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VIII. Seven Hours of Being Shocked with an Electric Baton Disfigured My Face

In early May 2004, I obtained a copy of Teacher's new article. However, Bi Shuhua, who was monitoring me, took the article away. In the evening, I was called to the division head's office. Group Leader Jiang Zhaohua and Team Leader Wang Jichang asked me where I got the article. I didn't answer them, so Jiang Zhaohua shocked my mouth several times with an electric baton and threatened, "You'll speak up if we go somewhere else." They tortured me for two hours but I still refused to answer them. They had no choice but to let me go.

At around 10 a.m. on May 7, 2004, I was called to the office of the division head on the second floor. I was too weak to do forced labor. Jiang Zhaohua and Wang Jichang still forced me to work anyway. Jiang Zhaohua threatened me several times, saying that he did not want to beat people but his patience was limited. He then slapped my face and shocked my face and hands with two electric batons. Wang Jichang handcuffed me to a heating pipe.

At around 3 p.m., I was called back to the same office on the second floor, where Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhaohua were waiting. They pushed me to the ground and began to shock me with electric batons.

At the beginning, they asked the prison guards to lift up my clothes so that they could shock me with the electric batons. Since I wore a lot of clothes they decided to use one pair of handcuffs to cuff my hands together behind my back and another pair to shackle my hands to the heating pipe. I could only sit on the floor. They charged the batteries of four electric batons to full capacity. Then Tang Yubao shocked me with two batons while Jiang Zhaohua sat on a chair and shocked me with one baton.

As they were shocking me, they asked, "Where did you get the article from? We will let you go today if you tell us." When they realized I wouldn't answer, they added, "You will only need to go to work and wear a name tag." I still kept silent. Tang Yubao then said, "I'll have to kill you today! I'll fix you even if I lose my job! I have more than enough time to take care of you!" Tang also said he would change his shift with others as he was not working the following day, in order for him to be able to continue torturing me.

As they were shocking me, Tang Yubao fiercely kicked my thighs and calves and stomped on my feet with the heel of his boots, which left bruises on my body. At 4 p.m., Jiang Zhaohua left the office. Tang Yubao continued to shock me.

Gao Rongrong was severely disfigured as a result of being shocked with electric batons. (The photo was taken on May 17, 2004, ten days after she was tortured.)

He continuously shocked my face, ears and neck with two electric batons for a long time. My body convulsed and hit against the heating pipe. My eyes were dry and my eyebrow hair fell off after Tang Yubao shocked my eye sockets; and the skin shed around my ears and mouth. The scars on my wrists from being handcuffed are still visible today, and my arms were numb for more than two months afterwards.

During this period, Yue Jun, head of the First Division, came and asked to borrow some electric batons from Tang Yubao. Tang said, "No way! I don't even have enough myself!" Tang also used a lighted cigarette to burn Teacher's photo from the Dafa books and a lighter to burn Teacher's new articles. Tang and Yue both said, "We are not afraid of receiving retribution since we have already done too many things like this."

Yue Jun told Shi Jing, the "group leader" of the inmates, to cut the front of my hair extremely short, as was a way to humiliate me. Teng Jiliang, the guard on duty, took a nametag that was hanging on the headboard and pinned it on my chest. He also found my parents' pictures, placed them on the table and viciously said, "We'll let your parents watch while you are shocked with electric batons!" Guard Zeng Xiaoping came in and held a small mirror in front of my face. He said I could only blame myself for the disfiguration.

My face, ears, neck, back, ankles and other parts of my body were repeatedly shocked with high-voltage electric batons. The skin blistered and turned black. My face swelled up by about two inches and was severely deformed. My eyes could barely open and yellow fluid continuously seeped from my face. My hair stuck to my face and ears, and the blisters on my neck were the size of my thumb. I felt that I would rather die than live when the electric batons shocked the injured parts of my body.

In the evening, Fang Jinkai, the labor camp director on duty, a guard from the administrative division and Zhang Xiaoqiu, Head of the Medical Section witnessed me being tortured and disfigured, but none of them tried to stop Tang Yubao. Tang Yubao was smug and said, "They have seen me doing this, and I don't care if I'm doing the wrong thing! I am the perpetrator!"

