Solemn Declaration

I came back to the path of Falun Dafa cultivation again in July 2004 with Dafa disciples' help. For a long time in my cultivation, I let the old forces' arrangements interfere with me and hence my understanding of Dafa was limited to only an ordinary person's level. After July 20, 1999, the old forces persecuted me with disease karma. Therefore, all sorts of difficulties and hardships interfered with me for a long period of time. I could not understand Fa principles and could not make progress within Dafa. Misunderstandings of the Fa controlled me for four years and I wasted precious cultivation time. Under these circumstances I had interactions with some other people who misunderstood Dafa and was fed with the fake "articles" created by evil entities who wanted to destroy Dafa.

Because I had left Dafa for a long time, the evil governed me very early on and I lost any capability to recognize the evil of those rotten demons. My strong attachments and desire for obtaining things made me fall into the dirty, demonic mud of the so-called "male-female dual cultivation." Master's mercy saved me from the mud of illness. Then I lost myself entirely and was totally taken to go anywhere by the evil, without being able to escape on my own. I even went to Qingyun City in Shandong Province and met that individual called "Teacher" monk. I admired Buddha and donated money for construction of temples. I also did other bad things and committed great sins. When that individual was arrested, I realized that the evil had deceived me.

I want to express my sorrow to merciful Master and to Falun Dafa disciples. I committed one crime on top of another. Since July 20, 1999, because of my fear and wrong understanding of Dafa, I have done many things of disservice to our kind Master and Dafa disciples. These things also had negative impact on and damaged Dafa and interfered with Fa-rectification. I am guilty. I have twice handed over Dafa books and materials to the evildoers. One time, out of fear, I destroyed some videotapes and VCD discs at home. I also wrote an "admitting guilt letter," "regret letter" and "guarantee letter," lowered my head to the evildoers, and other transgressions.

When recalling these things, I trembled with fear and felt too ashamed to be seen in public. I was rotten in this way and our merciful Master didn't give up on me. He provided me with hints again and again, and arranged one opportunity after another to let me meet up with those good disciples. They helped me and encouraged me, telling me, "Don't feel so bad about yourself and study the Fa more often! Stand up bravely and follow our Master--do the three things that a disciple has to do well now!"

I decided to catch up and make up with my heart and mind for those blemishes I put on Dafa. I will do the three things that Dafa practitioners are required to do and follow the great current of Fa-rectification.

Liu Min

December 28, 2004

Translated on February 9, 2005 from


Solemn Declaration

I hereby declare that all I did or said under brutal persecution in the forced labor camp that doesn't follow Falun Dafa principles is invalid.

An evildoing person reported me to the authorities when I was distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification material to people. I was arrested and unlawfully sentenced to one year of forced labor. The persecution in the labor camp was insane. For those practitioners who did not write the "guarantee statements" or "repentance letters," guards used all sorts of torture methods plus spiritual devastation and made one feel that being dead is better than being alive.

Faced with this, I couldn't endure the suffering, became afraid and could not put down the desire to get out of that place. So, I gave in to the evil and copied a so-called "repentance letter." All of these were due to my insufficient Fa study and hence had a negative effect on my own cultivation history. I disappointed Master's teachings and blemished Falun Dafa.

After I went back home, I studied the Fa calmly and profoundly realized, for a Dafa disciple, how important it was to be able to keep one's thinking pure at all times during this Fa-rectification period. Only when you study the Fa well you can have strong righteous thoughts. Only when one studies the Fa thoroughly can one truly melt into the Fa and use the Fa to measure whether one's thoughts or ideas are pure or not. We can only do the three things that Master asked us to do well when purifying each one of our own thoughts!

Here I want to express that I will double my efforts to make up for the blemish I put on the Fa and insist in cultivating in Dafa to the end.

Huang Quanying

January 20, 2005

Translated on February 10, 2005 from