(Clearwidsom.net) With the rapidly advancing current of Fa-rectification and Teacher's benevolent salvation, the xinxing of the practitioners jailed in Masanjia Labor Camp is quickly improving.

All of us feel that the atmosphere is changing. The fake smiles and insincere "care" of the police have disappeared and have been replaced by nervousness and hatred. Some police even appear scared.

From time to time, a few collaborators that the police used to rely on to persecute practitioners declare that they are quitting and rejoining the rank of practitioners. In the past, the collaborators listened to the police and did whatever they were told. Now, the police hesitate to ask them to do things. Each team used to have 10 collaborators to help the police. Now, they have only 8, and not all of them are dependable.

In 2002 and 2003, if someone yelled, "Falun Dafa is Great," no matter where they were, there a dozen people would attack him or her. Some would try to cover his mouth and some would grab hold of his body while others beat him. Now, this situation has reversed. Yesterday, a practitioner yelled, "Falun Dafa is Great!" in the dining hall. One or two dozen people echoed the words. It was a long time before the police came, and two of them tried to pull the practitioner out. However, before they reached him, a dozen or so practitioners stood up, and the police decided to give up and did nothing.

Some practitioners in the sub-teams have done great too. Everyone followed the requirements of Dafa and looked inward. Practitioners in two of the sub-teams in the Second Team jointly declared that all of their past words and actions that did not conform to Dafa were null and void. Some practitioners in several sub-teams in the First Team also denied the arrangement of the old forces. They refused to do the required exercises or the labor. There were over forty people in the First Team, but only four people did the labor. People in the other sub-teams were also making solemn declarations, one after another. In the past, the brainwashing classes were filled with "summary of ideology," "experiences and lessons," and "studies and understandings." Now, all of these are gone. Such things were not even in the year-end summation meeting. Now, the practitioners' collective understandings have been elevated. They can expose the evil and their lies. Practitioners are validating Dafa and opposing the old forces' arrangements at all times.

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