(Clearwisdom.net) I'm from Cangzhou, Hebei Province. My mother practices Falun Dafa. On February 15, 2005 (the seventh day of the first lunar month of year 2005), I drove with my wife and daughter to Yanshan to visit our family members there. On that day, it snowed heavily. In some places, the snow was more than a foot deep. On our way home, our car collided with a big truck on a bridge. Although my car was destroyed, my daughter wasn't hurt at all, and my wife had only a broken arm. I suffered a slight wound on my head, but it put me in a coma for several days.

The accident left our car severely damaged

During the three days I was in a coma, I experienced a lot. I felt that I was in the presence of a big Falun at all times and I often heard the sound of the Falun's rotation. I also saw my grandmother and grandfather who had already passed away. They looked extremely young and beautiful. It seemed that they knew what had happened to me and told me to quickly go back and be an upright person in accordance with Falun Dafa. They told me to handle the car accident in the right way and that I should not ask for what I wasn't supposed to have. They also told me that I should help more friends and relatives to take advantage of this opportunity to learn Dafa that is hard to come by. They asked me to tell people that one can only obtain greater fortune and blessings by following Dafa to be an upright person.

During the three days that I was in a coma, I felt that my body was as light as a swallow. I saw and experienced numerous wonderful things, which I can't describe with words. What touched me most is the understanding that as a human being, one should always consider others first, and a person's best destination is to become a particle of Dafa.

I believe that the reason we were safe in such a terrible accident was because my mother gave me a Falun Dafa amulet during the Lunar New Year celebration. I treasured it very much and carried it with me everywhere. After I awakened from the coma, my first thought was to ask what happened to the driver and the truck with which I had collided. I felt relieved when I learned that he was fine. Then I persuaded my aunties who took care of me in the hospital to also practice Falun Gong. When I dealt with the accident, I did not ask for any money from the truck driver. Instead, I suggested that he cultivate Falun Dafa. My mother was very happy to give him a copy of book Zhuan Falun. The driver took the precious book with both hands and thanked us again and again. The police officers that were in charge of this accident also witnessed the miracle brought by Falun Dafa.