(Clearwisdom.net) From our experiences clarifying the truth, we have learned that when we personally clarify the truth to other people, we will usually achieve better results if fellow practitioners co-operate with each other. Some of the practitioners have been doing a very good job in truth clarification, and these practitioners will sometimes mentor one or two other practitioners, or two practitioners might mentor one. We have found that such co-operation always brings about very good results. Because of these efforts, more and more practitioners in our area are venturing out to clarify the truth in public, and they're doing a better job of it.

When practitioners first start to clarify the truth, many of them are nervous; they find it difficult to discuss certain topics and they sometimes don't know who to talk to. They also have trouble understanding how much they should let the public know about the persecution. All these problems can be overcome when these practitioners work together with others who are already doing a great job clarifying the truth. After working together a few times, these practitioners will gradually learn the skills and see their own shortcomings. Then they can start to clarify the truth by themselves or with other practitioners. For those practitioners who have difficulty facing the public to clarify the truth, this kind of co-operation really works, and pretty soon almost all the practitioners in a given area will be able to clarify the truth.

Recently, as we clarified the truth to the public, we started to feel that the Fa-rectification process is really moving at a very fast pace. Just a few months ago, we were focusing on the persecution, the staged Tiananmen Square self immolation, and the slanderous propaganda campaign that the Chinese communist party (CCP) was waging against Falun Gong. Now, we are starting to spread the "Nine Commentaries" articles, which expose the evil nature of the CCP and chronicle its many crimes over the past fifty years. Some people have been influenced so much by the CCP that they just don't want to listen to us at all. To such people, we will first expose the wicked history of the CCP and let them realize its true nature. After such exposure, it's relatively easy to further clarify the truth to them. In order to do the work well, however, practitioners must spend some time learning the contents of the "Nine Commentaries" articles. Also, in the process of spreading the news about the articles, it will be even better if practitioners tell their own personal stories or relate certain local events about the bad deeds of the CCP.

If practitioners choose to adopt this co-operative approach in their truth clarification work, I'd like to point out one particular issue to those who have already done a great job, which is, when mentoring less experienced practitioners, you should try to encourage them. If they make mistakes, you should immediately correct them. It's best that we don't generate negativity in our truth clarification.

The above is only my personal understanding; I hope fellow practitioners will correct me appropriately.