I know of a woman in her eighties who looks very healthy. She cooks for three or four others every day, washes the clothes, cleans house, and does the shopping. She walks briskly, and she is always smiling.

People ask why she is so happy. She tells them that after she started practicing Falun Dafa, she became healthy and no longer easily tires, as if she was much younger. However, the reputation of the practice has been trampled by Jiang Zemin's regime, and even worse, the regime has deceived many people with it's propaganda against Falun Dafa. If people do not wake up, they will suffer tremendously.

To save those who have been fooled by the lies, she took 1,000 yuan from her savings and donated the money for making "truth clarification" materials. Her husband is deceased, and she supports herself and four family members on a meager monthly pension of 200 yuan. You can imagine how long it takes her to save 1,000 yuan.

Fellow practitioners hesitated to accept her money, but she insisted. She said, "Had it not been for this great practice, I don't know how many more thousand yuan I would have needed to spend on medication, while still feeling miserable all the time. I feel great now. Many people say that I am becoming younger and younger. I have benefited so much. It is my wish that more people can benefit from Falun Dafa!

February 17, 2005