(Clearwisdom.net) Song Shuqin, the former head of the 610 Office in the City of Zhaoyuan, is a person who overrode the law of the Chinese Constitution and is responsible for the murder of a Falun Gong practitioner. In January 2005, this person was nominated as one of the twenty candidates for the "Ten Outstanding Women of the City of Zhaoyuan" for the 2005 session, an activity hosted by the Women's Union in the city of Zhaoyuan.

Song Shuqin used to be an official in the town of Linglong. She has a reputation for being cunning and vicious. Since July 20, 1999, when Jiang Zemin's regime started persecuting Falun Gong, she saw an opportunity and actively involved herself in persecuting Falun Gong and the practitioners. In the spring of 2001, she was appointed the head of the "610 Office" in the city of Zhaoyuan. She was blinded by greed and viciously tortured Falun Gong practitioners. She was soon touted on television and in newspapers as a role model. She bought her high-ranking official position with practitioners' blood. In 2002, the Communist Party of the city of Zhaoyuan appointed her as the deputy director of the 610 Office. Later, she received numerous awards by different levels of the government. In 2004 she was praised at the national 610 Office convention.

Then what are her "outstanding accomplishments?" Because there are so many, I can only list a few of the crimes she has committed.

"Outstanding" Thug

In the summer of 2001, practitioners Ms. Li and Ms. Liu were abducted to the brainwashing center in the town of Xinzhuang, and they refused to give up their belief in Falun Dafa. Song Shuqin oversaw and participated in torturing them. She ordered about 8 guards to beat the practitioners with sticks. They beat the practitioners from head to toe. When the guards were worn out, she took off her high heel and used it to beat Ms. Li until her face was completely distorted, her ears were bleeding, and her mouth could not open. Afterwards, Ms. Li could not eat anything for a long time, so Song Shuqin ordered the guards to force-feed her by violently inserting a nasal feeding tube. Every time they did so, they would injure her nasal passages and cause bleeding. Ms. Li was unyielding no matter what kind of torture she had to endure. Song Shuqin forced her to stand facing a wall for six days with no rest. Any time she closed her eyes, she was beaten. Even so, she still refused to give in. Song Shuqin took off her shoe and beat her face again. Her face was covered with blood, and Song had others bring water to her and forced her to swallow her own blood and vomit. Then Song ordered others to handcuff her and tie her to a tiger bench for ten more days.

When Ms. Zhang, from the town of Zhangxing, was abducted to the brainwashing center, Song Shuqin had guards beat her non-stop for an hour and forty minutes. Ms. Zhang was almost 60-years-old and was beaten so badly that her skin was torn open in gaping wounds, she lost her eyesight and her hearing, and she passed out on the floor. Afterwards, she could not eat anything for over 50 days, and could only take in liquids. Song Shuqin still refused to release her and illegally detained her for over 110 days. She has still not recovered her eyesight.

To try and force practitioner Xia from the town of Qishan to renounce her beliefs, Song Shuqin forbade her from sleeping for 8 days. Guards beat her every day and during that time she lost her eyesight and the ability to take care of herself. Practitioner Li refused to be "transformed," so Song Shuqin forced her to stand facing a wall for four days. During that time, her feet swelled up so much that it was impossible for her to wear shoes. For over five months Li was given only one or two meals a day.

Practitioner Yang refused to be "transformed," so Song ordered eight guards to beat her. Due to the beating, Ms. Yang lost a tooth, her face was severely swollen and bloody, and she passed out and soiled her pants. From March 2001 to September 2004, Song Shuqin was in charge of the brainwashing center. During that period of time, more than two hundred practitioners suffered similar tortures. For years Song abducted practitioners, from 70-year-old grandmothers to middle school teenagers to even under two-year-old babies.

"Outstanding" Extortionist

Song Shuqin took full advantage of Jiang Zemin's order to financially bankrupt Falun Gong practitioners. Every time there were newly abducted practitioners, Song Shuqin would extort as much money as possible from them.

In the spring of 2001, practitioner Cao had 1000 yuan extorted from her after a brainwashing session. In August 2002, she was illegally detained for over 40 days, beaten unconscious several times, and had 2050 yuan extorted from her. In 2001, practitioner Li was detained for 15 days and fined 1000 yuan; in July 2002, Li was abducted again, detained for 38 days, and fined 2500 yuan. Practitioner Wang was detained in February and April of 2002 for two months and fined 4500 yuan. In April 2003, practitioner Liu from the town of Canzhuang was given a shot of an unknown drug in the detention center and abducted to the brainwashing center. Because she had a newly born baby, her family urgently needed her back. Song Shuqin took advantage of this fact and extorted 8000 yuan from them.

