(Clearwisdom.net) In the history of ancient civilizations, Maya civilization seemed to come out of nowhere. The culture went through resplendence and then disappeared mysteriously. The Maya achieved advanced knowledge of astronomy, a perfect calendar system, complex mathematics and abstract thought.The accuracy and perfection of their calendar is amazing and astonishing.

The Mayan prophesies were built upon their calendar system, very similar to how the ancient Chinese used Zhou Yi [prehistoric Chinese diagrams, disclosing the changes in the course of nature]. The Mayan system was based mainly on studying the relationship between the movement of celestial bodies and changes in human society.

Dr. Jose Arguelles, an American historian, has spent his whole life studying the Maya civilization. In his book, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, he has detailed an exposition of the Mayan calendar.

According to the Tzolkin, Maya Cholqij Calendar, the solar system is going through a great cycle of more than 5,100 years, from 3113 B.C. to 2012 A.D.In this great cycle, the moving solar system and the earth are passing by a galactic pulsation ray coming from the core of the galaxy. The diameter of the cross section of this ray is equal to 5,125 earth years, which means it would take the earth 5,125 years to completely pass by the ray.

The Maya believed that the solar system would experience a revolutionary change after the great cycle affected by the galactic ray, referred to as Galactic Synchronization. According to Mayan prophecy, there are 13 stages in this great cycle, with detailed records of the evolution of each stage.

Adopting complicated methodology, from different angles, Dr. Arguelles explained the implications of this astronomical phenomenon. In The Mayan Factor, he utilized graphics and tables to illustrate the evolution of each stage, and divided each stage into 20 periods. There are around 20 years within each period.

According to the Mayan calendar, 1992 is the first year of the last period of the last stage, the 13th stage, the last one of the great cycle.In the Mayan calendar, this last 20-year period is called Earth Purification Period. In this period, the earth will be purified completely, including human hearts (this prophecy is very similar to Northern American Indian prophesies). The bad will be weeded out; the good will be kept. After the Purification, the earth will step out of the galactic rays and reach "Galactic Synchronization." According to the Mayan calendar, on December 31, 2012, this cycle of human civilization will end. After that, human beings will go into a whole new civilization that is unrelated to the current civilization. On the day of the winter solstice, the sun will conjunct with the cross point of the galaxy's Ecliptic and the Equator, creating a "sky portal" in the "dark rift" of the Milky Way, which looks like opening a "door to the heavens" for earth (refer also to Song Dynasty prophecy, Plum Blossom Poem: "the grand door to the heavens has opened").

In 755, there was a prophecy from a Mayan monk: after 1991, there would be two big events: the awakening of human beings' universal consciousness, and the purification and regeneration of the earth.

The mysterious Mayan prophesies have shown the inevitable law of the galaxy's movements, regular and unchanging as the four seasons.

Purification means to weed out the corrupt and keep the healthy. Nowadays, the natural environment has been deeply polluted and damaged and is in very dangerous circumstances. With the worsened morality of today's mankind, the spiritual distortion, the spiritual pollution, everybody is playing a role in this degeneration. People are helpless, indifferent and numb about all these problems.

What could purify this society? Reliance on more regulations, on scientific breakthroughs or religions? Regulations can restrain the behavior that can be seen, but they cannot do anything to influence people's hearts. Human beings make the laws. People who break the law can get away with it using their status, public relations and money.The law can control the exterior but cannot cure the root of a problem. Reliance on science? It is science that makes people pursue material enjoyment and stimulation and move further away from basic morality. In fact, material enjoyment is exchanged for the spoilage and destruction of nature. When people realize the importance of the natural environment and try to use science to remedy the problems they have created, they cause even worse problems ("breaking the wall in the east to repair the wall in the west").Rely on religion? People have had religious beliefs for thousands of years. But it didn't prevent human morality from going down. How can we expect religion to bring morality back up? There are even religious people who are now politicians.

The only way to bring back human morality is to awaken the people. Only when people's spirits and hearts are purified, will these social problems disappear.In 1992, Master Li started to teach Falun Dafa. In just a few years, millions of people's hearts and bodies have been purified and human morality is rising.

In July of 1999, Jiang Zemin started the irrational persecution of Falun Gong due to his jealousy.This was accurately predicted by Nostradamus, the Frenchman, four hundred years ago in his book of prophecy, Centuries. Since then, Falun Gong has been pushed to the world stage, no longer a cultivation method that just belongs to local people. The force of purifying and regenerating the earth must have the power of spreading "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" and eradicating evil. This global influence will make everybody aware of Falun Gong and give everybody in the world a chance to think clearly and make their own judgment.It might be providence that the Mayan calendar didn't get buried in history. It might be providence that the Mayan calendar has been explored and is understood by people today.The existence of the Mayan calendar should give people another revelation.

What we Falun Dafa practitioners want people to know is this: on matters of principles, don't just echo the views of others. Please be responsible for your own life and future. Being indifferent to evil is a kind of acceptance. Protecting kindness and righteousness is to stop the evil. Making the choice between good and evil is an issue everyone must face. We Falun Dafa practitioners spend our own money, and risk our lives in the face of the persecution to expose the evil's lies and clarify the truth to people. The reason we do this is to help people distinguish good from evil, make the right decisions and therefore have a wonderful future.

Jiang abused his power, and slandered and brought about hatred against Falun Gong. We practitioners in China are using our rights granted by the Chinese Constitution to clarify the truth peacefully, and save people who are being cheated by the evil. What is wrong in this?

We hope that those who have been influenced by the propaganda of Jiang's faction can see through evil's lies and tricks, get rid of the hatred that the evil has pressed upon them, change their old mentality, and come to know the truth of the universe. We sincerely wish for everyone to have a bright future.