(Clearwisdom.net) We are Falun Gong practitioners from the Qiaokou District in Wuhan City. We are reporting the criminal conduct, which occurred from October 1999 to April 2004, of Jin Zhiping, the director of the First Division of the Qiaokou Police Station in Wuhan City.

1. Jin Zhiping abuses his authority by torturing and injuring practitioners and illegally imprisoning them

The Chinese Constitution states that citizens have the right to their own beliefs. Citizens can report or file a lawsuit against any government employee who violates that law while performing his duties. Presently there is no law or judicial regulation identifying Falun Gong as a "cult." Regulations do not exist in either the Peoples' Congress's "Decision on punishing cults" or in the judicial explanation from the Supreme Peoples' Court and Supreme Peoples' Procuratorate. On October 28, 1999, the negative editorial in the Peoples' Daily only represented the opinion of one of the central leaders, and it carried no legal weight. Since Falun Gong practitioners believe in "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" they go to Beijing to appeal the illegal rulings against them. Practitioners are exercising their basic rights as provided by the Constitution and demonstrating that they believe in the government and are responsible to society.

Since 1999, Jin Zhiping, Director of the First Division of the Qiaokou Police Station, has illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioners from Beijing. He has arrested them from their homes, their work places, or off the streets. Jin imprisoned and persecuted practitioners in the "Transformation Education Center" that he was directly in charge of. Any practitioner who refused to "transform" could be imprisoned indefinitely. The longest illegal imprisonment was 21 months. Practitioners Chen Aifeng from Liujiao Street, Qiaokou District, and Wang Ping who worked in the Shiyi Hospital suffered through two Chinese New Years imprisoned in the Transformation Education Center. This type of imprisonment never involved any legal procedure.

The Brainwashing Centers were set up in the Qiaokou District Gongdu School and the District Administrative Prison. They were guarded by the police 24 hours a day and the centers' four iron doors were locked from inside. The staff there often beat and humiliated practitioners. Practitioners had no freedom inside the prison. They were forced to do all kinds of labor and were subjected to brainwashing with lies slandering Falun Gong.

There was a closed room in the brainwashing center. Those locked up in this room were allowed to open the door only twice a day to clean themselves up. Sometimes the center would not open the door for many days. Jin Zhiping often brought practitioners to the room, handcuffed their hands behind their backs and hung them up on the window frame for many days. Practitioners were hung up with their feet barely touching the floor and their handcuffed hands bearing the weight of their whole body. Their hands would be terribly swollen in just half an hour, with the steel handcuffs cutting into their flesh. Soon the flesh would be lacerated and both arms would lose feeling. Practitioners' hands were damaged or disabled for this torture, and recovery from the injury was difficult. Most of the imprisoned practitioners were locked in the closed room and tortured in this way. Practitioner Cao Jingyu from the Haigong Dormitory on Hanshuiqiao Street was tortured like this in March 2001. In December 2001, practitioner Ms. Cai Changzhen, who lived on Zongguan Street, was imprisoned and handcuffed for three days. She was not released during that time even when her eyes became red and swollen, causing her blindness.

On September 15, 2000, Jin Zhiping locked Ms. Xiao Yingxue, an employee of the Qiaokou Industrial and Business Bureau, in the staff room alone and tied her up in a chair with a thick rope. When Ms. Xiao yelled out, Jin stuffed a mop in her mouth and used a briefcase to beat her. Jin wore steel-toed shoes and ruthlessly stomped on Ms. Xiao. Ms. Xiao's mouth had a 2-inch wound because of the beating and she had bruises all over her body. She couldn't straighten her back or raise her arms for 2 weeks after this abuse.

Jin Zhiping often beat and kicked practitioners. In the bitter cold winter, he would force practitioners to run a 300-meter drill field 30 times and then pour cold water on them. In the steaming hot summers, he exposed practitioners to prolonged periods of time under the hot sun and physically tortured them.

On October 19, 2001, thirteen female practitioners in the brainwashing center were punished for practicing the Falun Gong exercises and were made to stand in the rain. After Jin heard about this, he sent for practitioners Wang Jinde, Zhou Desheng, and Xiao Ganzhi, claiming he wanted to "have a good time" beating up those practitioners. They were thrown to the ground and forced to kneel down in muddy water. They beat the practitioners who refused to kneel down. Practitioners were also kicked and jumped on by police with steel-toed shoes when they refused to kneel down. They did not even spare practitioners in their 60s and 70s. Sixty-year-old Zhang Huifen, who lived on Ronghua Street, was beaten until she lost control of her bladder. Many practitioners were bleeding from their mouth, gums and nose as a result of the beatings. In addition, these practitioners were not allowed to eat or use the toilet for an entire day and they were left out in the freezing rain.

