(Clearwisdom.net)Two months ago a six-year-old child was suddenly diagnosed with kidney failure and late-period uremia, and he lay weak in his bed with both eyes shut. He was taken to several reputable hospitals only to find out that he needed dialysis and a kidney transplant. There was no possibility of improvement or cure. The doctor's diagnosis was like a lightning bolt from the blue, and it affected everyone in the family.

However, less than two months later this boy could play again as a healthy child.

What was the reason for this boy's disease and how did he recover? What connection does this situation have with Falun Gong and the persecution in China? To find out, a reporter interviewed the child's paternal aunt who was living overseas.

The Chinese Communist Party Persecuted Falun Gong and Damaged Us

The aunt began by saying that her younger brother (the boy's father) worked at the appeals office of a police department in Mainland China. After the CCP and Jiang started persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in 1999, the boy's father was transferred to the 610 Office. According to him, he did not abuse Falun Gong practitioners. However, he routinely intercepted Falun Gong practitioners' appeals and worked to "reform" Falun Gong practitioners.

The boy's uncle-in-law had suggested to the boy's father that he stop doing this kind of work. The in-law said that the CCP always manages to find scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility and paying for its atrocities. The boy's father was aware of that, but he did not want relinquish his job title.

The boy's aunt said that for five years the child grew very slowly, was very short, weak, and emaciated. He also vomited often, had stomach problems, poor nutrition, and anemia. Two months ago the boy did not want to eat at all, for no apparent reason. His complexion was pale and he had difficulty breathing. The boy was taken to many hospitals to be examined, and was finally diagnosed with kidney failure. (He was examined using both Eastern and Western medicine.) All of the doctors shook their heads upon reading his test results, and they concluded that the only options were dialysis and kidney transplantation. In other words, there could be no reversal of the damage.

The aunt continued, "Before this incident I read a Falun Gong book, Zhuan Falun, and thought it was pretty good. I saw the (CCP) propaganda claiming that Falun Gong does not allow sick people to take medication or to visit the hospital. In fact the Falun Gong book says that practitioners do not heal others, while the CCP slandered Dafa saying that anyone practicing Falun gong is not allowed to go see a doctor. I called my younger brother (the boy's father). He incessantly repeated what the CCP skillfully made up, and said, 'You can't stand on Falun Gong's side, they don't want family, they leave their children alone to go to appeal, and that Falun Gong was a [slanderous words from the CCP deleted].' I said, 'We must realize the facts, and not confuse what's right and what's wrong.' At that time I did not understand Falun Gong, but I said: 'I saw that what is written in the book is very good, and if people follow the book, it is definitely righteous, it is definitely not like what the (CCP) propaganda claims.'"

"I started to thoroughly understand Falun Gong after this child got sick. Suddenly this disaster shocked everyone in the family. This child is my parents' only grandson and my brother's only son. I consciously knew that a disaster was approaching. My brother would lose everything. During that time I was in a very bad mood. I frequently had fits of anger, and I almost collapsed. Every day I spent large amounts of time online to research and inquire about the kidney disease. I almost become a nephrotic expert. I realized that relying on dialysis and kidney transplants to address the disease would cost a fortune and burn up the entire family's resources. Moreover, the child's survival was not guaranteed."

"In this process my younger brother also realized that this happened because he worked for the '610 Office' and was involved in the persecution of innocent Falun Gong practitioners. Retribution for evildoing occurred because of this. He painfully exclaimed, 'Why did the retribution occur to my child? If there has to be retribution, let it occur to me!' He also deeply realized that 'The CCP persecuted Falun Gong and damaged those of us who participated in it.'"

Dafa's Great Mercy Gives Everyone an Opportunity

The child's aunt described with excitement, "One morning I suddenly felt a great force push me from behind. At the same time I was blinded by something very bright in front of me. This thought immediately came to my mind, 'The child will be saved, for there is Falun Gong!' I had previously seen many instances in the newspaper of people who were cured of diseases, such as leukemia, after learning Falun Gong. Since medical science had no cure for this disease, we could only hope that Falun Gong would."

At the same time, in China, the family was taking the child everywhere, visiting many hospitals and famous specialists. None of them could cure the disease. Finally they came to a city's blood disease hospital where it was confirmed that the boy had kidney failure. At that time the child, while bleeding profusely and retaining only 1/3 of the blood typically found in normal children, was taken to the local pediatric hospital.

As luck would have it, the family of the child's aunt's in-laws lived in the same city, so the child's family stayed at their house.

The child's aunt continued with the story, "During that time I called them everyday. When I thought of Falun Gong that day, I called them and said, 'This is as far as medical science can go, and it cannot provide a cure. Let's try Falun Gong.' The aunt's mother-in-law was very supportive and said that a neighbor was a practitioner who previously had several illnesses, but that she is now cured and often recommends Falun Gong to the mother-in-law. The aunt's mother-in-law immediately found the neighbor. According to my brother (the '610 Office' agent), the practitioner was a very nice, older woman who was very kind and who gave them plenty of materials such as books and tapes."

I know Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa

"My brother told me that when he met such a compassionate and friendly practitioner he suddenly spoke out, "I know Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa." From there the entire family knew that only Falun Gong could save this child.

"My brother's wife took the books to the hospital and read to the child when no one else was around. At first she thought the six-year-old child would not like to listen, as this was not a storybook. After reading for a while, she would stop because she thought the child was asleep. But the child would then immediately open his eyes and ask his mother to continue to read until he fell asleep. The child was very interested in listening and took it upon himself to listen very intently everyday. He quickly learned the five exercises and did them by himself every day without being told to, and his health improved dramatically. The amount of hemoglobin in his blood increased and the acidosis was neutralized (only one index was out of the normal range). Within approximately twelve days he left the hospital with no trace of the disease in his body. The family was not very assured and continued to look everywhere for medicines and physicians. However the child assured them, 'I'm fine and there is no illness. There sometimes is an uneasy feeling, but it is only Master eliminating my karma.' He even said he has seen Master's Law body and Falun."

Dafa Benefits the Entire Family

The aunt said, "Due to the change in the child's condition, the entire family has become Dafa practitioners, and everyone's xinxing has definitely improved. After reading the book I realized that I had been very unfair to my mother-in-law, and I took it upon myself to call her and apologize. She replied that she would improve herself as well. My atheist mother has also changed as well. The entire family now practices and reads the books."

"The person who has benefited the most was my brother. Since he knows the dangers of communication by phone he did not say much. However he did say that, 'Inside myself there has been a huge and profound change.' He went from opposing and persecuting Falun Gong to now beginning to study the Fa and do the exercises. Moreover, he has found an opportunity and quit his job at the '610 Office.' He said with emotion, 'I did not save my child, my child saved me.'"