(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate enough to attend Teacher's Fa lectures in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in May 1994. When I think about it now, that was the most precious and happiest time of my life. I would like to write down my experience to share with you.

Teacher was neatly and plainly dressed, and he looked very benevolent and compassionate. I had previously attended many qigong masters' lectures but had never heard them teach any Fa at all. They only sent out "gong," had you receive some of their messages, and some taught a few qigong exercise movements. Others drew something on a piece of paper and told you to save it. Teacher was totally different from all those qigong masters. He taught the class without any books or lecture notes. In every lecture, I saw him simply take out a small piece of paper from his coat pocket and then begin his lecture. There were 800 people in the class, yet nobody chatted. It was very quiet in the lecture hall. Teacher was also very humorous while teaching the law. Sometimes his words made everyone laugh. I don't know why, but I felt a sense of comfort while listening to teacher. It was a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Even recalling it now, I still sense that feeling.

I attended the class with the intention of getting healed. However, after a few lectures, my view of life and my opinion about virtue changed. I understood a lot of truths and knew how to handle myself, how to become a good person, even how to become a better and better person. Subsequently, I naturally wanted to become a true cultivator, and then all my illnesses were healed.

I had suffered from all kinds of illnesses since 1970. I had tried every big hospital in Chengdu and spent a lot of money, without any results. Sometimes, I felt so bad that I really did not want to live. In 1994, when Teacher held a class in Chengdu, my friend asked me to attend the class. I immediately refused because I had made up my mind not to practice qigong any more. My friend urged me to check it out. I finally went to the class for lack of any real excuses for not going. However, as soon as I saw Teacher's photo on the cover page of the book, China Falun Gong, I couldn't help saying, "Yes, I want to learn this. He is a true Buddha."

I felt that Teacher was so wonderful because he knew everything on our minds. One day after class, someone came to ask Teacher to treat his illness. Teacher said, "I don't treat illnesses. You can go to a hospital for treatment." That man said, "My family called me from Beijing and told me to come here to find you. They say that you can treat any illness and that patients are healed right away." I cut in and told him, "Do not mention about treating illnesses." Then Teacher said, "Some don't say it [about wanting to get healed], but they still think about it." I was astonished. How could Teacher Li know what I was thinking?

Another day after class, I told some people, "This is a Buddhist school qigong. I will take you to a temple to convert you to Buddhism someday." And they agreed to go to a temple. The next day, Teacher said in his lecture:

"As soon as some lay Buddhists hear that we're practicing Buddhist qigong, they drag our students to temples to convert them to Buddhism." (Zhuan Falun)

Then Teacher told us the principle of "no second discipline." I realized then that what I had said was wrong. We all felt that Teacher was amazing. He knew everything we were thinking!

One woman who attended the class with me was going to write some notes in the book, Falun Gong. Before she wrote anything, Teacher said:

"Some folks just go and start marking up this book of mine." (Zhuan Falun)

The woman was so startled that she couldn't hold up her pen. She said, "This Teacher is so amazing."

Teacher even knew what we said at home. When my friend came to convince me to attend the class, and I finally went to the class, I heard Teacher say that some people in the class had been dragged to the class. I felt that he was probably talking about me. Even so, Teacher still took care of me.

In the class, Teacher told us to stretch out our hands, left hand for males and right hand for females. He told us to flatten our hands and feel the palm. I immediately felt something was turning on my palm. When Teacher talked about installing Law Wheels, I felt something turning in my abdomen. From then on, I let go of all my notions. We cannot judge Teacher Li with our own notions. Teacher Li is not an ordinary person. He is so profound, so righteous, and so merciful.

I would like to pay the utmost respect to our great Teacher. I want to walk well the path arranged by Teacher, make up for any losses I might have brought to Dafa, and make the best use of my time to accomplish our missions. Trust us, Teacher!

February 6, 2005