Sometime past 9 p.m., an inmate had a sudden heart attack and Tang Yubao was called away to deal with the situation. Only then did he put down the electric batons. After he left, I asked Teng Jiliang to use the bathroom. I met a fellow practitioner and two inmates in the bathroom, and they were shocked. One person asked, "Who is this?" Another one said, "Is that Gao Rongrong? That's horrific!"

When I came out of the bathroom, Teng Jiliang did not let me to go back to the cell but took me back to the office.

Standing in the office, I knew Tang Yubao would return and continue torturing me and threatening me, "We'll fix you until you are dead." I also kept seeing the terrifying faces of the barbaric guards. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

I could not imagine what kind of tortures would be waiting for me through the long night. During the past six to seven hours, I had already suffered horrendously. I looked at the door and saw Teng Jiliang guarding it, and feared that Tang Yubao would walk through the door at any moment. I saw the electric batons and handcuffs in the room, and only the window behind me was not so frightening. I jumped out of the window from the second floor. My left femur fractured; my pelvis fractured in two places and the bone in my right heel splintered.

That day, five other practitioners in the Second Division were beaten and shocked with electric batons. Practitioner Jin Kegui, who is in her 50s suffered worse than I did. The perpetrators struck her face after it was severely burned with electric batons until her face was completely deformed and unrecognizable. Since practitioners are not allowed contact with the outside world, no one, including their family members, knows about their suffering.

IX. Perpetrators from Longshan Forced Labor Camp Cover Up their Crimes at the Police Hospital

1. Sent to a Military Hospital

At around 10 p.m. that evening, the guards carried me out of the Longshan Forced Labor Camp through a side door, to avoid being seen by other practitioners when they returned from doing forced labor. They sent me to the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, also known as Shenyang Army General Hospital.

I was in critical condition with a diastolic blood pressure of 40 mmHg. The nurse immediately inserted a catheter into my urethra, started an IV infusion and took pictures of me. The doctor was startled by my charred and blackened face and asked what happened. I told him it was the result of being shocked with electric batons. The guards from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp mumbled, "We should have worn our regular clothes instead of the police uniform."

Li Shengyuan, Head of the Administrative Division and Wang Jinghui, Head of the Second Division came to the hospital. I asked them to inform my family members. Wang Jinghui said, "We will notify them when it's necessary."

2. Transferred to a Police Hospital the Following Morning

On May 8, at around 2 a.m., I was transferred to a police hospital. The doctors saw that the wounds on my face and neck had already formed a black crust and said it was useless to apply medicated ointment on it. Instead, they roughly cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and iodine.

On May 9, Director Liu Bo and Section Head Shi Yingjun (female) of the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau came to the hospital. When I asked them which government agency they were from, they refused to tell me.

In the days that followed, a number of people took turns coming to the hospital. They included Liu Bo, Shi Yingjun, and Li Fengshi; Deng Yang, Head of Longshan Forced Labor Camp; Wang Xuetao, Director of the Political Division; Li Shengyuan, Head of the Administration Division; Jiang Yupo; Wang Jinghui, Head of Division 2; Lin Guizhi; Section Head; Team Leader Teng Jiliang; Duan Haiying, Head of Section 1, and others.

3. The Perpetrators Did Not Notify My Family, Fabricated Records and Tried to Force Me to Undergo Surgery

Li Fengshi, Wang Xuetao, Wang Jinghui and Li Shengyuan tried to extort a "confession" from me with Li Shengyuan being the recorder. They lied and told me they would confront Tang Yubao and notify my family.

Li Fengshi also said, "I need the records to report to my boss and show your family. You will avoid [a lot of trouble] if you say something else when you meet them." I found it strange, since facts are facts. How could anyone say my situation was "something else."

