(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Hu Yongfeng, 69, was a Hunan Cili County resident and a retired staff member from Xiangtan University. He started Falun Gong practice in 1996. In June 2000, he traveled to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. He was illegally arrested and charged with "disruption of social order," and was confined at the local Jing Tangwan Detention Center for 15 days. After his release, the school department's 610 Office personnel placed him under house arrest. He was forced to undergo several brainwashing sessions conducted by the university.

Sometime around December 26, 2000, Hu Yongfeng was abducted by the Xiangtan University Security Police while he was walking along the street. He was taken to the newly opened Changsha re-education center, where he was confined and forced to undergo re-education through hard labor. He was stripped of his party membership, and his retirement pension was suspended without any just cause.

A year later in 2002, after his release from the labor camp, the 610 Office officials at the school continually harassed and intimidated Mr. Hu, this time extending the harassment to include his wife, who is also a Falun Gong practitioner.

In late November 2004, Hu Yongfeng traveled to Changsha to visit his daughter. Within weeks of his visit, the family started receiving harassing phone calls from the 610 Office officials. The intimidation and harassment occurred several times per day, and severely disrupted and interfered with the family's life. Under this intimidation and pressure, the couple felt there was no choice but to hurriedly leave Changsha and return to Xiangtan University on December 13, 2004, to inquire as to why the 610 Office was doing this. Hu Yongfeng died suddenly on the second day of their return at around noon.

Other Dafa disciples from Xiangtan University who were also persecuted include:

Service Sector Accountant Lu Xiqiong, retired teacher Qin Sanfung from the high school affiliated with the Xiangtan University, retired Professor Zhou Chuanhui, and Tang Zhaomei. In September 2001, the school security officer and the municipal public security bureau police plotted to use the case of Professor Tang Zhaomei as an opportune case to "render meritorious service to win a promotion." Since they could not find anything improper to build the case with, they arranged an agent to plant some false evidence inside Professor Tang's home. Within minutes, the police broke into Professor Tang's house and arrested him. He was abducted and illegally imprisoned for one month at the Triangle Ground lock-up center.

Professor Zhou Chuanhui was forcibly abducted twice from his residence and detained at the detention center. The police broke into his home three times, illegally conducted searches, and confiscated his personal property, including over 10,000 yuan in cash. He was illegally stripped of his salary for nearly 18 months.

Related telephone numbers:
Xiangtan University zip code is: 411105
610 Office leaders Fan Liangjia: 86-732-8293598 (Home), 86-732-8292417 (Office), 86-13973227837 (Cell)
School 610 Office deputy leader Liang Yibing: 86-732-8292393 (Home), 86-732-8292417 (Office)
School security department head Li Xinguo: 86-732-8292353 (Home), 86-732-8292119 (Office);

Former school security office department chief Xiao Jiguang (Currently transferred to Xiangtan University graduate studies department): 86-732-2371159 (Home)