Lawsuit Statement


Yang Yanping, female, 41 years old, Han nationality, lives in Apt. 109, 18th Mine Building, Shibeixincun, Xihe District, retired, phone 86-418-3991365.


Pan Zhiyong, male, about 47 years old, Han nationality, Deputy Ward Leader of Ward No.5, Nanshan Prison, Jinzhou City, Police Registration number 86-418-2565111.

Liu Jiandong, male, about 31 years old, Han Nationality, Group Leader of Ward No.5, Nanshan Prison, Jinzhou City, Police Registration number 86-418-2165615.

Plaintiff's request:

Bring the two defendants to justice for their criminal act of torturing Mr. Cui Zhilin to death

Statement of Facts:

My husband, Cui Zhilin, was 43 years old when police arrested him for practicing Falun Dafa on September 18, 2002. He was sentenced to 11 years and jailed him in the Jinzhou Ctiy Nanshan Prison. My husband benefited from practicing Falun Dafa, which follows Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. He refused to succumb to the brainwashing in the prison. The defendants threatened to kill my husband. When I visited him in June 2004, Pan Zhiyong said to him, "Cui, you don't have to be bad. I will try my knife on you in a few days." On August 5, around 1 p.m., I received a phone call from the defendants, telling me my husband had died the previous day, after jumping off the building during an interrogation session. When my family and I went there, we found that my husband's body had been washed and soaked in a chemical solution prior to freezing. Judging from the wounds on my husband's body, my husband did not jump off a building and must have been tortured to death by these two defendants. Descriptions of the wounds on his body:

Head-On the back right side, 3 cm from the top, there was a round hole, 2-3 cm in diameter, and a dent that looked like it had been punched by a small hammer. Inside his mouth, there was a rotten spot on his gum, which looked like the result of a shock of an electric baton.

Arms-On both sides of his arms and hands there were black and purple striped marks, like those made by tightly tied rope. Inside the right elbow, a piece of skin 5 cm long, 1 cm wide and 3 cm deep had fallen fell off, and there were obvious electric baton shock marks on both of his arm pits, showing up as round, pale red marks.

Legs-The inner sides of both of his legs, including near his penis, had obvious electric baton shock marks. The outer sides of both of his legs had 10-15 cm long, 3 cm wide bruises from being beaten. On the back of his left calf and the front of both calves were more electric baton shock marks. On both sides of each ankle there were round teeth marks that looked like bottle caps had been pressed into them. Also, both feet seemed to have been soaked in water for a very long time, as they were white and winkled.

Chest-In the middle of his chest and under the ribs, there were clear electric baton shock marks.

Back-Below both shoulder blades there was a bruise on each side about 35 cm long and continued down to the lower back. These bruises were 5-10 cm wide.

The whole penis and testical area was swollen with bruises.

Seeing my husband's body like this, my family and I requested that we be allowed to take his body home for a proper burial, but the defendants absolutely refused. I begged to take some photos of my husband's body, which they also rudely refused. They would not allow us the pay our respects to my husband's body before it was cremated. I asked for the photo of his death scene, but the defendants said that no photo was taken at the scene. They said, "On the morning of August 4, 2004, at 10 a.m., two of us started interrogating him in the office on the second floor. At 4:20 p.m. Cui Zhilin went out the window and jumped off the building. We were both present and tried to grab him, but failed. He died on the spot."

I asked them take me to the scene of the incident. I saw bricks neatly placed on clean ground. If my husband had truly jumped from the second floor, which is only about six meters up, he should not have died and at the worst only broken his legs. These facts show that my husband was tortured to death by the two defendants and did not die from jumping off the building at all. The two defendants could not provide any evidence to support the idea of my husband jumping off the building.

I was so overcome with grief that I was numb and could not think properly. The defendant's employer sent Criminal Office Chair Zhang Qing to coerce me into signing my name to several papers. I signed my name while I was irrational with grief and not conscious of what I was doing. I greatly regret that I signed those papers.

Based on the above facts, I want to bring the two defendants to justice. They are police, but they violated the law by torturing my husband to death at will, then hiding their crimes and lying to me and my family members. They violated Criminal Law articles 248 and 234 and must pay for their crimes. They are able to avoid a legal judgment, because their employer is treating them with respect that they do not deserve. In order to bring honor to our constitution and punish these lawless police officers, I am speaking out for my husband based on Criminal Law article 84. I am filing this lawsuit against these two defendants with the Liaoning Provincial People's Procuratorate. Please, send people to investigate this case immediately and bring these two criminals to justice.

Plaintiff: Yang Yanping

January 17, 2005