I realized they were trying to fabricate my records in order to cover up their crime. I stated the whole incident while Li Shengyuan wrote on a sheet of paper. When they asked me to sign the document, I saw that he hadn't written down anything that I had said, especially the account of Tang Yubao's words and actions when he tortured me.

I refused to sign it. They then created every possible obstruction for me and it was clear that they had no intention whatsoever of informing my family.

I repeatedly requested that they notify my family. They not only turned a deaf ear but also ridiculed me. Guard Wang Chunmei said, "How come you didn't think about notifying your family when you jumped?" She also said, "What are you going to do for the rest of your life?"

Li Fengshi said, "When you jumped out the window, were you trying to get away to die or to catch a bird?"

I asked Li Fengshi to take pictures of my face. Instead he replied, "There's no need for that. Didn't the doctor see it already?"

They pressured me to undergo surgery and said the best treatment term was 14 days. I knew they were trying to cover up their crimes so they could continue to persecute me. Wang Jinghui tried to sign my name on the consent form for the operation. Only when I said, "You'll be violating the law if you sign my name," did she give up.

4. I Was Unable to Urinate for 21 Hours

I was in great pain lying in the hospital bed. The guards from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp didn't give me any food on the first day. None of them cared about my condition, they talked loudly, and some of them slept.

Once when Zhao Yingjie, a guard from the First Division was watching me, she turned a blind eye when my IV bottle was empty. On May 11, when Ma Chaming, a guard from Division 2 was on duty, she tied up my catheter and forgot to untie it. As a result, I could not urinate for 21 hours. Blood appeared in my urine followed by excruciating pain, and I contracted glomerulonephritis [a type of kidney disease].

5. My family Accidentally Learned of My Disfigurement

On May 14, my family heard that Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xiuyuan was tortured to death at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, and were worried about me. They went to the labor camp to inquire about me.

When they arrived at the camp, Wang Jinghui and Tang Yubao tried to stall them by saying, "She is injured." They denied any use of torture and refused to tell my family where I was being held. Only when my family threatened to sue them did Wang Jinghui lead a group of guards and my family to the police hospital.

My family burst into tears when they saw my condition. They confronted the guards and questioned them as to why they tortured me like that. Wang Jinghui said to my family members, "I haven't seen any Falun Gong practitioners like you."

The guards tortured me to such a state, yet they forbade my family to cry. How evil and heartless they were!

6. The Longshan Forced Labor Camp Authorities Spread Lies to Cover Up their Crimes

On the day following my transfer to the police hospital, the cleaning woman asked what had happened to my face. Guard Wang Hongling replied, "She fell."

Before my family members arrived at the hospital, the guards from the labor camp moved me to a room at the other end of the corridor and covered up the windows with newspapers. They were afraid of their crimes being exposed.

My colleagues from the Shenyang Yuxun Fine Arts College came to visit me but were stopped by guard Wang Xuetao and others. They told my colleagues that if they wanted to visit me, they would need to get approval from the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau.

Guard Wang Xuetao also told my colleagues the same lie, saying that the wounds on my face were the result of a fall. When my family confronted Wang Xuetao and asked why he lied, he said, "That's what's written in the official report by the Longshan Forced Labor Camp to the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau." When asked who wrote the lie, he replied, "The whole leadership group decided on it."

X. Perpetrators from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp and Shenyang City Judicial Bureau Persecute My Family and Me at the Medical University Hospital

With my family's persistent efforts, on May 18, I was transferred to the No. 2 Orthopedics Ward at the No. 1 Hospital of the China Medical University. I was in the intensive care unit for several days before being transferred to a solitary ward, Room number 0533.

I was in very poor health during the hospitalization and was on the brink of death.

1. I Had to Rely on IV Infusions

My body was very weak because I suffered from a long-term low-grade fever. My liver and stomach were in pain, and I was nauseous and could not eat. I was very thin and was given injections of antibiotics for more than a month. The doctors stopped giving it to me only when they thought that continuing the antibiotics might endanger my health.

