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February 02, 2005

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Veteran media analyst: Biased ap Report "Very Disturbing"

Congress Members write Chinese Ambassador

27 New Deaths in china surface... in One week

Daily Herald (Chicago): Mom, son reunite despite persecution

Posted 2/2/2005

She missed eight years of her son's life and three years of her grandson's firsts - first words, first laughs, first steps.

He missed his father's funeral and he missed his mother. Very much.

Epoch Times: Charles Lee's Fiancée, Congressmen, "Friends" Call for His Release (Photo)

The Epoch Times

Feb 02, 2005

Margery Farrar of California Congressman Tom Lantos' office reads a letter at a rally calling for U.S. citizen Dr. Charles Lee's release from detention in China. The rally, in San Francisco's Union Square, was sponsored by "Friends of Charles Lee."

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