Call for Photographs of Falun Dafa Practitioners Validating the Fa

( It has been twelve glorious years since Falun Dafa's first introduction to the public, and more than 100 million Falun Dafa disciples have followed Master to rectify the Fa. They have revealed the beauty and grace of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." People's hearts and minds have been rectified and their bodies freed from illness. Their morals have improved, and countless people have been offered salvation. Nevertheless, the wicked head perpetrator Jiang Zemin and the evil cult of the CCP, following the principles of "lies, vice and violence," have been using each other to create a climate of state terrorism. They went against the heavens in manipulating the whole government machinery to attack Falun Gong and practitioners, with the genocidal policy of "demoralize them mentally, bankrupt them financially, and eliminate them physically." The brutality and malice of the persecution is unprecedented.

Washington D.C.: Golden Rooster Ushers in the New Spring (Photos)

( February 13, 2005 was the fifth day of the first lunar month, and Falun Gong practitioners in Washington DC participated in the New Year Parade Celebration in Chinatown sponsored by the Chinese Association. This is the fifth year that Falun Gong practitioners were invited to participate in the traditional Chinese New Year celebration, and the practitioners felt even more support, respect and appreciation from the Chinese community.

New York: the Dragon Leaps and the Lion Dances to Welcome the New Spring, Buddha's Light Shines over Flushing (Photos)

( On the fourth day of the first month of the Yiyou year (February 12, 2005, Saturday), Flushing, which has the second largest Chinatown in the New York area, celebrated the Lunar New Year with a grand parade and festivities. Flushing is an Asian community whose residents are mostly immigrants from Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea. The parade this year had a huge lineup. In addition to the effective promotion, the weather was also nice. The sun shone when the parade set off. The parade route covered the major roads and busy areas in Flushing. Residents in the community lined up on both sides of the route long before the parade set off. They raised their heads and waited.

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