(Clearwisdom.net) Wangcun Forced Labor Camp is a horrific place where kind and reasonable people are brutally persecuted. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners, from 73-year-old Wang Junfang, to women in their sixties such as Li Guilian, Zhang Hua and Qu Meiling, to 18-year-old students such as Yang Miao and Gao Xuejiao, have been tortured physically and mentally and forced to work as slaves. On November 3, 2000, because of persisting in cultivation of Falun Dafa, I was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor and was transferred from Weicheng Detention Center in Weifang City to the No. 4 Branch of Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province (it is now called the No. 2 Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province). I witnessed how brutal and sinister those evil scoundrels in Wancun Forced Labor Camp are. It is just like Hell on Earth.

I was sent to the "Strictly Controlled" team in Division No. 1 (originally called the No.1 Women's Forced Labor Camp). There were three practitioners in the team and nine common criminal inmates. The practitioners were Li Guohua, Li Yumei and Li Jianhui. The nine common prisoners were transferred along with the practitioners and were assigned to supervise the practitioners. On November 1, 2000 Wangcun Forced Labor Camp became one of the designated sites to detain practitioners. That afternoon, several steadfast practitioners were transferred there from the No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province, and they became the main targets of persecution. The next morning when I woke up, I saw a miserable scene: practitioner Li Guohua had been handcuffed to a bed and had a half-meter long rubber tube inserted into her nose.

In the labor camp, we often heard a powerful voice that seemed to shake the vault of heaven: "Falun Dafa is great!" "Eternal justice to Falun Dafa," "Restore our master's innocent reputation," "We request to be released unconditionally." The sounds threatened the layers and layers of evil. This fellow practitioner was detained on the second floor. I didn't know her name or her age and I just heard she was from Jinan City. Whenever we heard her powerful voice, we could also hear voices shouting, "Guards are beating people. Guards are beating Dafa practitioners." We could hear chaotic footsteps from upstairs and crashing sounds from benches being kicked and the sounds of someone being dragged across the floor. This happened almost every day in the labor camp.

After so many days of persecution in that forced labor camp, there was one day I will never forget. It was in the middle of November 2000. Around 9 p.m., people from our division were being forced to watch TV programs that slandered Falun Dafa. At that time, there were sounds of people being beaten upstairs. The guards quickly turned the TV up much louder and tried to cover up the sounds. However, at that moment, all the TV signals on the three floors were interrupted and lost. Suddenly it became very quiet. During the silence, we heard the voices clearly from upstairs, "Guards are beating people, beating Dafa practitioners." All of the practitioners in our division stood up together. We called out from the bottom of our hearts, "Don't beat practitioners! Falun Dafa is great!" The guards in the No. 1 Division were in a panic. Led by the head of the division, Shi Cuihua, all the guards came and tried to stop our shouting: "Sit down, sit down quickly. No shouting. Close your mouths." Our minds were united through Dafa and we held tightly together. Those standing on the sides linked their arms together; those standing behind held onto the waist of the person in front. The police and guards tried very hard but could not separate us. Li Guohua started to recite the Fa: "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets;" (from Hong Yin) "Don't beat Dafa practitioners!" "Falun Dafa is great!" Our voices rose one after another; the sounds reverberated into the sky over the labor camp and threatened all the evil. The guards tried to forcefully cover our mouths and it was quite chaotic. At that time, Shi Cuihua brought in a group of male guards from upstairs and each of them carried a half-meter-long electric baton. While they surrounded us, the electric batons in their hands formed a circle around us. While ordering us to sit down, they raised the electric batons with the blue lights flashing on the end to shock our faces and necks. We were separated and forced to sit down. Shi Cuihua showed the true nature of her hypocrisy. She yelled, "Take Li Guohua, Li Yumei, Li Jianhui and Song Xianping away. The labor camp is a dictatorial organization with dictatorial tools. If you do not abide by the rules in the camp, do not acknowledge the designation of prisoner and refuse to work, we will take action against you." That night, the labor camp imposed a curfew. Many guards were on duty and assigned to different teams. The male guards were on alert and patrolled with electric batons and kept watch on us.

The persecution of Dafa practitioners that night enraged Heaven and Earth. The weather that night suddenly changed and fierce winds blew all night. I heard guards talking about the damage from the bad weather. The wooden door on the second floor was torn off and blown away, the antenna on the roof of the building was broken, and a huge barrel was blown away. The whistling winds blew so hard that the big metal gate on each floor made big rumbling sounds. It was even hard to close a window.

Fifty-one-year-old practitioner Li Guohua was an associate professor at the Shandong College of Art and Design. She suffered inhuman torture in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp and was injured both mentally and physically. One leg was still disabled from torture when she was finally released from the labor camp. During the intense persecution on that November evening, Li Guohua was taken away and handcuffed to a gate outside. She suffered from the freezing wind that blew through the night and into the afternoon of the next day. The following afternoon, the guards handcuffed Ms. Li's hands and feet and forced her to sit on a wooden chair. More than 10 electric batons were used to shock her at the same time. When the batteries wore out, the guards recharged them and continued to shock her. The vicious deputy head of the labor camp, Wang Jun, kept checking her heartbeat. If her heart was still beating, they would continue the torture. When Li Guohua was shocked into unconsciousness, the guards would pour cold water on her to wake her up. They yelled, "You faked your death. Want to fake your death to avoid shock? No way! We will continue to shock you nine more times. There are still three or four more to go. Hold on there." It was indeed evil to the extreme.

With her firm belief in Dafa, practitioner Li Guohua held on and didn't yield to the evil. She was sent to a solitary compartment after suffering the torture of the electric shocks. Several days later, a practitioner and I were called to pick her up from the solitary compartment. When we arrived there, we were so shocked that I couldn't help but cry. Li Guohua had been tortured on the "dead person's bed" with her four limbs stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. Both of her legs, from the toes to the knees, and both of her arms, from her palms to the elbows had been shocked severely with electric batons. Her flesh was burned, pulverized and festered, with the smell of pus and rotten flesh. She was incontinent and had lost control of her bowels and was unable to take care of herself. She was unable to walk at all. We had to carry her back to our cell. Even in such a situation, the evil still tried to make her write a guarantee statement. Li Guohua took the opportunity to instead write letters to validate Dafa.

At that time, some newly enrolled female guards witnessed the persecution of Li Guohua. Even they said, "This place is truly evil!"

February 14, 2005