(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Wang Quan of Yushu Village of Changtu County in Liaoning Province was snatched away again by Laocheng Police on November 29, 2004, for promoting Falun Gong. The Laocheng and Qijiazi Police ransacked Mr. Wang's house and took away his Dafa books. Consequently, Mr. Wang Quan is now illegally confined at Changtu County Detention Center.

Wang Quan is about 30 years old. In mid-October 1999, he was unlawfully sent to serve 18 months at a forced labor camp. He had been reported to local police authorities for his peaceful appeal to Beijing on behalf of Falun Gong. He was then detained beyond the due date by Tieling Forced Labor Camp. With the help of righteous thoughts, however, he escaped twice, but Mr. Wang was tracked down and sent back to the camp. He was then brutally and relentlessly tortured. Both his hands and legs were cuffed continuously for more than one year. When the detention was extended by more than 3 years, the severe abuse crippled him physically and tormented him mentally. Mr. Wang was almost paralyzed as a result and he became incontinent. Finally, in July or August of 2004, his father was able to take the dying Mr. Wang home. With the help of Falun Gong practice, his health was just recovering when the authorities came for him again.

The past 5 years of persecution and crippling torture inflicted on Wang Quan have caused extreme agony and hardship--mentally, economically, and in their daily life to his family. His wife became seriously ill with mental problems after being constantly harassed and frightened. She has not been able to take care of herself. In 1999 when Mr. Wang was detained, his baby was only 4 months old and had to be fed by the grandmother, with financial support coming from fellow practitioners. Upon his being arrested again, the grandmother asked the police with great sorrow and indignation, "What crime did Wang Quan commit? Why are you arresting him?" To make the situation worse, the police station, the detention center, and the national security brigade have all been trying to extort money from the already debt-ridden Wang family.

We are calling on Dafa practitioners and everyone with a sense of justice to help Wang Quan regain his freedom as soon as possible.

Note: please dial country code + area code + phone number (except cell phone). For cell phone, please dial country code + cell phone number. Country code: 86, area code: 410.

Units and Personnel involved in the persecution:

Changtu County Politics & Law Commissioners Office: 5822627, 5824823
Secretary General of Politics & Law Commissioners, Li Yanjun: 5826670 (Home)
Changtu County Detention Center: 5823063, 5823851
Public Security Bureau Political Protection Department: 5822043
Public Security Bureau Chief Office: 5824213
Laocheng County Police Station Head Office: 5270492, 5270260
Qijiazi County Police Station Head Office: 5802110
Laocheng County Police Station Head, Zhao Xinzhong: 5821010 (Home)
Former Public Security Bureau Chief, Yao Shuangquan: 5823589 (Home)
County Commissioners Deputy Secretary General, Zhao Ruyan: 5822705 (Home)
National Security Brigade Chief, Liu Jianxin: 5825979 (Home)
Deputy Secretary General of Politics & Law Commissioners, Zhao Xiwei: 5825333
Criminal Police Team Leader, Zhao Tienan: 5827888(Home)
Qijiazi Police Station Head, Wu Guoxiang : 13898224818 (Cell)