(Clearwisdom.net) About a month ago, I moved to a small town by myself. How should I now clarify the truth? I thought about putting up posters and doing the exercises in the town center everyday.

When I went to the ideal practice site for the first time, the weather suddenly changed for the worse after I got there. There were low, dark clouds with howling winds, blowing rain, and hail falling all around me. I was certain that it was evil interference. I steadily sent forth righteous thoughts while walking onto the bridge. I hung the posters up and started playing the exercise music while sending forth righteous thoughts. Pedestrians passing by paid no attention to me, and I could feel the darkness surrounding me. The posters were being blown about by the wind, flapping up and down. I was a little discouraged and felt alone. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I turned up the volume on the player a notch and then I heard Teacher's voice. My heart felt a tug, "Who says I am alone? Teacher is with me. All the righteous gods in the cosmos are with me. All the people in front of me are waiting to be saved. Let's do the exercises!"

The site that I chose was on top of a bridge in the downtown area. It is the town's major artery, and a lot of people pass by. Most of them walk at a relatively slow pace. A wide river flows under the bridge, with hills on both sides of the town. The top of the bridge is very windy. I did not wear enough warm clothes the first time, and my whole body was freezing while I was doing the "Holding the Law Wheel on top of the head" part of the second exercise. I clenched my teeth and said to myself, "Steady. Steady. As long as I am alert, I will be able to get through this." I finished the entire exercise.

As more evil elements were purged by my righteous thoughts, more and more people stopped to read the posters and to ask me questions. I had paid close attention to my outward appearance and had carefully considered my demeanor. I had dressed neatly and well. I had decided that, whenever someone passed by, I would greet the person but keep a relaxed distance. I would be very straightforward with my message, with an open and honest attitude, while keeping my voice gentle and my greetings cordial and polite. Because I felt genuinely happy knowing that they could be saved when they had a chance to read the flyers, I would be cheerful and smile whenever I handed out a pamphlet.

Many strangers decide whether or not to accept flyers based on their first impression of the person handing them out. They can determine that you are trustworthy because they can sense your pure heart, kindness and sincerity. The goodness of a practitioner, through cultivation, will manifest itself. A simple smile or a single look can also reveal truthfulness and compassion, not to mention the power of the compassionate, powerful energy field of righteousness generated by Dafa practitioners.

Sometimes a second pedestrian passed by while I was telling the facts to the first. I did not want to leave anyone out who passed in front of me. With a single glance from me, they would often change direction and walk up to ask me for a flyer. Sometimes, if I walked towards someone, that person would turn around and come to me, asking for a flyer as soon as they saw me. Such situations occurred many times. These righteous and profound interactions are almost impossible to describe, yet they appeared as ordinary events. It is vital to study the Fa with a tranquil mind, steadily and firmly purging each and every attachment, and to carry out our work of validating the Fa and distributing truth clarification flyers. All three tasks are closely linked and must be done together. We should avoid mixing in human notions with our efforts to validate the Fa. The conditions won't be right if we end up with less time to study the Fa or if we send forth righteous thoughts without a clear mind.

The most difficult and trying tests were telling the facts face to face to people with different mentalities and obstacles in their minds. Once a man took a flyer from me but turned back after he had walked away some distance. He asked me point blank, "If you claim that you are not a religion and you are not politically motivated, then why are you persecuted?" Politely but firmly I said to him in return, "There are Falun Gong practitioners in more than 60 countries. Why are they persecuted only in China? This shows that it was not Falun Gong's fault. Rather, the fault resides with those who persecute us. They have the military, the police, the money, the propaganda, and the diplomats. They abducted tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners, murdered more than one thousand of them, and then lied to the whole world. We do not have any of these things, but we have the truth!" After hearing this he spoke up without reservation, "I understand now. Tell me, how I can help you?"

I seize every opportunity when distributing flyers to look within and adjust my attitude quickly. Everyday my activities are arranged tightly. There hasn't been any serious interference to my efforts recently. Steadily, I am following the right path, and it is getting wider and wider.

I truly hope that all Dafa practitioners outside of China could treat their daily exercise as a way to clarify the facts, promote Dafa, and help more people be saved.

"...not omitting a single area where there are people." ("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People")