(Clearwisdom.net) In January 2005, Falun Gong practitioner Pan Xingfu from Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province, a former official in Shuangyashan Bureau of Postal and Telecommunications, died due to the long-term persecution he endured for practicing Falun Gong. He was only 31.

Difficult Childhood

Pan Xingfu was born in Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province on February 25, 1974. He had two elder brothers and an elder sister. He was the youngest and smartest in the family.

His father died when he was very young, so the burden of making a living fell on his mother's shoulders. In order to make money to send the children to school, his mother learned how to cut hair. They didn't have cooking oil, so his mother made oil from soybeans herself. Since they could not afford coal, she went to the coal factory to pick up the scraps of coal that fell from the unloading truck, and her ankle was broken by falling rock. His mother supported the whole family in spite of such a difficult situation.

Making great achievements in school

Little Xingfu was very smart and diligent, and his grades were always excellent. In 1990, he was admitted into the youth class in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His major was electromagnetic field and microwave technology. (Note: The youth class is a special class for advanced students who are not old enough to attend college, but are ready for college-level courses. It is considered a great honor in China) He was only 17 at that time.

Disasters come one by one

After Pan Xingfu went to the university, rheumatoid arthritis gradually took over his mother's body. In his second year of college, his sister, who was not 20 yet, died from chlorine poisoning at her workplace. Their mother was so grieved that she fell severely ill and became bedridden.

Obtaining the Fa due to the predestined relationship and striving forward diligently

In 1993, when Pan Xingfu was a third year student at the university, he went to Master Li Hongzhi's lectures in Wuhan. He instantly recognized the goodness of Falun Dafa and the profound principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." After he obtained the Fa, Pan Xingfu brought audiotapes of Master Li's lectures to his mother, and after that, the whole family's fate was changed by Falun Dafa. His mother tried to do the exercises, but she could not raise her hands. She kept trying, and then a miracle happened. First, she could raise her hands above her head freely, then she was able to get up, and finally she became as healthy as a normal person again. His mother was illiterate, but the principles of Falun Dafa shed light into her heart. Since then she was healed of all her sickness and was able to live like before. She was not depressed any more and became more optimistic. She never had an education, but quickly learned how to read Zhuan Falun and cultivated very diligently. Her fast recovery revealed Falun Dafa's amazing healing power and many people in her family also started practicing Falun Gong.

Pan Xingfu graduated in July 1994 when he was only 20. He went back to Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang, and worked in the Department of Networking in the Bureau of Postal and Tele Communications. He always conducted himself according to Dafa's teachings. He was responsible and an expert in his field. He was praised by his supervisors and colleagues alike. In 1995, he was awarded "advanced worker," and in 1997, he was awarded "model worker of building our city with science and technology" and he was the only one in the system of postal and telecommunications who had this honor.

In 1998, he was awarded "Trans-century Talent in Postal and Telecommunications System in Heilongjiang Province." (There were only 50 people who had this honor in the whole province, and he was the only one from Shuangyashan City) Later the Bureau of Postal and Telecommunications was split into three companies (Mobile-communications, Telecommunications and Postal communications) and he stayed in the telecommunications company. On December 12, 1999, he was awarded the title of telecommunications engineer. In 2000, he became the director of the Exchange Center of the Telecommunications Bureau and the vice director of the Bureau of Postal and Telecommunications in Youyi County. Among his peers, he was one of the best.

He married his colleague, Zhang Li, on June 10, 1996. Zhang Li, also a Falun Gong practitioner, graduated from Postal-Telecommunications College in Liaoning Province. She was also an excellent worker and was even sent overseas for a period of time for further training. The whole family was happy. His mother knew that it was Dafa that healed her; it was Dafa that made her son so diligent in work, and it was also Dafa that sustained Pan Xingfu and Zhang Li's happy marriage. They were grateful for Dafa's saving grace and cultivated themselves solidly. The whole family experienced the joy of cultivation.

