(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004 I was arrested and detained at Wuchang City's 610 Office. Now, I am going to expose the 610 Office's brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners.

1. Wuchang City's 610 Office's key officials

The head of the "610 Office," Zhu Xianfu, is hypocritical and quite vicious behind a pleasant facade.

Fu Yanchun, the head of the brainwashing center, is a cruel person. He verbally and physically abuses, threatens and beats Dafa practitioners. It does not matter whether they are young or old, male or female.

Mo Zhenshan and Jing Ji (female) are Fu Yanchun's helpers and are heavily involved in arresting practitioners, searching their homes and persecuting practitioners.

2. Several methods employed to detain more practitioners

Making up a fake list of practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong; arresting them at their workplaces or at their homes.

Conspiring with personnel at a practitioner's workplace to arrange for their arrest.

Deceiving practitioners' relatives to get their help in capturing the practitioners.

Having one who had gone astray from cultivation due to torture and brainwashing to trick the practitioner into meeting them for practice and cultivation in order to frame the Dafa practitioner.

Transferring practitioners who just finished serving their terms and had been released from a labor camp or a detention center to a brainwashing center "to get re-educated" before allowing them to return home.

3. Forcing practitioners to give up their belief

Practitioners captured by personnel from the Wuchang "610 Office" were ordered to sign the so-called Three Statements. If they refused, Fu Yanchun commenced gross physical abuse, such as slapping them on their faces, kicking and punching them, cuffing their hands, forcing them to squat for extended time periods, or otherwise beating them with rubber tubes. He then forced them to submit their fingerprints on the statements. If they continued to refuse to give up their belief, the 610 officials would not let them sleep for a whole night and repeat the above-mentioned physical abuse. Some practitioners were beaten so badly that they were covered with bruises; some walked awkwardly; some could not get out of bed; some ended up in the hospital. Even when they did not have a complete recovery, the 610 Office still labeled them as not "reformed" and sent them back to face continued torture.

4. Mental Torment

Many practitioners signed the Three Statements because they could no longer tolerate the long term physical abuse; however, the even more cruel mental abuse had just began. The "reformed" practitioners were separated from the others and monitored by the "610" personnel. They were forced to watch a video in the morning and read books in the afternoon. The video and the books contained fabrications, lies and slander against Dafa. After they watched and read, they would have to critique what they had "learned," write down their thoughts and periodically report to the "610" officials. For those who were unwilling to be reformed, this was a much more agonizing experience than the physical abuse, but they had to express the complete opposite of what they really believed in order to convince the officials that they were truly "reformed." Otherwise, they would be accused of being stubborn or unyielding, and not reformed. If that were the case, they would be put into anther cycle of brainwashing with additional mental torment.

5. Getting rich from the persecution

Wuchang's 610 Office personnel used various methods to detain more practitioners to reach their goal of extorting money. The officials' average monthly salary is about 1,000 Yuan, however, they would receive a monetary reward if they could make a practitioner give up his/her belief, and they took advantage of it. If a practitioner is sent the 610 Office for brainwashing, his workplace has to pay 2,000 Yuan per month for the practitioner's stay there. In order to obtain the highest profit, they would keep the practitioners there for a longer time so that they could extort more money. For those practitioners who were arrested from home, if the relatives could pay the "dues" of 3,000 or 4000 Yuan, then the practitioner would be released. For those who refused to give up their belief, the officials demanded more money for their release or simply detained them for a longer time. They also held the practitioners who were just released from a labor camp or a detention center at the office before they let them rejoin their families, so they could collect an additional "education fee."

Since the formation of Wuchang's 610 Office, more than one hundred practitioners have been illegally arrested. The amount of money collected is as high as several hundred thousand Yuan. The 610 Office head Zhu Xianfu was rehired and remained in the same position, even after his retirement. Fu Yanchun's relatives were quoted as saying, "Fu used to be very poor, but became rich after joining the '610 Office.' Thanks to his work there, he has managed to afford an apartment and a personal car."

I was released by the "610 Office" several months ago, but I continue to experience persecution. I had bad dreams for many days after I was released. I often heard Fu Yanchun's roaring voice as well as the voices of practitioners' suffering, but I also heard the loud and clear sound, "Falun Dafa is great!"

Wuchuang's 610 Office phone number: 86-451-53528153

Wuchang City 610 Office
3rd floor, Zhongzi Company, Wuchang City,
Heilongjiang Province, China 150200