Practitioner Fan from the town of Zhangxing was fined many times, for a total of 6000 yuan. A 69-year-old woman from Zhangxing was detained for two months and had 5000 yuan extorted from her. All the practitioners who had been detained in the forced labor camp were abducted to the brainwashing center directly after they finished their term. At the center, they were forced to undergo brainwashing and had money extorted from them again. After staying a few days in the brainwashing center, they had to pay at least 1000 yuan. After practitioner Li finished her term in the forced labor camp, she was abducted to the brainwashing center and Song Shuqin required her husband to pay 2000 yuan. As a farmer, the husband did not have much income and he had already been in debt during the years his wife was detained, yet he had to support two children. Due to the stress and because he was unable to pay the money, he almost committed suicide.

In January 2005, practitioner Li had 1500 yuan extorted from her after she finished her term in the forced labor camp. She had 10,000 yuan extorted from her before she was sent to the forced labor camp. What is listed here are only a few examples. Song Shuqin did not let anyone who was abducted to the brainwashing center avoid having money extorted from them. According to official data, over 1000 practitioners were detained in the brainwashing center. She extorted from more than 1000 to over 10,000 yuan from each detained practitioner. There is no standard on how much money they demand. This is but one example of how the persecutors force practitioners and their families to become bankrupt. They never give any receipt for the fines; they use the money to wine and dine and bribe high-ranking officials, give themselves bonuses, or directly pocket the money for themselves.

"Outstanding" Cruelty

In August 2002, a young lady refused to watch videos that slandered Falun Gong. Song Shuqin ordered guards to beat her until she was injured and bleeding (she still has a scar on her shoulder). Still, the practitioner refused to cooperate. Song Shuqin became furious and ordered her subordinates to inject her with nerve-damaging drugs. The practitioner became mentally disoriented and was in unbearable pain. She was detained for 42 days and had 2500 yuan extorted from her. In September 2002, practitioner Shao was abducted to the brainwashing center by policemen. They tortured her repeatedly, but she refused to give up her belief. Song Shuqin injected her with nerve-damaging drugs and tied her to the iron chair for over seven hours. Although the practitioner could not move and suffered unbearable pain, she did not give in. Then Song Shuqin threw her into a small cell and ordered guards to take turns torturing her. They did not let her sleep or even close her eyes for 12 days; neither did they let her use the bathroom. They detained her for 105 days and extorted 2000 yuan from her.

In January 2003, the authorities abducted a practitioner and tortured him in order to force him to "transform." The practitioner held a hunger strike. Song Shuqin ordered that he be force-fed and injected him with toxic drugs. After the injection the practitioner's whole body became yellowish with brown blotches and his life was in great danger. To avoid being held responsible for his death, they released him. In 2004, they abducted this practitioner again. Because he still refused to "transform," Song Shuqin sent him to the city of Yantai.

"Outstanding" Murderer

In March 2001, 56-year-old practitioner Sui Songjiao from the town of Jingling was abducted to the brainwashing center. Song Shuqin tortured her and did not let her sleep for many days, causing her to suffer a mental collapse. In the New Year of 2003, the police abducted her to the brainwashing center again. Song Shuqin ordered eight guards to beat her, curse her, and terrorize her. They took off her clothes and locked her in a cold bathroom, where the temperature was 10 degrees below zero Celsius to try to force her to curse Falun Gong and Master Li. When she refused, they beat her, slammed her head against the wall, and pinched her thighs. However, she continued to resist and shout, "Falun Gong is good!" Before the Chinese New Year, Song Shuqin extorted 1000 yuan from her family and sent her back home. Just after the New Year Song Shuqin kidnapped her husband and asked him to turn in his wife, so Sui Songjiao was once again detained. In three months, the guards tortured her every day until she was on the brink of death. However, she did not yield, and she refused give up her belief. To avoid bearing the responsibility for her death, Song Shuqin released her. Before the release, Song Shuqin did not forget to extort 2500 yuan from her impoverished family, who had nothing but four walls for a home. Three days after she was released, Ms. Sui Songjiao passed away. After her death, Mr. Sui's family discovered that her body was covered with wounds and bruises.

Song Shuqin, this so-called "outstanding woman," is the murderer who killed Ms. Sui Songjiao. We ask that Song Shuqin be arrested for murder along with all of her subordinates who were involved. Song Shuqin has a saying: "Jiang Zemin said if Falun Gong practitioners don't transform then beat them, detain them and don't let them sleep." The orders she gave daily to her subordinates were to "use electric shocks," "put them on the tiger bench," "put them in the iron chair," "killing a Falun Gong practitioner is nothing serious; regard it as a suicide," and "killing a Falun Gong practitioner is less significant than killing a chicken." However, the Chinese state-run media proclaimed how well she treated the Falun Gong practitioners in the brainwashing center. She was set up as a role model by the TV station of the city of Zhaoyuan, the TV Station of the city of Yantai, the Yantai Daily News, and even the Chinese government.