(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Shi Shengquan was 40 years old, and an employee of the Guizhou Province Cement Factory. He was arrested many times, detained, and forced to attend brainwashing classes because he practiced Falun Dafa. He had been living under the terrors of harassment, threats and close-surveillance. He could not bear the incredible pressure and stress any longer, and died on November 28, 2003.

After July 20, 1999, the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong. In order to speak out against the persecution of Falun Dafa, Mr. Shi Shengquan submitted his resignation to his employer (1) in December 1999. He went to Beijing to appeal, and hoped his sincerity would move the government to recant its position. Mr. Shi was arrested and detained fifteen days in the Nanming District Detention Center in Guiyang City.

After his release from the detention center, Mr. Shi went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa again. This time, he was detained in the Nanming District Detention Center again, and soon after, he was sent to the Ergezhai Brainwashing Class held in Guiyang City.

After his release from the brainwashing class, he was repeatedly harassed and mistreated by villains. He was deprived of all his employment benefits, including vacations and salary increases. The local neighborhood administration and local police took turns harassing him at his home. They established one police observation point at his door, and hoped his neighbors would report on his daily life. (His kind-hearted neighbors did not cooperate with the police, but often provided him with information to protect him.)

Mr. Shi Shengquan had been arrested twice at his job during the time he was forced to go back to work. The first time, the security of his employer sent him to be held under house arrest in Xifeng. The other time, the Nanming District Party Political and Judiciary Committee secretary, Yang Guozhong (male), abducted him to a brainwashing class again, where Yang forced him to write a Guarantee Statement to stop practicing Falun Dafa.

After Mr. Shi Shengquan was released from the brainwashing class, the local 610 Office, a police officer from the Gantang Substation, the Zhongcao Neighborhood Administration, and representatives from his employer constantly came to his home to harass, threaten, and monitor him. He lived under incredible stress, which broke his spirit and body. He died on November 28, 2003, when he could no longer bear the pressure any longer.

(1) In order to avoid involving his employer, should he arrested, he submitted his resignation. However, his employer would not accept his resignation, because it was not allowed to release him, thus leaving a practitioner at large to possibly appeal. Employers are often required by the regime to keep practitioners under close surveillance in their work units. Employers and other organizations are extensions of the pervasive police system under the CCP.