Mr. Zhang Mengye, is a 66-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, and former assistant professor at the Guangdong Provincial Electric Power Institute. He was a fellow classmate of the current President of China, Hu Jintao, in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering of Tsinghua University, Class of 1959. Since Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, Zhang Mengye has been illegally detained for 2 years and 37 days. He was "re-educated" in a forced labor camp which caused him tremendous mental and physical trauma. When Mr. Zhang was released on February 10, 2002, he was thin as a skeleton, weighing less than 77 pounds (35kg).

In the beginning of 2000, Zhang Mengye was illegally sentenced by the Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City to 2 years of forced labor. He was illegally detained in Guangzhou City No. 1 Forced Labor Camp.

Zhang Mengye was detained in Brigade 1 with fellow Falun Dafa practitioners Ling Xiang and She Hui. They were forced to do slave labor for over twelve hours a day until midnight or the early morning hours.

During October and November 2000, Zhang Mengye was transferred to the "Special Brigade," Brigade 2. In addition to the hard slave labor, practitioners were also subjected to an intensive "transformation" program carried out by collaborators--former practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture and agents. The steadfast practitioners were not allowed to speak to each other; otherwise, they would be beaten up or their detention terms would be extended by the guards on duty. The agents tried to force Mr. Zhang to write the Guarantee Statement, but Zhang Mengye was unyielding in his belief. The labor camp authorities used all possible means to force Zhang Mengye to write the Guarantee Statement to "not practice Falun Gong in the labor camp." Zhang Mengye was betrayed and set up by the labor camp authorities. He thought that he should not cause difficulties for them, and later wrote the Guarantee Statement to not practice Falun Gong in the labor camp.

Zhang Mengye later realized what a big mistake he had made. He decided to renounce his statement as being null and void, by openly practicing Falun Gong.

On the morning of December 29, 2000, Zhang Mengye tried to do the Falun Gong exercises when he woke up. He started with the sitting meditation, sitting in the lotus position with his legs crossed one on top of the other. A guard on duty found out and tried to separate his crossed legs by force so that he could not practice the meditation. The guard reported this matter to his superior, who ordered the guard to handcuff Zhang Mengye to the metal bars of the door. During one 6:00 a.m. morning roll call, Zhang Mengye was handcuffed to a big tree in front of the gate of Brigade 2. His hands were shackled at the same height as his shoulders around the big tree. Since his arms were not long enough, the guards forced the handcuffs tight to make him "hold onto the tree." It was extremely painful as the tight handcuffs cut into his flesh and he was forced to hug the rough tree bark with its sharp growths. During the noontime roll call, Instructor Li Guoming and Assistant Brigadier He Xinjiang yelled at Zhang Mengye for "not being truthful, compassionate, and tolerant." They forced collaborator Fu Wei to read aloud Zhang Mengye's Guarantee Statement and claimed that Zhang "was not keeping his promise." Li Guoming and He Xinjiang cursed Falun Dafa and its founder. They also required other labor camp staff to show their support by carrying out the brutal torture tactics and forcing the collaborators to verbally abuse Zhang Mengye.

Zhang Mengye is over 60 years old, yet he was handcuffed for 3 consecutive days to a big tree. His handcuffs were released only when he ate. At night, he was handcuffed to a metal gate on the second floor without being allowed to sleep on a bed. During the coldest days of winter on December 29, 30, and 31, Zhang Mengye was extremely weak and drained from the brutal torture. The handcuffs were not taken off until 9 p.m. on December 31, 2001, New Year's Eve. The police pretended to call a medical staff member to show the other inmates that the authorities were concerned and considerate of Zhang Mengye's condition. He was then handcuffed again. Zhang Mengye's detention term was extended by more than a month for practicing the Falun Gong exercises. He was put in a rigorous "re-education" program with a red board on his chest to distinguish him from the labor camp staff and other Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Zhang was not allowed to walk around freely and was always escorted by "monitoring agents." The detention terms of Zhang Mengye and the other steadfast practitioners were extended by 10 days each month. While in the labor camp, they could neither prepare nor buy their own food, and they were not allowed to see their family members who came to visit them.

In April 2001 at the "Reward and Punishment Meeting," the detention terms of Zhang Mengye, Zhou Mintong, Ye Yong, Zhong Yinghang, and Dan Weichang were all extended by 2 months. They were barred from the meeting and did not receive an official notice of their terms being extended. Later, the Bureau of Labor Camp Administration of Guangdong Province issued a document stating that "Detention terms of unyielding practitioners must be extended."

