(Clearwisdom.net) The following exposes some of the atrocities against Dafa practitioners in the No. 8 Ward of Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison from the year 2002 to 2004.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Xiulan, 69 years old, has been imprisoned in the women's prison since July 18, 2002. Wang Xiulan was first put in the concentration training team, where several guards and prisoners stripped her naked, and made her squat 5 times for inspection and humiliation. She was imprisoned in the No.1 Team of the No.8 Ward. On September 3, 2002, the No.8 Ward authorities tried to force practitioners to be "reformed" by making them write the Four Statements (similar to the Three Statements). Since Wang refused to write the statements, the guards first slapped her on the face and then forced her to squat on the cement floor outside the workshop door for 24 hours. Later the guards tricked her into putting her fingerprint on the Four Statements, which they had written. The prison also implemented what they refer to as "five people implication," which stipulates that four criminal inmates should monitor each practitioner.

In August 2003, the No.8 Ward held a brainwashing class. They put all the practitioners who they thought would not easily be "reformed" into small cells Other practitioners were locked in rooms where they were beaten by the prisoners. Even when they were outside these rooms, they were beaten by prisoners. The guards used electric batons and other torture instruments to beat practitioners. One of Wang Xiulan's fingers broke and bled profusely and her mouth was swollen due to a vicious beating. At night, guards would tie up all the practitioners with their hands tied behind the back, and not release them until the next morning. When practitioners used the toilet, a prisoner would strip practitioners' pants and not allow the practitioners to wipe themselves afterwards. The practitioners suffered the discomfort of being dirty for as long as 7 days at a time.

Ms. Li Yushu, a practitioner from Amuer in Daxinganling, was put into a small cell around October 2003. The small cells only have one small bed made from a board. Her hands were always in handcuffs, and she was forced to suffer for over 40 days in the cell.

Ms. Wang Jianping, a practitioner from Jiagedaqi, had both her hands stretched out and locked to the window for refusing to do running drills. Practitioner Xie Xiuying's leg was swollen and severely bruised after the torturous running drills.

Ms. Zhang Shuzhen, a practitioner from Daqing, is about 50 years old. Because she refused to have her clothes imprinted with the word "prisoner," the guard instigated the prisoners to beat her, causing severe injuries to her legs and her joints between the legs and hips. She was unable to walk for two months.

Dafa practitioners Ms. Zhang Shuqin from Yichun (about 50 years old), Du Yuling, Ren Shuxian, Piao Yushu, and Wang Hongjie were all hung up in the cell for over 20 days.

The practitioners in the No.8 Ward witnessed how the practitioners from the No.3 Division were forced into the yard and were made to endure tortures in the freezing cold for 5-6 days. They requested the prison to end this torture of these practitioners. After their request was denied, they went on hunger strike for up to 18 days to protest. Because practitioner Liu Yuping shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," a piece of heavy steel board was locked onto her feet shackles to increase her suffering. The board even damaged the cement floor when she walked.

Practitioner Ms. Qu Jie, 60 years old, was from Hegang. In the first half of 2004, the guards did not allow her to meet with her daughter when she came to visit. Then in July, they confiscated her and her cellmates' shopping cards, not allowing them to buy food and other daily consumables. Qu Jie, who suffered high blood pressure and could not bear the torture, died in the bathroom in July 2004.

Vicious personnel:

Xiao Rujian: first instigated prisoners to beat practitioners, and later called for prisoners from each team to beat up practitioners during daily running drills.