(Clearwisdom.net) Under the guidance of our current homeroom teacher, everyone in the whole class has become a young Falun Dafa practitioner. We have benefited greatly mentally, physically and spiritually. We would like to share some of our stories of how we worked on the Fa teaching of "thinking of others first."

Young practitioner A: Thinking of others first

How should we go about raising our own xinxing and increasing our virtue? "To think of others first in everything" would be the best way. It meant that we let others enjoy benefits and convenience before it is our turn. It can also be put this way: think from the perspective of others under all circumstances.

The following is an example of "thinking of others first:"

Several times, both my younger brother and I wanted to read the same book at the same time. I used to overpower him and seize the book quickly from the shelf before my brother could reach it. But there was a voice in my head, "Let your younger brother read it first!" I ended up picking another book to read, and then we exchanged our reading experience and shared the joy of reading together.

If we always handled all situations by thinking of others first, then there would not be any issues of fighting. If everybody has a kind heart and thinks of others at all times, understands that letting it go and stepping back means "the seas and the skies are boundless," and follows the Fa principles of Falun Dafa to gauge his or her conduct, then I believe this society will be peaceful and prosperous. If people conduct themselves according to the Fa principles, then there will be no need for police! Why would we need police if everyone managed their affairs well?

Young practitioner B: Think of others in every situation

My 5th Grade teacher taught our whole class that we should adhere to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" • the law of the cosmos • in our conduct, achieving "thinking of others first before ourselves." In the beginning not everyone understood the true meaning of this requirement, so our homeroom teacher patiently explained to us that this means we must think of others first, be considerate of others, and be courteous to others.

I remember once that someone was trying to borrow the same book from the library at school as I was. I ended up not letting him get the book first. Later on I realized that I did not pass the test; I did not think of others first. I immediately returned the book and let him borrow it.

Today during lunchtime, the school cafeteria served the popular "pearl tea" and many students lined up to get it. I let others get in line first. Ah ha! I finally achieved "thinking of others first" and raised my xinxing. Wow, I felt truly fabulous.

Teacher Chen taught me to appreciate Dafa, study Dafa and raise my xinxing greatly. What I wrote earlier was all about raising xinxing and passing tests. There were so many incidents that helped me to purify my heart, increase my virtue, get rid of my karma, and gradually purify and cleanse my not-so-good mindset to an untarnished heart. I could not have accomplished all these things if they were not bestowed upon me by Falun Dafa and Teacher.

It is so rewarding to study the Fa, and I will do my best to let others read this great book, Zhuan Falun.

Young practitioner C: It was so wonderful when I considered others first

There would be no conflict if we all considered others first. In this society, people do not think of others first which results in conflicts and fighting. People never realize that letting others have the benefit will not bring about negative results. They treat fighting as joy, resulting in a world with conflict and war. If people can think of others first, then society will change for the better. Therefore, we should all think of others first. Only then will society change for the better.

Once when I was eating my snack, my cousin came and asked me if she could have some too. At that instant I remembered the Fa of "thinking of others first," so I gave her some. She took it and happily went away. I felt so rewarded and grateful. I never thought I could feel so wonderful just by truly thinking of others first.

When you argue and fight with others, you did not think of others first. When you take other people's possessions, then you give them virtue. When we think of others more, then we can raise our xinxing. After this incident, I realized that the Fa of "thinking of others first" can be truly wonderful.

Young practitioner D: Practice thinking of others first in our life

"Thinking of others first" is a prerequisite for a Dafa practitioner, and it is how we should conduct ourselves in dealing with others in this society. Regardless of where we are, we should always put the Fa of "thinking of others first" to practice in our lives.

Before I studied the Fa, oftentimes I would fight with my brothers for their personal belongings. Sometimes I would get them after the fight. But since I became a Dafa practitioner and learned the Fa of "thinking of others first," I finally understood how to work with others peacefully and happily.

Young practitioner E: Try our best to "think of others first"

"Think of others first" means that we first consider others before considering ourselves. Once my sister needed to use the computer but I did not let her use it; instead I insisted on using it first. I definitely did not "think of others first," nor did I "look within" because I was selfish and self-oriented. Instead, I was blaming others. Even though I did not accomplish "thinking of others first," I will persist in my Fa study. I believe I will be able to accomplish it.

February 15 2005