In March 2001, Zhang Mengye was transferred to Brigade 7, where he started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention of Falun Dafa practitioners.

From April and May 2001, Guangzhou No. 1 Forced Labor Camp ordered Zhang Mengye's wife, Luo Muluan, to help "transform" Zhang Mengye. She visited him day and night at the labor camp every week, but Mr. Zhang was very determined to continue practicing Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to his wife. After becoming clearheaded, she is now regretful for having collaborated with the authorities.

Zhang Yudong, the director and party secretary of Guangzhou No. 1 Forced Labor Camp, came to directly "help re-educate" Zhang Mengye. Feng Bingkun had also been directly "re-educated" by Zhang Yudong.

In May and June 2001, the Tianhe District Political and Legal Committee of Guangzhou City and the 610 Office proclaimed that anyone who "transformed" Zhang Mengye would be rewarded with 30,000 yuan.

In October 2001, Zhang Mengye stood on the basketball court of Brigade 7 and said loudly, "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa is the righteous way. Restore Teacher Li's good reputation! Restore the good reputation of Falun Dafa!" His words effectively resonated through the evil environment.

One morning in December 2001, all practitioners were called to Brigade 2 and were forced to listen to an official from the Huadu District Court explain the so-called "judicial articles" from the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate. Practitioner Li Zhousheng was the first to object, "We believe in our Teacher and Falun Dafa, and will resist this mistreatment." The agents immediately choked him and covered his mouth. Then several steadfast practitioners stood up together to resist also. Zhang Mengye was also present but was held by several monitors. He spoke out loudly to expose the persecution. Later, Mr. Zhang was taken away. At that moment, Falun Dafa practitioners' righteous minds and actions were spectacular. The police did not achieve their goal and the court officials quickly disappeared.

Officials Involved in the Persecution of Zhang Mengye

Zhang Yudong, Director and Party Secretary: 86-20-86717141, 86-13926296088 (Cell phone), 86-20-83847294 (Home)

Chen Yaoguang, Political Committee Member, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-20-86717143, 86-13802903025 (Cell phone), 86-20-83847294(Home)

Xie Yongkang, Deputy Director of Administration and Re-education. In December 2000, he was a former Deputy Director of Administration Division of the Labor Camp Bureau of Guangzhou City. He was appointed as Head of Guangzhou City Juvenile Labor Camp in January and February 2002 while Zhou Yangbo was appointed as Deputy Director of Administration and Re-education of Guangzhou No. 1 Forced Labor Camp in place of Xie Yongkang.

Wu (given name not known), Work Unit Party Secretary General
Xie (given name not known), Section Chief of Administration
Cheng Li, Deputy Section Chief of Administration
Wang Huohuang, Deputy Section Chief of Administration
Li (given name not known), Section Chief of Re-Education
Chen Minhua (female), Deputy Section Chief of Re-Education
Wu Xing, clerk at the Re-Education Section

Brigade 2:

Li Guoming, Intructor, Branch Party Secretary

He Xingjiang, Brigade Leader, Deputy Branch Party Secretary. He had tortured Zhou Mintong, who was handcuffed onto the big tree for practicing Falun Gong exercises, with electric batons. Before June 2001, He Xingjiang was Deputy Brigade Leader of Administration and Re-Education; he was the new Brigadier of the newly formed Brigade 2. From June to September 2001, he was Deputy Branch Party Secretary; and after September 2001, he was appointed as Deputy Director of Cadres Division of Guangzhou City Labor Camp Bureau.

Yang Yongcheng, Clerk of Education. In March and April 2001, he was appointed to Guangzhou Legal Education School (a brainwashing center). Li Weicheng replaced Yang Yongcheng as Clerk of Education.

He Guichao, administrator. Before June 2001, he was Administrator of Brigade 2; from June to November 2001, he was the administrator of the newly formed Brigade 6. From November 2001 to July and August 2003, he was appointed as Deputy Brigadier of the newly formed Brigade 2. After July and August 2003, he was a police agent in Brigade 8 while Bi Dejun replaced him as Deputy Brigadier of the newly formed Brigade 2.

Brigade 7:

Zeng (given name not known), Instructor, Branch Party Secretary
Liu (given name not known), Deputy Brigadier of Administration and Re-Education
Address: Chini Township, Huadu District, Guangzhou City 510830