(Clearwisdom.net) I got married in 2001. My wife was born in the 1980's. Right after we got married, she became exceptionally angry when she discovered that I believed in Falun Dafa. Because the national propaganda machines fabricated rumors day and night, the majority of Chinese people naturally thought of the slanderous lies fabricated against Falun Gong as soon as Falun Gong was mentioned, so I could understand her behavior at the time. But I maintained this belief: Through my actions, I would definitely demonstrate that those rumors were groundless.

In fact, Falun Dafa practitioners need not show off in their work and life. Everything is so natural to us, but our behavior is relatively different from the perspective of non-practitioners. Dafa practitioners are always good to others, work diligently, and are responsible to their families. Each tiny manifestation of Dafa in my life was slowly changing my wife's previous notions. Gradually, she started to be suspicious of the propaganda against Falun Gong. Once she said to me, "I never thought before that what's said on television could be lies. Only after knowing you do I understand their origin. Facts and propaganda are not necessarily the same thing."

I also remember when she and I visited another Dafa practitioner's home. On the road back, my wife told me, "I really envy you believers. How can you be so happy, so open and optimistic?" The practitioner we visited had had his personal property confiscated twice from his home and had 5,000 yuan extorted from him by the authorities. If it had been another person, perhaps he would have not eaten well or slept well as a result of these events befalling him. A true believer, on the other hand, denies this kind of demonic tribulation imposed by the evil forces, and his diamond-like will is not affected. In addition, whenever Falun Dafa is mentioned while we are chatting with other people, my wife always speaks positively about practitioners.

Several days ago, my wife gave birth to our baby. When I asked if she had been worried while giving birth, she said, "I cannot say clearly." I said, "Even if you had felt scared, you would not have been in danger because you have read the Falun Dafa books." She nodded and said that this was the truth. My wife has gone from being initially hostile to now completely recognizing Falun Dafa - a change that is completely contrary to those fabricated rumors.

Indeed, how can those people who do things against their own conscience not think that white is still white and black is still black? How can the force of power and money change a person's conscience?

March 7, 2005