The storm begins

Jiang Zemin's regime started suppressing Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. In July 19, 2000, the political security section of the police department in Shuangyashan City received an encoded telegraph from the Provincial Department of Public Security. Then, the policemen unlawfully jailed Pan Xingfu in the police department for one month for visiting the Minghui website on the Internet (Minghui is the Chinese version of Clearwisdom). He was the director of the Exchange Center of the Telecommunications Bureau and the vice director of the Bureau of Post and Communications in Youyi County at that time. In order to persecute Falun Gong, some authorities fabricated charges, saying that Pan Xingfu "damaged public order." The director of the political security section of the police department Jiang and policeman Ge unlawfully seized his cell phone (valued at 4,000 yuan at the time), his pager and 600 yuan in cash.

Pan Xingfu's family could not keep silent while so many practitioners were jailed and tortured, even tortured to death. In order to clarify the truth to the government, on December 28, 2000, Pan Xingfu and his family went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. On Tiananmen Square, policemen beat him severely and his glasses were knocked off. His fingernails turned black from the beating. Even a 5-year-old child (also a Falun Gong practitioner) was beaten by the policemen. Pan Xingfu was jailed in the Tiananmen Square Branch of the police department, Shahe Labor Camp and the police department in Changhe County. In order to get him to reveal his name and address, more than a dozen policemen tortured him in turns. His hands were painfully tied behind his back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. Policemen then applied a great deal of force to repeatedly pull the cuffs to hurt him. The handcuffs dug into his flesh around his wrists, and it needed two people to unlock or lock the cuffs.

After he was forced to tell his name, he was jailed the in the basement of Shuangyashan City Government Liaison Office in Beijing (next to the Zuogezhuang market). In the daytime, he and his wife and their 10-month-old baby and all other Dafa practitioners, whether they were old, young, man, or woman, were jailed in a less-than-10-square-meter room with no windows. They were forced to pay 45 yuan for a luggage storage fee and 45 yuan for the room and food. After being jailed in the room for 7-8 days without sunlight or milk to drink, his baby's lips became infected. The baby cried every day until he totally lost his voice. The baby's digestive system was adversely affected and was still in disarray when they returned home.

On the way back to Shuangyashan, Pan Xingfu sent forth righteous thoughts on the train, so he was able to escape and he became homeless to avoid further persecution. After his mother arrived home safely, she was taken away by policeman Wang Xuchun from Wohongqiao Police Station. She was released 4 months later. After appealing on behalf of Falun Gong in Beijing, Pan Xingfu's wife was taken to Wohongqiao Police Station with her baby. She was finally released on bail. Her workplace refused to pay her salary or give her work, and they tried to force her to sign the so-called Guarantee Statement several times. In order to continue to practice Dafa, she left home with her baby to avoid further harassment. In the middle of 2001, she was fired by the telecommunications company. On May 4, 2001, she was unlawfully detained by the section head (whose surname is Han) of the political security section of the police department in Baoqing County and policeman Qiang Gang. She was detained for 4 months before she was released.

The difficult yet great journey of validating Dafa

Pan Xingfu was forced into homelessness. On one winter night, he was walking in the darkness wearing a coat. He saw that the lights in a little house were on, so he knocked on the door and told the host about his situation. The owner of this house happened to be a Dafa practitioner who had owned a gravel business close by. Due to the persecution, he lost the business. The host Pan Xingfu was talking to was the owner's relative. This relative introduced him to practitioners in Acheng City. Since then, Pan Xingfu started his journey of validating Dafa in Acheng City, with two practitioners, Zhang Tao and Xue Dianlong (Both of them have since died as a result of the persecution).

Later, he went back to Shuangyashan City. Since the local policemen were likely to come to arrest him, he could only stay home for a few days. At that time, his wife Zhang Li was strictly watched by her side of the family. Pan Xingfu wanted to see his wife before he left, but it was very hard to inform her. Fortunately, his wife was able to go back to their house. When she opened the door, she was very surprised and overjoyed to see her husband right there in the room. After that, Pan Xingfu spent only a few days at home. He spent most of his time validating Dafa and sharing experiences with other practitioners. He brought confidence to every practitioner in Shuangyashan City. Because of his efforts, Shuangyashan, a small remote city, also had truth-clarifying materials and VCDs.

