(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, when Dafa disciples lost their peaceful environment for cultivation, the Clearwisdom website has become a crucial location for Dafa disciples to communicate and share cultivation experiences. The website plays a key role in helping practitioners to improve themselves, to encourage each other, and to promote the process of Fa-rectification. But many practitioners neglect one thing: deliberately sending forth righteous thoughts as they read articles on the Clearwisdom website. When we read that Dafa disciples are brutally persecuted or that the evil has caused damage to Dafa and persecuted disciples in a certain area, we should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions, disintegrate the dark minions and rotten demons behind it, and eliminate the final disruptions in other dimensions. When we read about overseas disciples' righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we should remember that we are one body, we should send out our gong to join with all other Dafa disciples' gong and display the incomparable power of the Fa, disintegrate all evil and have compassion for all beings and save them. When we read about other Dafa disciples' difficulties with big tribulations, we should send forth righteous thoughts to strengthen them so they can keep up with the progress of Master's Fa-rectification as soon as possible. When we read about Dafa disciples who haven't stepped forward or who have developed a crooked understanding, we should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil that controls and hinders them, in order to evoke their aware side.

When we read the Clearwisdom website, we should be in the Fa and show consideration for other Dafa disciples. If Dafa disciples around the world can read the Clearwisdom website with righteous thoughts and everyone can send forth righteous thoughts as they read it, imagine the effect this strong righteous field would have on the evil demons and dark minions in other dimensions. Could the evil still be as rampant? I suggest to all Dafa disciples that, when we are reading articles on the Clearwisdom website, our righteous thoughts should follow. No matter what we are reading, our righteous thoughts should be sent there. Let's use the light of our righteous thoughts to thoroughly eliminate the evil!