Six months later I was given heart medication and vitamins. I often relied on an oxygen mask and was monitored on a machine. I still frequently received an IV infusion for a whole day. Both my hands were covered with needle marks and the blood vessels hardened, which made it very painful to receive any infusions. It was summer and very hot; there was no air conditioning in the room. I suffered from urticaria [hives] and heat rash; and it was extremely itchy. I relied on a catheter for a month because of the kidney disease.

My digestive system was not functioning properly and there was a chance of getting ileus [bowel obstruction]. I ate very little and felt extremely weak since I was lying in bed all the time. Various doctors consulted about my case and told me because of my muscular atrophy it was impossible for them to perform certain examinations, and an operation was out of the question. They also told me that it would be extremely difficult for my skin and muscles to heal, not to mention my bones healing properly.

2. The Ruthless Behavior of the Guards from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp at the Army Hospital

I was surrounded by the guards from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, and they often caused trouble for my family. Male guards even had the audacity to sleep on the couch in my room.

When I was first sent to the No. 1 Hospital of the China Medical University, I was often rolled on a gurney to the examination room for check-ups. Many patients and their family members would surround me and ask, "What happened to your face?" My family would tell them about the electric shock torture I suffered at the labor camp, and the guards would abruptly stop them from continuing and threatened to arrest them. Once in an elevator, someone asked my family about my condition, and when my elder sister told him about the torture, Bi Yinhong from the Administrative Division of the forced labor camp tried to beat her and threatened to report her to the police.

The guards always tried to drive away the crowds of onlookers who refused to leave. The guards became furious and screamed, "So what? So we've shocked her!" Guards Sun Zhizhong and Wang Chunmei shouted in the hallway, "So we've shocked her with electric batons, we'll kill her that way!"

Zeng Xiaoping and Wang Jichang, who were involved in persecuting me, were arranged to guard the hospital, which caused me more mental pressure.

One day at noon in late September, Su Zhizhong, a male guard in his 30s from the Third Division got drunk and slept on the couch in my room. He unzipped his pants and it was an unseemly sight. My 73-year-old mother called in female guard Zhao Yingjie, and she called Su Zhizhong outside the room. Su Zhizhong cursed in the hallway and he even tried to beat up my mother. Other guards stopped him. He pounded on my door until everyone on my floor came out of their rooms. He cursed and went wild for more than two hours while holding up his pants.

3. Unreasonable Restrictions on My Family

When there were phone calls to the hospital asking to talk with my family members, the guards from the labor camp never allowed them to answer. They requested that the medical personnel call the guards to answer the phone instead. Once when the telephone rang and my elder sister went to answer the phone, Su Zhizong and Zhao Yinjie rushed toward the telephone and grabbed it before my sister could. When talking on the phone the guard even lied saying, "I am a doctor..." and then said, "I am a policeman."

My family also saw the guards on duty handing in some type of letter to Wang Jinghui, who requested my family members not to use their cell phone in the hospital. In addition, they scrutinized everything my family brought in.

The Longshan Forced Labor Camp only permitted my mother and two of my elder sisters to take care of me. They refused other relatives from helping. After about five months, my mother and sisters became exhausted, both physically and mentally.

The guards on duty took detailed records of my condition, as well as my family's words and actions. Once, a doctor from the Neurology Department came to examine me and. Guard Wang Chunmei started to take down notes. The doctor was beginning to ask my family members a few questions, when she noticed what Wang was doing. She asked her, "Do you record my words too?" Wang replied, "Yes." The doctor replied, "I am unable to deal with this patient's case, you may find another doctor." She left, repulsed by the situation.

4. Guards from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp Tried to Destroy the Evidence of their Crime

The labor camp and Shenyang Judiciary Bureau often sent people to the hospital to harass my family and me. They tried to force me to undergo an operation and closely observed my condition. They also tried to avoid their responsibility and to shift the blame on my family. They paid much attention to the injuries on my face, hoping that the evidence of their persecution would disappear as soon as possible.

