I have been destitute and homeless for several years. I don't remember how many times I have moved from place to place, all the tribulations I have gone through and how much pain I've suffered. I don't have any money with me. I calculated my total expenditures each month for my daily necessities, including money for showers, haircuts, etc. to be less than 100 yuan (US $12.50). I rarely buy new clothes for myself. Vegetables can be bought in the summer at a cheaper price while in winter the only affordable things for me are cabbage and potatoes. For these past years I haven't bought a piece of fish or meat, and I have refused to accept money and other things offered to me by many practitioners. When I refused even small things, some practitioners didn't understand me and remarked that I was too cautious. Since I'm engaged in clarifying the truth about Dafa, I have a lot of money with me donated by other Falun Dafa practitioners, sometimes the amount being more than ten thousand yuan (US $1,250). I never use this money to buy fruit, a bottle of water or a bowl of noodles for myself. How can a person be capable of great tasks when he or she cannot overcome minor tribulations? Why wouldn't I be cautious? Hence, I am strict with myself and behave continuously according to the requirements by Master Li of doing the three things of studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. No matter what the danger, I am always safe whenever I am in "righteous thoughts and righteous actions."

I want to convey my sincere greetings to all the practitioners who have cared for me and provided me food, clothing and shelter, even though it would not be possible to thank them all here. I recall the time when a Falun Gong practitioner took me in her home when I was being persecuted and was homeless. Her family was known to practice Falun Gong, yet she allowed me to stay at her home. An elderly female practitioner, while being abducted illegally by the police, said to her own son who had come to visit her: "Hurry up and tell your uncle staying in our home to leave quickly." She thought that I was so important that she would rather be detained in the Labor Camp herself than sell me out. Tears are falling down my face as I write this. I am being protected by such wonderful practitioners. Dafa has saved me and countless other sentient beings. I think that I would not be able to excuse myself in case I do not do my best in validating Dafa.

I would like to mention here about a couple of practitioners from the countryside with whom I have been engaged in validating Dafa inside the remote mountains and forests for more than seven months. There are a lot of snakes in the mountains, although it's very quiet. It was very scary to see these snakes climb on the roof while we were doing Dafa work on the bed, the largest snake must have weighed over 7.5 kilograms. If it wasn't for Dafa, I couldn't stay here for even 10 minutes. The practitioners with me are of humble means and so our living condition is very simple. The meticulous and exceptional treatment given to me by them always moves me to tears. I don't have words to express my gratitude, so the only thing that I do is to Heshi. Herewith I send my sincere greetings to all the practitioners who have cared about me in my past. We should, together, in this New Year follow the instructions from Master Li strictly and do the three things better. Let us abandon all the attachments of the ordinary people and be more diligent in cultivating ourselves with one body! Let us be more and more diligent!

On the eve of the Chinese New Lunar Year, on behalf of all the practitioners who are living in a destitute and homeless condition, I would like to express our sincere greetings to all the practitioners who have helped us. I hope that all the Dafa practitioners will be more diligent in the New Year. Together let us fulfill our grand prehistoric pledges and return to our eternal heavenly homes.

February 7, 2005