In May 2001, Pan Xingfu and another practitioner, Ji Songshan, wanted to go to Fuli Town. (Ji Songshan was later killed by the Shuangyashan "610 Office" on June 18, 2003). Shuangyashan patrol officers were inspecting all the vehicles on the road and Pan Xingfu's taxi was stopped. Policemen Xu Hongkai and Shang Ancheng found Dafa books in the taxi, so they jailed Pan Xingfu and Ji Songshan in the Shuangyashan Detention Center, and confiscated a laptop computer and a pager. The city police department tried to bring charges against him, but Pan Xingfu resisted the persecution with righteous thoughts. When he was jailed in the detention center, the telecommunications company sent someone to visit him, saying that they hoped he would be released, and they promised him a good job with a high salary upon his release, but the price he needed to pay was to renounce Falun Gong. Between self-interest and Dafa, Pan Xingfu chose Dafa, and refused the offer.

On January 28 2002, Jianshan District People's Court in Shuangyashan City decided to bring Pan Xingfu to trial. Several hundred practitioners went to the courthouse. Everyone was waiting in silence for the opening of the court session. Thirty minutes later, Pan Xingfu was brought to the room, but suddenly the judge announced that the trial was cancelled. When asked for the reason, he said that the there was not enough evidence. Practitioners asked him to release Pan Xingfu, but were violently pushed out of the courtroom. The unlawful trial was hastily wrapped up.

On March 6, 2002, Pan Xingfu's elder brother (not a practitioner) was informed by the court that the court would put Pan Xingfu on trial on March 7 at 8:30 a.m. He was also told that Pan Xingfu "violated the law by interfering with the enforcement of the Constitution." A court official named Zhang told him that only two family members would be allowed to attend the trial.

At 8 a.m. on March 7, 2002, Jianshan District People's Court again unlawfully put Pan Xingfu on trial. There were many policemen blocking the gate of the court and the walkway. They stopped Pan Xingfu's family and many practitioners from entering the court. They did not even allow pedestrians to stay on the roadside nearby. All the seats in the court were pre-assigned, and all the people who were allowed into the court had a pre-assigned ticket. Since most of Pan Xingfu's family members did not have a ticket, only his elder brother and his mother got in the court room. It was wintertime, but his wife and their 3-year-old child were blocked from entering and were forced to wait outside.

The judgment was not announced at the hearing. Instead, the judge told everyone that the result of trial would be announced 7 days later.

On March 14, 2002, the written judgment was issued. Pan Xingfu was unlawfully sentenced to 5 years in prison.

For Pan Xingfu's family, 2002 is a year they would never forget.

On March 14, 2002, Pan Xingfu was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

On April 15, 2002, Pan Xingfu's wife, Zhang Li, was arrested at home.

At the end of March 2002, Pan Xingfu's second elder brother was sent to Suihua Labor Camp.

In December 2002, Xingfu's second elder brother' wife was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor, and was tortured in Jiamusi Labor Camp

Four people in one family were jailed. All that were left at home were Pan Xingfu's mother, 3-year-old child and his second elder brother's 8-year-old child.

In April 2002, Jiang Zemin's accomplice Luo Gan went to Heilongjiang and gave an order to the local police to arrest 6000 Falun Gong practitioners. Subsequently, Shuangyashan City Police Department started rampantly persecuting practitioners. Within one month, over 100 practitioners were arrested in Shuangyashan City.

On the morning of May 2, 2002, Pan Xingfu's mother had just gotten up and was on her way to the bathroom outside of the house. As soon as she opened the door, the chief of Wohongqiao Police Station and 3 other policemen (one of them surnamed Lu) broke into their house. They did not allow Pan Xingfu's mother to go out to use the bathroom. She argued with them, but it was no use. With no other choice, she found a urine container and relieved herself while the male policemen turned the other away. Then, they searched her house. They confiscated Master's picture and tapes of Master's lectures. Pan Xingfu's mother tried to get them back. Her 3-year-old grandson woke up during the arguing. The child had seen how his parents were violently taken away, so he cried, with one hand holding onto his grandmother, and the other hand holding the policemen, begging them, "Please don't take my grandma away!" When Pan Xingfu's mother refused to be arrested or to get into the police car, the four policemen carried her into the car. In the police station, without following the proper procedure, the policemen filled out the ticket of detention by themselves and sent her to the detention center.

