(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Dongmei is 47 years old, has a college degree, and is an associate Professor in the Gansu Provincial Committee Party School. She was once injured while on the job, and as a consequence she became riddled with illnesses. In early 1999, Professor Li started practicing Falun Gong and benefited from it both physically and mentally. Because she persevered in her belief, in the past several years, she has been abducted, detained, and sent to brainwashing classes and a mental hospital for persecution by Fan Peng (home phone: 86-931-7765116 office: 86-931-7760851), vice president of the Provincial Committee Party School Wang Zhixue (home phone: 86-931-7768398, office: 86-931-7765229), director of the 610 Office Lin Shiwen, deputy director of the 610 Office Han Ming, Chen Zhigang and others from the Political Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau in Anning District, Lanzhou City. She is now being detained in a forced labor camp.

In early March 2001, the 610 Office of the Party School and 4-5 people from the Political Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau in Anning District, Lanzhou City, tricked Ms. Li Dongmei into going to the public security bureau. Because she refused to give up her belief, the police illegally detained her for 15 days on a false charge of "interfering with law enforcement." Prior to this, in the year 2000, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yao Baorong from Lanfei Factory in Anning District, Lanzhou City died there as a result of persecution. After 15 days, the police still did not release her. Later, because of her physical problems, the public security bureau was afraid of taking responsibility and released her. The Party School also deducted 3000 yuan out of Professor Li's pay without authorization and claimed it was used for holding the brainwashing classes by the public security bureau. Since then, the 610 Office of the Party School has prevented Professor Li from receiving her service pay, bonuses and benefits.

At the end of 2001, the first brainwashing class in Lanzhou City was held. Fan Peng, Wang Zhixue, public security officers, more than a dozen policemen, and security guards forcibly abducted Professor Li from her workplace to the Longjiawan brainwashing class. Handling Ms. Li roughly, the thugs injured her hand. During the brainwashing class, Fan Peng and several section chiefs came every other day to try to force her to give up her belief, but they did not succeed. Two months later, the work unit had spent 12,000 yuan and used several groups of people to try to wear her down, but it was all in vain. Later, because Professor Li's child was critically ill, she was released. The Party School also planned to send people to her home to monitor her, but Professor Li refused them sternly.

In November 2002, Ms. Li Dongmei was arrested by plain-clothes police for posting truth-clarifying materials. She was once again sent to the brainwashing class. Her home was ransacked by the Political Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office.

Because Ms. Li Dongmei remained steadfast, 19 days later she was sent to the No.1 Mental Hospital of Gansu Province, located in Tianshui City, by Wang Zhixue, director of the 610 Office, and Chen Zhigang from the Political Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau. The mental hospital is a place of filth and sheer horror. Professor Li suffered there for 100 days. Because no one paid for her expenses, the hospital notified her family members to take her out. Her husband paid the expenses and brought her home. After she came home, people from the Political Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau in Anning District and the Party School's 610 Office still went after her. In April 2003, she was illegally sentenced to 18 months of forced labor, but Ms. Li Dongmei refused to sign her name. Because her husband could not bear the harassment from the police, he divorced Ms. Li. The court ruled that the son would be raised by his mother. Because of this arrangement, she could not be sent to forced labor, so the sentence was carried out at her home.

On January 5, 2005, under the instigation of Fan Peng, Wang Zhixue, and Lin Shiwen, policeman Yang Yanwen (phone: 86-13399315860) from Shilidian Police Station, Zhang Zhenmin (phone: 86-931-3312279) from the Joint Defense Battalion, and two other people arrested Ms. Li Dongmei, who was on her way to pick up her child. They sent her to another brainwashing class, and later to the Female Forced Labor Camp in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City. On January 6, several people from the Anning District Political Security Brigade pried open the door and ransacked Ms. Li's home.