Almost dead, Jilin City Falun Dafa practitioner Zheng Shiying was released to her family after being tortured for more than 10 months in Jilin Women's Prison. She died the very next day, on July 19, 2003, leaving her grieving family behind and without ever regaining consciousness.

Zheng Zhiying

Hao Shuang, daughter of Zheng Zhiying

Hao Shuang, Zheng Zhiying's surviving daughter, is 14 years old. She is now in the care of her father, Hao Xiaoguang, who is currently unemployed, and her grandmother.

Zheng Zhiying, mother of Hao Shuang, was an employee of the Jilin Chemical Container Stamping Factory. She suffered neck pain so severe that she could hardly raise her head. Even more serious was her kidney disease that had reached its late stage. Four years before she became a practitioner she could no longer take care of herself. It took only three months for her to regain her health completely after she started practicing Falun Gong. Even the doctors considered her case as a miracle. In order to clarify the truth to the government, Zheng Zhiying went to Beijing in October 1999 to appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong. She was arrested by the police and received 15 days detention.

On February 19, 2000, the Shanqian Police Station in the Longtan District of Jilin City arrested Zheng Zhiying again. On top of a 15-day detention, the police directly sentenced her to one year in a labor camp without any due process. The guards of the Second Brigade at the Changchun City Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp applied every imaginable torture to Zhiying, ordering inmates to beat her and deprive her of sleep. She was handcuffed, put in leg shackles, locked in solitary confinement in a small cage cell, shocked with electric batons four times a day--morning, noon, evening, and midnight-- and tied to the death bed continuously for 10 days at a time. After Zheng Zhiying went on a hunger strike to protest such inhuman treatment, the guards force-fed her. The multitude of tortures could not alter Zhiying's unshakable faith in Dafa. They stopped torturing her only after she vomited massive amounts of blood. The labor camp added another nine months of extra detention because she was not "reformed" by the end of her original term. Finally, Zheng Zhiying walked out of the labor camp with dignity. She wasted no time rejoining the Fa rectification effort.

In December 2001, the Yushugou Station police arrested Zheng Zhiying after they saw her posting truth clarification flyers. Zhiying escaped from detention and moved from place to place to avoid arrest. Then, on September 15, 2002, she was reported to the police while posting flyers in the Kouqian District of Yongji County, Jilin Province, by local resident Du Jinglu, who later received a 1,000 yuan reward from the police. The Chundeng Station police in the Kouqian District jailed her in the Yongji Public Security Bureau Detention Center. Later, the People's Court of Yongji County sentenced Zhiying to seven years in prison. The Jilin Intermediate People's Court overruled her appeal.

During her five months in the detention center Zhiying suffered countless tortures. She was transferred to Jilin Provincial Women's Prison in March 2003. The prison guard ordered six inmates - one of whom was Jin Shunhua - to torture Zheng Zhiying using all sorts of methods, until she was no longer clear-headed and could not eat like a normal person. Around June 2003 the guards went to her home and demanded money from her husband (ostensibly for medical treatment), but he had no money to give them. The guards then went to Zhiying's mother to ask for money. Her mother told them, "Let her go and we will figure out a way to get her medical treatment. Then we will send her back to the prison after she regains her health." The guards refused. When Zhiying's mother demanded to see her, the guards again refused. This went on for another month. Suddenly the prison called Zhiying's family 10 times in one day and demanded that they take Zhiying home. Her family, anxious to see her, immediately went to the prison. When they got there, they found Zhiying already in a coma and as thin as a skeleton. They sent Zhiying immediately to the Second Jilin Chemical Hospital for emergency treatment, but it was too late. On July 18, they took her home around 9 p.m. Zhiying died at 1 p.m. the next day, July 19, 2003, less than 17 hours after she was discharged from the hospital.

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