In the detention center, to protest the unlawful detention, Pan Xingfu's mother refused to take any food or water for 15 days. The director of the detention center, Bai Shuwen, with the assistance of other policemen and criminals, violently force-fed her in the hallway. Prison doctor Xu Enjiang pried her mouth open with a sharp tool, and poured corn gruel with a lot of salt added into her mouth. The violent force-feeding injured her mouth and made it bleed. After that, they locked her in an iron chair. Later, when Bai Shuwen saw that her shirt was soaked with the blood from her mouth, he was afraid that others would discover their persecution of Dafa practitioners, so he slapped a criminal who was in charge of watching her and yelled, "Wipe it clean!" Finally, based on the righteous and solid belief in Master and Dafa and her righteous thoughts, the elderly woman walked out the detention center with dignity after 15 days on hunger strike. Her grandson was traumatized by this episode, however, and is in constant fear of the police taking her away again.

In January 2003, Pan Xingfu's wife Zhang Li was illegally sentenced to a nine-year prison term. In April, she was sent to Harbin Women's Prison. After that, his mother began to take care of her grandson and granddaughter. The elderly grandmother not only had to care of her grandchildren, but also delivered winter clothes to four grown ups in jail.

Once, Pan Xingfu's mother went to visit him. It was a remote place, devoid of people. Pan Xingfu was forced to feed pigs. After the visit it was late in the evening. Pan Xingfu's mother could not find any place to stay. Finally, she had to stay in a deserted house for the night.

Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province is a notorious place, where practitioners are brutally persecuted. In 2002, Pan Xingfu's second oldest brother Pan Xingkun was detained there. The authorities built a four-story building, equipped with surveillance systems and a courtyard garden. The new facility was built specifically for intensifying the persecution against Falun Gong practitioner, forcing them to reform. The special team established in Suihua Labor Camp for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners used tactics that they learned from those in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to brainwash the practitioners. They put to use a variety of torturous means such as imposing long sessions of forced brainwashing and depriving practitioners of sleep. These hardships made some practitioners lose their mental clarity and give in to the brainwashing. For the more determined practitioners, police used physical punishment. For instance, police forced some practitioners to sit on a bench and face the wall for long periods of time.

As a means of deception, the police repeatedly fed practitioners with lies, and they also trained former practitioners who had turned against Dafa to continuously persecute the practitioners. They used many different methods to torture practitioners, including physical and verbal abuse, arbitrary detention beyond their terms, solitary confinement, forced viewing of Dafa-slandering videos, electric baton shocks and forced sitting on a steel chair for extended periods of time. For those who refused to compromise, several criminal inmates were dispatched to monitor them around the clock, forbidding anyone to recite Dafa books and practice the exercises.

After the CCP's 16th National Congress, the Suihua Labor Camp authorities intensified their persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. The police carried out forced brainwashing that harmed the practitioners both physically and mentally.

On September 18, 2002, Pan Xingkun was confined in a small cell and forced to sit on a Tiger Bench, a punishment for resisting the persecution. Police team leader Hao Liangui and deputy leader Fan Xiaodong ordered Zeng Lingjun to violently beat Pan Xingkun. Right after that, the labor camp head Ji Feng told the police to turn up a tape player to the maximum volume to keep Pan Xingkun from sleeping. They provided only one bun for each meal. Pan Xingkun was kept in the small cell for three days and nights. Shortly after that, the police forced all the practitioners to watch TV programs that slandered Dafa and told lies. After Pan Xingkun refused, policemen Fan Xiaodong, Jia Yupeng and Jin Qingfu came to beat him again.