On February 2, 2001, Xiao Ganzhi and Li Hanhua from the First Division of the Qiaokou Police Station took Liu Li out of the brainwashing center for no apparent reason. When questioned about this, they claimed Liu was a rapist. Everyone started to accuse Xiao and Li of defaming the character of Liu Li. The next day, Jin Zhiping and the assistant director of the Qiaokou Police Station, surnamed Zhu, sent ten police cars with over 30 anti-riot police to the center. They all wore helmets and carried rods in their hands. They rushed into the brainwashing center, striking at any practitioner, young or old, as if attempting to kill them. More than 100 of the imprisoned practitioners quickly fell to the ground. Jin Zhiping ordered Wang Jinde and several anti-riot police to bring practitioner Liu Ning to a small house and brutally beat him. This happened three times, until Liu Ning's head was bleeding and he had wounds all over his body. Even after Mr. Liu was covered in blood, they still would not stop. Almost every practitioner was brutally beaten during this terrible incident.

In December 2001, Jin and other police officers went to arrest practitioner Mr. Ji Peng. Several police knocked him down right on the street and brutally stomped on his head. Later at the police station, someone saw Jin and other officers dragging Ji Peng up and down the stairs as they brutally beat and tortured him. Later on, Ji Peng was at the district prison and his head was unbelievably swollen.

2. Jin Zhiping tortures practitioners to get convictions and has brutally beaten two practitioners to death

On January 16, 2002, Jin Zhiping and Zhou Desheng went to the Ruanjiatai Sub-district in the Qiaokou District and arrested practitioner Mr. Chen Rongyao. Jin and Zhou confiscated Mr. Chen's household property, including a bike and a stereo, and took 13,000 yuan in cash from Mr. Chen's daughter, without giving any receipt. Chen Rongyao was imprisoned in the Qiaokou Police Station Administrative Prison and then the district prison. While illegally imprisoned, Mr. Chen, 65 years old, was tortured many times by Jin Zhiping as well as other police officers and common prisoners. On April 29, 2002 Chen Ronyao's life became endangered, and he was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. He died 6 months later.

At 10 p.m. on April 1, 2004, Jin Zhiping and Xiao Gangzhi broke into practitioners Ms. Huang Zhao and Mr. Liu Ning's apartments. Jin and Xiao confiscated the two practitioner's property without due cause or proper legal procedure. They took away 2,000 yuan in cash and other valuables worth over 10,000 yuan. They abducted the two practitioners and took them to the Qiaokou Police Station and secretly interrogated them. Jin and Xiao handcuffed Huang Zhao's hands and feet and used a thick rope to tie her to a chair and brutally beat her with electric batons. That night Ms. Huang became unconscious and died shortly after being sent to a hospital. On April 5, Huang Zhao's parents asked Jin about their daughter. Jin didn't tell them that Ms. Huang had been tortured to death or where her body was. Up until April 16, the Qiaokou Police Station informed Huang Zhao's family that she had attempted suicide and had been sent to the Shiyi Hospital for treatment and later died there. Ms. Huang's family asked for the medical documents and receipts for the medical expenses but never received any. On April 21, when the police prepared to cremate Huang Zhao's body, her family saw that her head was swollen and she had bruises everywhere. Even with makeup to cover the wounds, Ms. Huang still looked horrible. The police listed "stabbed" as the cause of death on the death certificate. Jin Zhiping and the police had succeeded in beating a 32-year-old healthy young woman to death in less than one day.

Huang Zhao was arrested on April 1 and the police claimed she was dead in the hospital on April 16. Jin and the police never followed any legal procedure. Ms. Huang was neither subpoenaed nor legally arrested.

3. Jin Zhiping abuses his authority to blackmail and plunder peoples' money

On many occasions Jin Zhiping illegally confiscated practitioners' household property and took away large amounts of money. He never followed any legal procedure or gave any receipt for the things he took. Jin twice confiscated practitioner Hu Jianhua's property. Mr. Hu was a former employee of the District Industrial and Business Bureau. Jin took 13,000 yuan from Chen Rongyao's daughter (this case was described earlier in this article). Mr. Chen has been dead for more than 2 years and Jin still owed his daughter 6,400 yuan. Nine practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal in November 1999 were detained and sent back to their hometown by Jin. He took 26,000 yuan from the practitioners and never returned it.

While Jin was in charge of the brainwashing center, any practitioners needing to return home for funerals or family emergencies were charged 2,000 to 6,000 yuan before they could go. In the brainwashing center, the practitioners were forced to pay 300 to 2,000 yuan "living expenses" each month. However, they were only given meager meals of boiled carrots and cabbage to eat.

The above descriptions are only part of the crimes Jin Zhiping was involved in. Many other criminal violations are still being collected and confirmed. In just the above-mentioned incidences alone, Jin has violated the Criminal Law, Article 234: "Intentional injury to others;" Article 247: "Using torture during interrogation to obtain conviction;" and Article 397: "Abuse of authority." The witnesses and the evidence are all being collected and Jin cannot escape from his legal responsibilities.

Jin's conduct has severely damaged the image of the police and caused great loss to the practitioners and their families. We demand punishment of Jin Zhiping for his crimes so that people will receive justice, dignity and retribution according to the law.

The plaintiffs: Hu Jianhua, Cao Jingyu, and Zong Min

Signatures (not printed) of over one hundred Falun Gong practitioners persecuted from the Qiaokou District