(Clearwsdom.net) To truly accomplish their historic mission, Fa-rectification practitioners must fundamentally deny the old forces arrangements, thereby reducing evil interference and persecution.

Not long after the persecution started, I felt that I was going to have a big tribulation. I believed that I would win this battle eventually, however things did not turn out the way I wanted. I didn't do well at a most critical moment because of my attachment of fear. I wrote the so-called Guarantee Statement against my will, promising never to practice again. After I did so, I was very depressed and I felt down for a long time. Many practitioners were not afraid of death and went to Beijing to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. I was not only afraid of death but I also damaged the Fa and disrupted my cultivation. If that was a test, I failed miserably. However, I kept on looking for excuses, thinking the statement was only a few words. I didn't scold Teacher or Dafa and I hoped Teacher would forgive me.

For many years I refused to change my thinking on this matter. The old forces used this loophole to persecute me by affecting my physical health. After that, I found my body was changing every day and I had difficulty achieving a peaceful meditation. Eventually I was unable to sit in the lotus position for the usual hour and I couldn't bend down at work or sit straight when sending righteous thoughts. "What went wrong?" I tried really hard to look inward and find the fundamental causes. I didn't seem to find the solution. I only knew that I created a loophole and the old forces were using it to persecute me. Afterwards, I sent righteous thoughts night and day focusing on this issue and tried to deny the old forces arrangement and eliminate the persecution. The results were not good and I was exhausted, in pain, and felt like I was falling apart.

This lasted for a few years. A few months ago, a practitioner encouraged me to write a "Solemn Statement." I didn't think this was very important and believed it to be a formality. I felt it was fine as long as I denied it from my heart. I didn't write the statement for quite awhile. Later I read some articles about this issue in Minghui Weekly and started to realize the seriousness of writing a "Solemn Statement." Guarantee statements written either at work or in the brainwashing centers were guarantees made under evil interference. Even a "Guarantee Statement" of only two words, such as "stop practicing," is used by the evil, who shows it to gods in other dimensions. This gives them an opportunity to interfere and persecute practitioners. If we don't document and void the statement and only think about denying it from the heart, the old forces will persist.

After knowing the facts, my heart brightened up and I immediately wrote a "Solemn Statement" denying the evil and declaring the "guarantee statement" null and void. I totally separated myself from the old forces and listened to Teacher's arrangement for everything.

Even before the statement was publicized, the situation of me sending righteous thoughts that night was totally different from before. The pain symptoms were apparently less and the time I could sit in the lotus position was now longer. My back did not hurt me when I bent down at work and my physical endurance was better each day.

I was very encouraged by these changes. Though I couldn't see what really happened in other dimensions, being a practitioner, I enlightened to the fact that I was transformed from inside out in other dimensions. At the same time I felt so ashamed of myself. I finally understood that what I had thought was "God's will" several years ago, was really what old forces used to persecute me. Suffering passively is the same as approving of the evil's arrangement. Only by eliminating the traps set by the old forces can we truly walk the path Teacher arranged for us.