One evening I was alone in my room. Guard Wang Chunmei came into my room and shook my arm to wake me. She said that the crust on my face was about to peel off. She then woke Su Zhizhong, who was sleeping on the couch. Wang Chunmei winked at him, asking him to get up and take some action on my face. At that moment my family members came back from visiting the nurses. They warned the perpetrators not to touch me or they would be held responsible if anything happened. Wang Chunmei knew that she was in the wrong but she still shouted, "I will touch her once every five minutes. Who knows if she is still breathing?" My family asked her, "Did the doctor ask you to touch her once every five minutes?" She could not answer them.

One day my family found out that all the x-ray films of my physical examination had disappeared. As my family members were anxiously searching for them, Wang Chunmei did not say a word. In fact the guards from the labor camp were hiding them in a drawer, where my family later found the films.

5. My Life Was in Critical Condition

In August 2004, under the constant enormous mental torment and physical pain, my life was in danger. Beginning August 9, I had difficulty taking in any food and started to urinate blood. I was reduced to a skeleton. Later on I could not take food and water, my eyes could not focus, my eye sockets caved in, and I could not sleep. One night I was particularly agitated and uneasy. I was in and out of consciousness and was mostly in a trance-like state. I felt exhausted as though my life was coming to an end. My family was extremely worried, and feared that I might leave them forever.

The doctor issued several "Critical Condition Notices," urging my family to be prepared for my death. The head nurse told my family to attentively watch my chest at night and immediately report to the doctor if my breathing stopped.

My family told the Shenyang Judiciary Bureau about my condition and requested my release, but they refused.

Li Fengshan and Li Shengyuan from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp urged the guards who were monitoring me that if I died they should ask the hospital to issue a death certificate and report to the related leaders right away.

My family members decided to go to the City Political and Judiciary Committee and the city 610 Office to request them to solve the problem. However, they were told, "It is not in our jurisdiction."

These law enforcement departments did not care about my life, but instead acted in collaboration with the labor camp and the Shenyang Judiciary Bureau to destroy me - the "human evidence."

6. I Start to Recover

After being so close to death, I gradually recovered. I was finally able to take in some liquid food and felt much better. Two or three days later, my mother prepared a bowl of oatmeal porridge and was about to feed me, when all of a sudden three guards, Wang Xuetao, Head of the Administrative Division at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp and Bi Yinhong rushed in with a camera and a video camera. At that time only my mother and I were in the room.

They called in three nurses and asked them to hold up various medical appliances and started to videotape and take photographs of me and the nurses. I was so shocked by their sudden appalling act that I started twitching and immediately lost consciousness. I suffered from incontinence and my body could barely move. I had to rely on intravenous infusions of fat emulsion and other nutriments like albumin. When my sister was questioning Wang Xuetao, the perpetrators hurriedly left.

One week before I managed to escape from the hospital, I was able to gradually eat on my own and stopped the intravenous feeding. I weighed less than 70 lbs. I was not able to sit up. My arms would tremble if I raised them up and I had to relieve myself in bed. I would be out of breath when talking and was running a low-grade fever every day. I was unable to move my swollen left leg, which the doctor said was broken.

XI. My Family's Appeal was Interrupted Due to Obstruction from the City's Political and Judiciary Committee and the 610 Office

After overseas media exposed how the labor camp tortured me and disfigured my face, people inside and outside of China paid close attention to my case. Nevertheless, my case has not been given the justice and attention it deserves by the corresponding local judicial and legal departments.

1. The Shenyang City Judiciary Bureau Covered for the Labor Camp

When my face was disfigured by the electric shock torture, the Longshan Forced Labor Camp did not notify my family and they tried to cover up their crime. When my family learned of my condition, they requested Li Fengshan, Head of the labor camp, for an explanation. Li tried to avoid my family, and made indiscreet remarks for a month. Meanwhile, he lied to the public and made up a false report to the Shenyang City Justice Bureau, documenting that the injury on my face was the result of a fall.

My family appealed to the Shenyang City Judiciary Bureau, the higher authority that is responsible for the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, with the following requests: a) examine my injuries; b) investigate Tang Yubao's criminal acts and bring him to justice; c) release me from the forced labor camp; and d) compensate me for the losses caused by the injuries.

