(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jia Yuzhi was nearly one hundred years old, and lived in Yuzhou City, Henan Province. Her entire family cultivates Falun Dafa and has suffered in the brutal persecution over the past five years. Ms. Jia has had to watch as one of her children would be released from detention, another would be arrested by the police again. Because of the long-term harassment and mental anguish, Ms. Jia Yuzhi died at the end of April 2002.

Ms. Jia Yuzhi was 98 years old, and a resident of Yuzhou City, Henan Province. She began practicing Falun Dafa after her family all started. She could listen to Master's lecture tapes, and do the sitting meditation and the standing exercises. Her physical health improved. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Ms. Jia's whole family was mistreated by Jiang Zemin and his malevolent regime. Eight of her children or grand-children lost their freedom twenty times by being detained, sentenced to forced labor, extorted for money, or sent to brainwashing classes. One of them was in a labor camp for four years.

The lawless officials came to harass Ms. Jia's family at will, causing her to become frightened and mentally traumatized. The worst time was when she was the only one left in their large house. Ms. Jia had to move in and out with great difficulty, relying on kind neighbors to send food to her. She cried every day, wishing for her children to return soon. Typically, it would be a situation where one child would be released from detention, while another one would be arrested by the police again. The long-term threats and mental torture made Ms. Jia's physical condition decline, until she became bed-ridden. Jia Yuzhi died at the end of April 2002, as a result of the relentless stress of the persecution.

Ever since July 20, 1999, Deputy Director Li Jinliang of the Yuzhou City Police Station, together with Political Security Office Chair Zhang Guanlin and Political Director Xia Yuxiao, have continually lead the police to persecute the local Falun Dafa practitioners. They have beaten, verbally abused practitioners, extorted money from them, ransacked their homes, and sentenced practitioners to forced labor or prison. Wuliang Middle School physical education teacher, practitioner Mr. Shang Shuichi, from Wuliang Town, Yuzhou City was tortured to death. According to incomplete statistics, at least thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners in Yuzhou City were sentenced to prison and twenty-eight were sentenced to forced labor. Practitioners have been detained for a total of two-hundred and sixty times, and several hundred thousand yuan have been extorted from practitioners. This has placed tremendous mental and physical stress on Falun Dafa practitioners and their families. Many families have lost close relatives, resulting in broken homes.