1. Ms Xie Shuihua, 60, is a member of the Guiyang County Finance Bureau. Ms Xie delivered truth-clarification materials and for that she was twice illegally detained. The first time, in 2000, she was arrested and imprisoned in the Baimalong Labor Camp for 15 months. In 2004 she was arrested, sentenced to three years, and imprisoned in the Changsha Women's Jail. The departments that are involved in this persecution are: the Guiyang County 610 Office and the County Finance Bureau.

2. Mr. Chen Shanwen, 37, works at the Second Middle School of Guiyang County. In 2001 he was detained for 11 days for possessing a handwritten version of Zhuan Falun. In 2002, Mr. Chen was imprisoned in the Xinkaipu Labor Camp in Changsha City for one year. The departments that are responsible for the persecution are: the Guiyang County 610 Office and the Second Middle School of Guiyang County.

3. Mr. Li Jinbao, 48, worked at the Baoshan Lead, Zinc and Silver Ore Mine. His wife Ouyang Youhua, 46, is a resident in the city. In 2001, when Mr. Li visited another practitioner's home, the 610 Office detained him for 39 days and fined him 3,000 yuan in the process. Only after his relatives sent several thousand yuan was he released. In 2001, to avoid brainwashing classes, Mr. Li and his wife Mrs. Ouyang left their own home. They were arrested in 2002 and imprisoned for more than seven months in the Guiyang County Jail. The couple was then sentenced to three years of forced labor. His wife Mrs. Ouyang was sent to the Baimalong Labor Camp, but the camp refused to accept her because she showed symptoms of high blood pressure. The Guiyang 610 Office then took her back and continued to detain her for two more months. Ms Ouyang fasted for eight days and only then was she released. Mr. Li now is illegally imprisoned in the Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp. The Guiyang County 610 Office is responsible for their persecution.

4. Mr. Long Dunxiao, 58, and his wife Mrs. Li Jiehua, 55, are retired workers from the Guiyang County Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant. His son Mr. Long Hua, 30, is a resident in the city. Ms Li Meijuan, 19, is a resident in the city. Mr. Cao Jiaofa, 26, is a driver and does not practice Falun Gong. At the end of 2001, when these four practitioners rented a car to go to Changning to distribute truth-clarification materials, they were illegally arrested. Mr. Long and his wife Mrs. Li were sentenced to serve two years in a labor camp. Their son Mr. Long was imprisoned for three months. He was released after paying 3,000 yuan. During his imprisonment his cell phone and 300 yuan were confiscated. Mrs. Li was released after being imprisoned for one month. During her imprisonment, two of her gold rings, each valued at 2,000 yuan, were confiscated. In 2002, she was imprisoned twice for no reason, for a total of four days. Because the driver Mr. Cao Jiaofa drove the car to take these four practitioners to distribute truth-clarification materials, he was detained for 15 days and fined 6,000 yuan. During his detention, they also confiscated 120 yuan in cash. The department involved in the persecution: Changning Police Department.

5. Ms Zhang Chuanlin, 51, originally worked in a Meat and Fish Products Company. Because Ms Zhang scraped a slogan that slandered Dafa off of a wall in 2004, she was imprisoned for seven days and her Falun Dafa books and materials were confiscated. The Guiyang County National Protection Brigade and the Chengguan Police Station are responsible.

6. Mr. Yan Yong, 38, works in the Guiyang County Industry and Commerce Bank. His wife Mrs. Cao Pingqin, 36, works in the Baoshan Lead, Zinc, and Silver Ore Mine. In 2000, because Mr. Yan downloaded and printed truth-clarification materials, he was fined 5,000 yuan. The National Protection Brigade confiscated his computer and printer. In 2004, he was reported to the authorities for distributing truth-clarification materials and was arrested. Mr. Yan was sentenced to four years in jail. Mr. Yan refused to accept the verdict and appealed to the Chenzhou Middle Court, but no one paid attention to his case. He is now imprisoned in the Guiyang County Jail. After Mr. Yan was arrested, the police took turns torturing him in an attempt to extort a confession from him. He was not allowed to sleep for five days, nor was he allowed to eat or drink. Mrs. Cao was imprisoned for 37 days. During that time, the prison police instigated criminals to beat her black and blue. A month after her release, police from the county legal system branch arrested her again and sentenced her to one year of forced labor. She remains in the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp. The department and people involved in the persecution are, Xiao Runzhong from the County National Protection Brigade and Liao Tingde from the Baoshan Lead, Zinc, and Silver Ore Mine.

7. Mr. Wang Xiaoping, 43, works in the Baoshan Lead, Zinc, and Silver Ore Mine. In the middle of 2001, Li Jiushe and Hu Yunguo from the county 610 Office came to talk to Mr. Wang hoping to persuade him to stop practicing Falun Gong. Because Mr. Wang told them that the television reports were all propaganda fabricating rumors to bring false charges against Falun Gong, he was illegally imprisoned in the Guiyang Jail for 39 days and fined 3,000 yuan. His head was severely beaten and injured, causing a one-inch-long gash. Soon after that, the county 610 Office and the Baoshan Police Department colluded with each other to arrest him and send him to the Chenzhou Brainwashing Class, where he was imprisoned for 40 days. The departments involved in the persecution are the County 610 Office and the Baoshan Police Department.

8. Mr. Cao Yawen from Guiyang County is a student who originally studied at Xiangtan University. Because Mr. Cao cultivated Falun Gong, from December 6 to 26, 1999, he was imprisoned in the Xiangtan Detention Center; from April 1, 2000, to June 8, 2000, he was imprisoned in the Guiyang County Jail; and from March 15 to April 1, 2001, he was imprisoned in the Guiyang County Jail. Now he is destitute and homeless.

9. Mr. Yuan Changde, 35, works in the Huangshaping Ore Mine. Because Mr. Yuan firmly cultivated Falun Dafa, he was laid off and his pension was suspended for several years. At the end of 2001, he was sent to the Chenzhou Brainwashing Class and imprisoned for 40 days. The County 610 Office should be held responsible.