My name is Fangyi. I am known among my schoolmates as Little Ke. In 2004, I returned to my hometown after graduating from college in Taipei and got back in touch with quite a few junior and senior high schoolmates who had not stayed in contact with me. In order to help more people know about the greatness of Falun Dafa, as well as the truth of the persecution, I sent truth-clarifying materials to these schoolmates via email. The following is a response from one of my schoolmates.

Little Ke,

I thought I knew you well after being your classmate for four years. I am quite aware of the impact Falun Gong has had on you. It has indeed elevated you to a higher realm. As your former classmate and roomate, I am proud of you for this. I am also fully aware that your dedication to Falun Gong is not for material gain. Your immersing yourself into it is entirely for letting the truth of persecution be known, as well as for genuinely cultivating your mind.

As you said, and as I have noticed, you are eager to explain the facts, and you worry about others misunderstanding whenever they ask about Falun Gong. I, therefore, will not bring up this subject myself, for I know too well the sharp contrast between Falun Gong and the Communist Government in China. If you bring it up, then I will not evade the subject. From the very beginning, I have supported Falun Gong. It is not because of my sympathy. Rather, I look at it from the perspective of humanity and human rights. What I am talking about are the perspectives of the non-practitioners. It is likely that these perspectives cannot touch Falun Gong students deeply, but you need to know that many non-practitioners support you. They may be silent, but there are principles and justice in their hearts.

Introducing Falun Gong to others is a good thing, but you need to relax. If you get too excited and intense, how could others easily accept it? So don't be too nervous when you are facing these topics. I understand your feelings about the persecution against Falun Gong students, and you may care about these students the same way as you care about your family members. Caring, however, is common among the public; you must first believe that other people are also caring, even though they have not strongly expressed it.

Maybe I have not made myself completely clear. I just want you to know that although I am not a practitioner, I am with you and you may take me as a silent supporter. As you know, the public tends to remain silent. So don't worry that others might not understand or even misunderstand Falun Gong. There might indeed be some people who would misunderstand Falun Gong, but isn't this also a test of how Falun Gong students can gracefully handle challenges?