(Clearwisdom.net) A year ago there was an international exhibition held in Europe. Many businesses from China participated in the event. To let people from Mainland China know the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa, local practitioners actively carried out truth clarification activities during the exhibition.

One day a businessman from China whispered to a practitioner: "There is an officer from the Public Security Bureau asking me to give you a message: Overseas practitioners should be very careful when contacting practitioners in Mainland China. Once a practitioner from Europe asked someone to take materials to a local practitioner. The local practitioner was arrested by the Public Security Bureau when he received the materials. This brought unnecessary damage to local practitioners [in China]. Please pay attention in the future!"

We really appreciate the righteousness of the officer and the businessman who risked their lives to bring us information and point out our shortcomings in order to protect practitioners in China.

Meanwhile overseas practitioners must learn from this incident. We need to think about others more, take into consideration the evil environment in China and pay attention to the safety of practitioners. Do not be negligent and cause damage to our mission of saving people. Try not to directly contact practitioners in China. Safety is more important. Do not provide any loopholes for the 610 Office to take advantage of.