The Shenyang City Judiciary Bureau refused to examine my injuries and made a pretext that they were investigating my case. For five months, however, no one from the bureau has verified anything with me. The bureau was also putting pressure on the medical personnel through the hospital's Party Committee. Their intention was to use the treatments as an excuse to continue to persecute me so that they could hold me in custody even if I died.

In view of the fact that the Shenyang City Judiciary Bureau was protecting the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, my family still appealed to the Shenyang City Procuratorate.

After repeated requests, four officers from the Shenyang City Procuratorate and Shenyang Suburb Procuratorate's office came to the hospital on July 1, 2004, to investigate my case. They wrote up a report and took pictures of me.

On July 8, the Shenyang City Procuratorate asked the legal medical experts from Liaoning Province Procuratorate to examine my injuries and take more pictures. The officers who came were shocked to see my disfigured face. They wondered how such a brutal act could happen in the present civilized society. One would not believe it if one did not see it with their own eyes.

2. A "Special Case Team" is Established by the City Political and Judiciary Committee and the 610 Office

Under normal circumstances, it takes only a couple of weeks for the results of an injury examination, which is then followed by a corresponding resolution of the case. However, nothing happened after the Shenyang City Procuratorate and Liaoning Province Procuratorate examined and investigated my case. When my family inquired about the status of my case, the responsible person at the Shenyang City Procuratorate said that the Shenyang City Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee and the Political and Judiciary Committee had organized a "Special Case Team," and the procuratorate no longer had the right to investigate the case.

Two months later, the Liaoning Province Procuratorate informed my family that my case was now in the hands of the "Special Case Team" and the provincial government no longer had the results of the examination of my injuries. They also told us that it was no use to appeal to higher authorities, as the case was under the direct administration of the Central Government's 610 Office.

3. Members from the "Special Case Team" Constantly Harass Me

When the officers from the Shenyang City Procuratorate's office came to investigate my case on July 1, Wang Hui (female, from the City Political and Judiciary Bureau) and Liu Ge (female, transferred from the Public Appeal Section of the Shenhe District, Shenyang City) from the "Special Case Team" rushed to the hospital.

In the afternoon, four people, including Wang Hui came to my room again and told me that someone reported my case to them. They took out my appeal letter and the photos taken after I was disfigured. I asked them, "Who reported to you?" They did not answer and only said they were still investigating and needed to verify the information they had received. A man asked the questions while Liu Ge took notes.

I mentioned to them that there were a total of five Falun Gong practitioners held at the No. 2 Division who were shocked by electric batons. When they heard this, they showed no interest in the illegal conduct of the guards at the forced labor camp nor did they write down what I had just said. Instead, they asked me, "Where were the photos taken? [They were referring to the photos published by overseas media showing Ms. Gao's disfigured face.] Who took them? You must trust the Party that will solve your case and don't psychologically burden yourself." (In August 2004 however, when my family went to the City Political and Judiciary Bureau and the City 610 Office to ask them to help solve my case, these agencies informed my family they couldn't help since, "It's not in our jurisdiction.")

I replied, "No matter who took the photos, it was a legal act. I don't have any psychological burden. You think too much." He said hastily, "Yes, it is legal, but the photos are of no use. You are the evidence yourself." Later he said to himself in a low voice, "Weren't there guards? How could the photos be taken?"

At around 10 a.m. on July 2, Liu Ge accompanied Lu Jingchen, Head of the City Political and Judiciary Bureau and Wei Jun, from the City 610 Office to my room, claiming that the leaders in the city were paying very close attention to my case.

Around 2 p.m. on the same day, Liu Ge and Wang Hui, accompanied a middle-aged man with the surname of Li from the Political and Judiciary Committee to the hospital ward. Li asked me if the injuries on my face hurt. Then he pressed on the scabs on my face and quickly tried to peel off one of the scabs. The torn-off piece did not fall off because it stuck to the gauze bandaging my face. When my family members stopped them, they quickly left.

