictures are reenacted to show what actually happened.

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Picture 1: Police handcuff Ms. Song to the wall.

The police asked her, "What did you do?"

Song replied, "Nothing."

A policeman slapped her repeatedly on the face, then grabbed her by the hair and banged her head against the wall. She almost passed out.

A policeman again grabbed her by the hair and exclaimed, "Today we want to demonstrate to you the ways of a dictatorship. We will take care of you for seven days. We'll see how long you can endure."

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Picture 2: Policeman slaps Ms. Song's face.
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Picture 3: Policeman grabs Ms. Song by the hair and slams her head against the wall

Then he lay down for a while to rest. All of a sudden, he got up and kicked Ms. Song's abdomen. At that moment, she felt as if all her internal organs had ruptured. The pain from her two arms handcuffed to the wall was unbearable, and the pain from her abdomen was so intense that it made her dizzy.

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Picture 4: Policeman kicks Ms. Song's abdomen.

Between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., the police started to torture Ms. Song again. A policeman told Bai Shijie, "Lock her tight to make her stand straight." The abusers made fun of her and said, "Let her either beg to live or beg to die." The policeman covered her head with a plastic bag to suffocate her. They exclaimed, "We'll let you have a taste of this." They didn't take the bag off until she was almost unconscious due to lack of air. The police held her nose tight and covered her mouth. Soon, Bai saw that she was about to suffocate, and he released the bag. Ms. Song perspired profusely, and the police poured cold water down her neck and said, "Just to keep you energized."

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Picture 5: Policeman covers her with a plastic bag. The bag sticks to her face when there is no air left.

Meanwhile, they showed her some slanderous materials supposedly written by other practitioners in order to coerce a confession from her. Two policemen held her arms and kicked her legs, and Ms. Song fell down to her knees. Then they handcuffed her hands behind her back, with one arm stretched down from the upper body and the other stretched up from the lower body, and inserted bottles between her arms and her back. They covered her head with a plastic bag and put a piece of wood on her calves, which was about three inches wide and about three feet long. Then two policemen stepped on it from both ends.

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Picture 6: Policeman covers Ms. Song's head, and inserts bottles between her arms and her back.
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Picture 7 & Picture 8: Policemen step on the wooden board to press her calves.

At daybreak, the police tried to hang her arms from the wall. As one of her arms was just hung, a policeman suddenly beat her from behind with a baton, and cursed her, "I'll kill you! Read to her the statements from other practitioners!" (Picture 9) He then hung her other arm, and wickedly stepped on her feet and kicked her left leg. Once again, they kept covering her head and pouring cold water on her. All of a sudden, they banged her head against the wall.

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Picture 9: Policeman beats her with a baton.
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Picture 10: Policeman slaps her face.

Another abuser came to help Bai Shijie torture Ms. Song. They pulled her arms straight out and two feet wide apart, and forced her to maintain this posture for twenty minutes, while Bai Shijie repeatedly beat her left shoulder blade, kicked her left leg (Picture 11), and slapped her face. He took a break, rested, and then beat Ms. Song's left shoulder blade again (Picture 12).

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Picture 11: Policeman kicks her left leg.

Picture 12: Policeman beats her left shoulder blade with a piece of wood.

After being tortured in the Huadian City Police Department, Ms. Song Guifeng was sentenced to two years in Heizhuizhi Forced Labor Camp, Changchun City.


All the pictures are reenacted by Falun Gong practitioners to show how Ms. Song Guifeng was tortured.