At the end of 2002, because the labor camp's so-called "reform rate" did not reach the quota, the police decided to torture the practitioners again. Before they started, they sent several determined practitioners to the hospital to check their hearts. If their hearts were healthy, the police would torture them. Pan Xingkun was tortured repeatedly during this time. At the end of 2002, when he once refused to sing a song as ordered by the police, five policemen took turns beating and verbally abusing him until he fainted. Later, he was beaten so badly that he lost control of his bladder and bowels. Even then, the police still stripped him of all his clothes and underwear and used four electric batons to shock him for as long as four hours. His body was covered with blisters that remained for many days. Policeman Fan Xiaodong kept shocking him on one leg for a long time. The flesh was burned so badly that everyone saw smoke. The scar is still clearly visible today.

The following policemen participated in torturing Pan Xingkun: Yang Bo, Zeng Lingjun, Fan Xiaodong, Li Jian, Jin Qingfu, and Gao Chonghai. After the torture, Pan Xingkun developed an irregular heartbeat. In March 2003, police tortured him again to punish his defiance, and his mouth was swollen so badly that he could not eat for days.

Pan Xingfu was detained at four different places. First, he was sent to Shuangyashan Detention Center, then Qitaihe Forced Labor Camp, then Suihua Forced Labor Camp and finally to Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp. He was compelled to do many odd jobs: feeding pigs, making dough, cleaning floors, etc. One day in June 2003, three years after his detention, Pan Xinfu fainted when walking in a hallway. A doctor diagnosed him as having anemia (lack of sufficient red blood cells). Over time his condition worsened. At 3:00 p.m. on June 18, 2003, political instructor Zheng Yuhe in prison ward 16 sent him to the Police Hospital in Mudanjiang City. He was admitted as a TB in-patient. His diagnosis was TB type pleurisy and lung tissue damage.

Since the hospital belongs to the police, Xingfu was sent to a prisoner ward. There are two doors - one at the entrance to the hallway, the other for the ward. The guards kept the ward under tight control. When Pan Xingfu's eldest brother was there to care for him, the police routinely body searched him and checked his cell phone. His brother slept in a bed next to Pan Xingfu. He had to get permission every time he walked in and out of the ward.

Cost in the hospital was high; water alone cost 100 "Yuan" a month. Pan Xingfu's family had to pay for a specialist's doctor visit from another province. Pan was very weak. He could not even use the toilet alone, and his legs suffered from infections of the nerve endings. Pan Xingfu felt a sharp pain whenever the leg was touched. He was put on intravenous drip 24 hours a day. His doctor was Dou Xiangzhi, an internal medicine specialist in Mudanjiang City No. 3 Hospital. The total hospital bill came to 5,198 yuan.

On July 8, 2004, Mudanjiang Prison authorities sent Pan Xingfu to the Shuangyashan City Hospital for infectious diseases to dodge responsibility. His mother finally saw him after a long separation. Pan Xingfu was tortured so badly that his mother could barely recognize him. He could not walk and needed help when sitting up or laying down. He was emaciated and weighed only around 40 kg. Even his 64-year-old mother could easily carry him. Every time he went for an examination, his mother and oldest brother had to carry him from the third floor to the ground floor. The doctors had to draw out liquid from his chest once every five days, and they did this eight times in total. Every time the yellowish liquid from his chest would fill up a gourd ladle. He couldn't even talk without fighting for breath and had high fever and sweating. He had to sit on the bed for a bowel movement. His urine was a reddish color. On July 20, 2004, a frail Pan Xingfu was allowed to go home. His condition did not get better at home, however. He had to lean against the wall when walking and remained extremely thin and frail.

At the end of January 2005, Pan Xingfu's condition suddenly deteriorated. He was losing even more weight and had abdominal swelling. Pan Xingfu died on January 31, 2005 at 11:00 p.m. On February 2, more than one hundred friends and family members held a memorial service for him. Pan Xingfu's mother and the rest of the family were overcome with grief.

Even on such a sad day, the police in the 610 Office did not stop harassing the practitioners. Policeman Du Zhanyi hid in a police car to monitor the memorial. Many undercover officers from Jianshan Police Station were also there. The police from the 610 Office took photos even at the door where the urn was picked up.

We heard later that four practitioners from Lingdong Mine were arrested that day.

February 8, 2005