(Clearwisdom.net) On October 14, 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cheng Zhiming from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, was intentionally hit by a car in an accident created by the Xiangtan City 610 Office and the State Security police. There was a hole in the back of his head, and he bled terribly. The Xiangtan City Central Hospital made a diagnosis that Mr. Cheng had bleeding inside his skull. One week later, his condition dramatically improved, and his condition became stable. On October 24, while he was still in the hospital, the City 610 Office sent a State Security agent to monitor him, and Mr. Cheng Zhiming suddenly died on October 25.

Mr. Cheng Zhiming was 55 years old and lived in 733 Yaowan Neighborhood, Xiangtan City. He was a labor worker in a transportation company and started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. When the persecution started, Mr. Cheng went to Beijing to clarify the truth many times after the year 2000. Later, he devoted himself to distributing truth-clarifying materials in both the city and the countryside in order to save sentient beings deceived by the anti-Falun Gong propaganda.

Mr. Cheng had been arrested eight times. His ribs had been broken from being kicked by the police. The perpetrators even tried to tempt him into being a spy for them among Falun Dafa practitioners, but Cheng Zhiming always maintained solid, righteous thoughts. He used this as an opportunity to protect Falun Dafa materials and Dafa disciples. For this reason, for his strength and determination to uphold Dafa, the authorities hated him and everything he stood for. The police could not find any evidence but knew he had an important role among Falun Dafa practitioners, so they planned the traffic accident to murder him.

At 9 p.m. on the evening of October 14, 2004, while on his way to visit a fellow practitioner, Mr. Cheng Zhiming stopped by "collaborator", Tian Xiaojuan's BBQ store. Tian, her husband and all her family practice Falun Dafa, but she accepted the brainwashing in 2002 and betrayed Master Li and her fellow practitioners, harming many practitioners as a result. As Mr. Cheng rode his bicycle away from the store, a three-wheeled motorcycle hit him hard from behind. He quickly rode up onto the sidewalk, but other tricycles quickly chased and knocked him down on the sidewalk. Mr. Cheng was knocked unconscious. A woman, sitting in the tricycle's right passenger seat, was ejected from the seat during the collision. She and the tricycle driver escaped quickly, leaving Mr. Cheng lying on the ground with a gaping wound to the back of his head, bleeding profusely. The local people called the police, who briefly checked his physical condition, then sent him home. The police told Cheng Zhiming's family later that he had suffered three fractured ribs and internal bleeding to his head without receiving any emergency medical treatment. The next day, Mr. Cheng bled from his ears and lost consciousness. His family sent him to the hospital for treatment. where doctors found bleeding inside his skull.

The 610 Office sent a State Security agent to the hospital to monitor Mr. Cheng. The agent wrote down the name of everyone who came to visit him. If anyone asked the agent a question about what he was doing, he would not answer. Everyone thought this man was very strange.

After one week in the hospital, Mr. Cheng's wounds were significantly recovered, and his condition became stable. He was transferred from the Emergency Room to the Common Room. The doctor said that his recovery was a miracle. On October 23, 2004, the doctor said his condition was very stable and normal. But on October 24, after the State Security agent returned, Mr. Cheng's condition suddenly worsened. He suffered from accumulated fluid in the brain, which according to the doctor, "was an impossible symptom." Very shortly thereafter, Mr. Cheng died on October 25. The traffic police wanted to investigate the circumstances of the accident and wanted the body to be preserved as evidence. However, on November 14, 2004, his employer insisted that Mr. Cheng be cremated. His family asked that a funeral be held before the cremation, but their plea was rejected. The employer said they must follow what the city 610 Office told them to do. Otherwise, they said, all expenses would have to be paid by the family.

According to the cursory police investigation, the motorized tricycles which struck Mr. Cheng had been borrowed by a State Security agent from the Pingzhengstreet Police Substation, under the Yuhu Police Branch, City Police Station.

This is yet another life taken by Jiang and his followers, including the Xiangtan City 610 Office and State Security police - another atrocity committed against Falun Dafa practitioners.

The perpetrators:

State Security Team (under the Yuhu Police Branch, City Police Station)
Leader Chen Xianli (male): 86-732-8390982 / 86-13973227555 (Cell phone)
Xiangtan City 610 Office, Chair Xu Fumin: 86-732-8297836/ 86-13907320779 (Cell phone), Zip code 411100