US West Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held in San Francisco, Master Li Gives a Lecture (Photo)

February 27, 2005 | By Wang Ying and Huang Kaili

( On February 26, 2005, the US West Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was grandly held at the Paramount Center in San Francisco, with about 2000 practitioners from around the world in attendance. At 1:35 p.m., our benevolent great Master came to the conference hall and received warm applause. Master Li gave a lecture for about 35 minutes, and then answered questions for about two hours.

In his lecture, Master Li stressed many issues mentioned in previous lectures, including that the cultivation way of Dafa practitioners is different from all other methods in history. The persecution has not ended and we need to move forward along the path. We need to cultivate righteously and in a dignified way. We should not be moved by a favorable turn due to the current situation, or the appearance of a new situation. In the validation of Dafa, everyone should be more clear-headed. Dafa practitioners cannot reach Consummation while their thoughts are still in accordance with that evil Party.

After the 35-minute lecture, Master Li considered that practitioners would have questions in cultivation and wished to have them answered, and therefore stayed for two more hours and answered all of the questions that were turned in.

After the lecture, a dozen young practitioners from pre-school to high school age presented fresh flowers on the stage. Master Li accepted the flowers and had a group photo taken with the young practitioners.

Before leaving, Master Li walked to the microphone and said to all practitioners on site, "I will wait for your good news."

At the conference, a total of 11 practitioners gave speeches and shared their cultivation experiences in how to keep up with Fa-rectification and rectify oneself in validating Dafa. A lawyer practitioner shared her experience in participating in the lawsuit against Jiang. A practitioner clarifying the truth in Manhattan summarized recent cultivation experiences and narrated people's changes. A practitioner steadfastly validating Dafa in China during recent years talked about his cultivation experiences, about how to recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party and how he cleared the Party culture from himself after reading the "Nine Commentaries." A practitioner of two years talked about how he began his path of cultivation and the changes in his life after cultivation. Another practitioner shared experiences on getting rid of attachments in the validation of Dafa.

A practitioner from Northern California has practiced Falun Gong for two years. Dafa has brought tremendous changes to his life. In his sharing, he said that he could not express his appreciation to Master Li and Dafa with human language, not only because of the improvements in his health, getting out of depression, and improvements in his relations with family members, but that Dafa could save a man like him. Dafa has changed him. Dafa can save anyone.

Another practitioner shared her experience in personal cultivation and cultivation during Fa-rectification and in clearing away contamination from the evil communist spirit. She said, "Believing in Master and studying the Fa, there is no barrier in cultivation that we cannot pass."

A practitioner who clarified the truth in Manhattan narrated the experiences of her group in maintaining an anti-torture exhibition in both the hot summer and cold winter. Many local people were moved by the practitioners' peacefulness and persistence. They came out of tall buildings to learn the truth and sign their names on signature collection forms to call for an end to the persecution. She mentioned that when facing interference during truth-clarification, we need to study the Fa, exchange opinions and look inward to find our shortcoming. Practitioners clarifying the truth also need to cultivate themselves well.

Participants of this conference also included some practitioners' family members and friends. Along with the progress of the Fa-rectification and truth-clarification of practitioners, in addition to supporting Dafa, more and more people wish to learn about Dafa and how to practice.

A staff member at the Paramount Center said that she felt a strong energy field in the conference hall. She said, "There must be a great enlightened being here. My legs were hurting but now I don't feel pain. I am fortunate to be here today."

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