San Francisco: Breaking through Obstacles, Falun Gong Procession Brings up the Rear as the Best Entry in Chinese New Year Parade (Photos)

( correspondent Wang Ying reports from San Francisco - On February 19, 2005, several hundreds Falun Gong practitioners participated in the grand Lunar New Year Parade in San Francisco. With their initial application to attend this parade being denied, Falun Gong practitioners tried hard to clarify the truth to people from all walks of life, broke through all kinds of obstacles and finally brought the goodness of Falun Dafa to hundreds of thousands of residents in San Francisco. Practitioners' procession was the best received entry in the parade.
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European Practitioners' Chinese New Year Celebration Activities in Paris Chinatown: Part 1 - Preparation Work (Photos)

( The 13th of February 2005 is the 4th day of the lunar calendar's first month. Falun Gong practitioners from various countries in Europe gathered in Chinatown, Paris and held a series of activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Washington State: "Uncompromising Courage" Painting Exhibition Touches People on Washington Legislative Day (Photos)

( On February 14, 2005, practitioners in Washington State participated in activities on Legislative Day, held by the State Government in the capital city of Olympia, to explain the facts of Falun Gong to government officials and staff. It was the third year for the practitioners to hold this activity on Legislative Day. Legislative Day is an important opportunity for people to meet and talk with their government officials. Small groups of two to three practitioners met and talked with over 40 State Representatives, Senators and their legislative assistants. The "Uncompromising Courage" painting exhibition was also held at the capitol.
The painting exhibition helps visitors to understand more about Falun Gong

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