(Clearwisdom.net) According to the latest statistics, the death toll of the South Asia tsunami is approximately two hundred eighty thousand people. After it had completed its treacherous course, many stories were shared by survivors that relate to the power of divine intervention.

In Sri Lanka, over thirty thousand lost their lives in the tsunami. One of those who escaped death was Ken. He explained that he was trapped underwater by a floor slab. When the surge came up against his body repeatedly and he was beginning to suffocate from lack of oxygen, he begged God to save him. Ken said God answered his prayers. Suddenly the floor slab broke so that he could float to the surface.

A hotel owner in Sri Lanka had a similar experience. Although all things within several kilometers were destroyed, his hotel was only damaged very slightly. He said this was due to the good deeds that he had done in the past ten years.

Wherever the turbulent tsunami went, hotels, rooms and buildings were immediately turned into ruins. Everything was scattered in chaos, except one sight. A Buddha statue stood fast in the rolling mountains, without the slightest damage (see Picture 1).

Photo 1: In front of a temple in Sri Lanka, a Buddha statue seemed to be not even slightly damaged enduring the tsunami.

A small fishing village at Lally Beach, Phuket, South Thailand had a population of about two thousand people. Usually in August, the village would hold a ceremony of respect for the divinities to beg the sea god to bless and protect the safety of the villagers. When the tsunami came, the whole village survived the disaster without injury.

At Phuket Island in Thailand, a complete wooden statue stood in a ruined diving store. The miserable look of the store and the good condition of the statue provided a sharp contrast (Picture 2).

Photo 2: A wooden Buddha statue stands unscathed in front of a destroyed diving store at Phuket Island in Thailand.

In facing any big disaster, human beings are helpless against the forces of the universe. In the changing and colossal universe, human beings are so small and cannot understand the reasons. Ever since ancient times, China's culture has practiced the tradition of cultivation. To understand life, transcending beyond birth, aging, illness and death, is a realm that can only be reached through cultivation.