4. The Appeal Was Suspended and the Criminals Got Off

On the morning of July 2, Zhang Xiansheng, Deputy Head of the Liaoning Provincial Procuratorate, Li Rongchen, Shi Yingjun, Jiang Xiaobing and Wang Jinghui, the head of the No. 2 Division of the Langshan Forced Labor Camp, Zhang Xiaoqiu, Head of the Medical Clinic and Tian Ye, a staff member from the City Health Bureau, all came to the hospital one after another for a "consultation."

Two plainclothes strangers came to the ward and went straight to my bedside to observe me without greeting anyone. When my family asked them where they were from, they hurriedly left while answering, "From the hospital."

My family members continued to appeal to the provincial government. The head of the Inspection Division of the Liaoning Province Procuratorate appeared to be enthusiastic at the beginning, saying: "We will punish whoever broke the law." He said that they would hold a meeting that afternoon, and told my family that they had made many copies of the photos of the injuries to my face. They would examine them and give us the result in two months.

The next time my family went to see him, he started to avoid them. When my family requested the report on the examination of the wounds, he would not give them a direct answer. My family then asked him if the Longshan Forced Labor Camp sent in a false report instead; he told them yes.

We received the aforementioned answer: the case was turned over to "the Special Case Team." We were told that the results of the examination of the wounds were not available to the provincial government, and there would be no use to appeal because my case was being handled directly by the Central 610 Office.

I suffered such severe persecution, yet the relevant law enforcement departments did not have a fair say, and the judicial process was hindered and unable to carry on with their investigation.

The criminal police officers who directly persecuted me, Tang Yubao, Jiang Zhaohua, Li Fengshi, and Wang Jinghui, have still not been tried and have gotten off scot-free. Zhang Xiansheng, Deputy Director of the Shenyang City Judiciary Bureau, told my family in August 2004, "So far, we have not discovered any wrongdoings against Gao Rongrong by the Longshan Forced Labor Camp."

XII. Jiang's "Policy of Genocide" Was Directly Carried Out On Me

Jiang Zemin's policy of "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically," specifically established to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, was carried out on me.

To "defame their reputation," the Longshan Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang made a false report claiming that I tried to escape to avoid punishment and therefore hurt and crippled myself. The report also stated that my injuries were directly caused by myself in order to defame my reputation. They never mentioned that my face was disfigured from the electric shock torture.

My work unit always had a good impression of me after I began practicing Falun Gong. When my colleagues came to visit me at the hospital, they were not allowed to see me. They believed the lies that the police told them, and as a result, developed a misunderstanding of my family and me.

To "bankrupt them financially," my work unit only paid part of my salary for nearly two years, from May 1999 to April or May of 2001, simply because I practice Falun Gong. Since my arrest in June 2003 up until now, all of my salary has been withheld. However, I was ordered to pay for various costs following my arrest.

To "destroy them physically," I suffered slave labor, corporal punishment, beatings and disfigurement. When I was near death, the related government departments did not release me, but instead further persecuted me.

* * * * *

My bitter experience is only the tip of the iceberg of the experiences of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted. More facts of the persecution are still covered up and are not known to people. The tortures and killings occur every second in the evil forced labor camps, prisons, detention centers, brainwashing classes, and mental hospitals.

From the beginning of the persecution, Jiang's faction has never treated Falun Gong practitioners lawfully. On the contrary, Falun Gong practitioners are deprived of all their legitimate rights entrusted to them by the constitution and laws of China. They have lost their freedom of appeal, belief, speech, and human rights. More than one thousand people have been tortured to death, and countless others are imprisoned and tortured, leaving them mentally and physically devastated.

This atrocity has caused so much damage to Falun Gong practitioners and their families that it cannot be expressed with words. The persecution against "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" is the most brutal persecution to human beings' benevolent nature and has brought devastation to the world of law and justice. Every being with any conscience has the responsibility to speak out for justice and morality in the world.

I sincerely ask various organizations and people with a sense of justice to pay close attention to the persecution of Falun Gong in China, help stop the torture and killing, bring the criminals who persecute Falun Gong to justice, and return justice to the world.