(Clearwisdom.net) The effect of Falun Dafa practitioners validating the Fa, exposing and opposing the persecution, and negating the old forces' arrangements is tremendous. The evil has been eliminated to a mere remnant of its former strength. The situation at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp has also changed dramatically.

Falun Dafa practitioners there are constantly stepping out from their human sides. Those who were once "reformed" have become clear-headed and no longer collaborate with the persecutors. Now the head of the labor camp has had to assign more guards in order assume the roles once played by the collaborators. The practitioners who once lived in fear have become steadfast in their practice. Practitioners are coming forward every day to renounce the three statements they were forced to make and are once again participating in Fa rectification. Practitioners with strong righteous thoughts refuse to participate in forced labor, no longer cooperate with their persecutors, and use various methods to protest the persecution. For example, practitioners Ding Zhenfang, Gao Yaxian, Fan Qinghua, Gao Fuling, Wang Xiuyan, and Sheng Lixia have all refused to wear the camp uniform and have instituted hunger strikes to protest the illegal detention. Wang Yuling was on a hunger strike for seven months. Wang Manli and Fan Qinghua were on hunger strikes for four months. Fan Qinghua and Xie Dewen are still on hunger strikes. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners!" Their actions frightened their persecutors and also awakened many practitioners who had gone astray. They were frequently held in isolation cells and have endured tremendous suffering.

Details of the persecution against individual practitioners

Because she refuses to wear the camp uniform, Ms. Ding Zhenfang is still being locked in a restroom for more than 18 hours every day. Gao Yaxia was locked in an isolation cell for a very long time. It was extremely cold in the isolation cell. Both of her legs were frozen and she couldn't stand or walk. Xie Dewen was also kept in an isolation cell for a long time and was on a hunger strike. Ms. Xie was also handcuffed to an iron stool, even during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year holiday). Wang Xiuyan's feet were frozen and swollen due to the icy temperatures she was exposed to in the isolation cell and she couldn't walk. Sheng Lixia nearly had a heart attack while being exposed to the extremely loud sound of an alarm horn while in an isolation cell. Male guards dragged both Sheng Lixia and Wang Xiuyan to isolation cells, where they were subjected to brutal beatings. During the Spring Festival, four Dafa practitioners were locked in the isolation cells, and two of them were completely restrained and unable to move at all. Practitioners locked in the isolation cells were only allowed to use the restroom three times a day. They weren't allowed to wash their faces or brush their teeth. They slept on the floor, though a few of them had straw cushions. It was very cold in the isolation cells. The guards installed alarm sirens in the cells and sometimes sounded them for more than 24 hours continuously, forcing the practitioners to endure extremely cruel mental ordeals.

Wei Yanhua had been one of the practitioners who was supposedly "reformed" and was a collaborator and the head of a cell who helped the guards do many horrible things to the practitioners. Later, she became clear-headed and bravely exposed the evil. The authorities were so afraid of her that they sent her away. Zhou Yuzhen was on a hunger strike for more than seven months and was later sent to Dabei Prison. Gao Fuling refused to wear the forced labor camp uniform, so her winter coat was taken from her and she was subjected to such cold temperatures that she began to have heart problems and her face turned purple. Li Guijie was detained for three months beyond her release date. She is still being held, and her hunger strike continues. Wang Manli was on a hunger strike for four months. She is no longer able to walk and is nearly blind, yet the authorities at Masanja still refuse to release her.