Stories from China: A Tangshan City Resident's Impressions after Reading Zhuan Falun


The impression of a Tangshan City resident after he read Zhuan Falun

I am a resident of Tangshan City. I am extremely fortunate to have had an opportunity to read Mr. Li Hongzhi's book "Zhuan Falun." I have a very good feeling about it. My thoughts tell me that the content of this book has nothing to do with politics, nor does it say anything that would harm society, as the Communist Party would have us believe. On the contrary, if you are able to read this book, you will understand that it will benefit society even more. There is not anything in the book that forces anyone to do anything. What the book asks is for people to improve their xinxing, follow the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, be good people and continue to improve themselves.

Learning the Truth about Falun Gong Brings Blessings to Relatives

( In early 2003, family members who practiced Falun Gong shared the benefits they have obtained and the truth about the persecution. The relatives had learned the truth about Falun Gong, and one by one, some started to practice it when they contacted practitioners.

Practitioners from Many Countries Gather in San Francisco and Hold Large-Scale Truth-Clarification Activities (Photos)

February 26, 2005

( To expose the Chinese Communist regime's lies and crimes in the brutal persecution of Falun Gong, and to call for an end to the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners from around the world gathered in San Francisco on February 25, 2005 and held anti-torture exhibitions and poster displays at Civic Center Plaza, Union Square, Justin Herman Plaza, Portsmouth Square and Washington Square. In the evening, the practitioners held a candlelight vigil at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. A Falun Dafa cultivation experience sharing conference was held on February 26, and on February 27, there will be a grand parade with the theme "The Journey of Falun Dafa."

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