I remember when I was detained in a brainwashing center last year, I often had one thought in my mind; that is, I would struggle against the most evil thug there--even to the end of my life. At that time, I also realized that such a thought was not good, and it was a manifestation of my attachment to conflict. However, I just could not get rid of it. Even after I was released from the class, that thought still popped up sometimes. I was very puzzled as to why I still had such a strong attachment to conflict after cultivating for so long.

After reading "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," I suddenly realized the root cause of my problem. For the past several dozen years, people who live in China have been instilled with many evil substances by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We all live in the field covered by the CCP, so we cannot realize that there are evil substances in our minds.

When talking about the root cause of people's health problems, Teacher said,

"But, black qi is not the root cause of the problem. Instead, it's a being in a deeper dimension, and it's that being that produces the field." (Seventh Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Many Dafa practitioners have not realized that the bad thoughts in our minds are not only manifestation of our attachments, but also manifestations of the evil substances instilled in us by the CCP. Why is the CCP's evil spirit running rampant? It's probably because Dafa disciples haven't gotten rid of the evil substances instilled in us by the CCP. If we don't remove their evil substances, then we are acknowledging them. Therefore, the CCP will still be able to exist.

I'd like to suggest that each time when we find bad thoughts cropping up, we should dig further to see the root cause of these thoughts. For those of us who grew up in China, many of our bad thoughts are closely related to the evil substances instilled in us by the CCP.